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Top 10 Most Sexiest Man of The Philippines

by jedpogi on 23/10/10 at 3:56 am

Brief biography of the top 10 most sexiest man of the Philippines.

           Last two days ago i have just publish  an article about the top sexiest women of the Philippines. With this article, i’ve come up with the idea that i would also write an article about the top 10 most sexiest man of the philippines and here it is.



1. Dingdong Dantes  hailed as the 3rd Sexiest Male in the world by E!

    Real Name: Jose Sixto Gonzales III

    Birthday: August 2, 1980 in Quezon City, Philippines

    Nickname: Dingdong

    Age: 30 years old


2. Piolo Pascual is the quintessential sexy man.

    Real Name:  Jose “PJ” Nonato Pascual

    Birthday: January 12, 1977 in Manila, Philippines

    Nickname: PJ, Piolo

    Age: 33 years old

3. Sam Milby with his washboard abs and finely chiselled chest .

    Real Name: Samuel Lloyd Lacia Milby

    Birthday: May 23, 1984 in Troy, Ohio

    Nickname: Sam

    Age: 26 years old


4. JC de Vera  “Pretty Boy” image changed from a plain leading man to hot and sexy    leading man.

    Real Name: John Carlo De Vera

    Birthday: March 10, 1986 in Manila, Philippines

    Nickname: JC

    Age: 24 years old


5. Paolo Contis with a well-defined bodyas a result of his hard work and dedication in the gym.

    Real Name: Paolo Enrico Contis

    Birthday: March 14, 1984 in Manila, Philippines

    Nickname: Paolo

    Age: 26 years old


6. JC Tiuseco with his killer smile and sexy abs.

    Real Name: John Carlo Tiuseco

    Nickname: JC

    Birthday: April 16, 1985 in Manila, Philippines

    Age: 25 years old


7. Kiko Rustia The rugged, dreadlocked one was once featured as one of the hottest bachelors in a local women’s magazine.

    Real Name: Raymund Francis Rustia

    Birthday:   1983 in Quezon City, Philippines

    Nickname: Kiko

    Age: 27 years old


8. Robin Padilla you just can’t help but be swept away by his charm and machismo.

    Real Name: Robin Padilla , MUSLIM NAME: Abdul Aziz

    Birthday: November 23, 1967 in Manila, Philippines

    Nickname: Bad Boy, Binoe

    Age: 43 years old


9. Jon Avila the Fil-Irish muffin’s sexy green eyes, coupled with his equally sexy body, is enough for any girl to go “yummy!”

    Real Name: Jonathan Mullaly

    Birthday: September 1, 1988 in United Kingdom

    Nickname: Jon

    Age: 22 years old


10. Will Devaughn  the rugged mixed hunk Filipino-African-American-German.

      Real Name: William Devaughn Stumpf

      Birthday: February 27, 1981 in Germany

      Nickname: Will

      Age: 29 years old


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