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Top Eight Best Diving Spots in the Philippines

by nobert soloria bermosa on 01/05/08 at 9:03 am

Here’s a list of world-class diving sites in the world.

Looking for the best diving spots in the world? Here’s a list of the top eight best dive sites in the Philippines with world class diving facilities and white sand beaches.

The Philippines was cited as one of the top three best diving spots in the world, together with Maldives and Palau. Among the internationally recognized best dive spots in the country are;

1. Tubbataha Reef Marine Park,Sulu Sea

It is famous for its diverse marine life. Tubbataha Reef Marine Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world and the best place for snorkeling and diving in Asia.

The Tubbataha Reef Marine Park covers 33,200 ha, including the North and South Reefs. It is a unique example of an atoll reef with a very high density of marine species; the North Islet serving as a nesting site for birds and marine turtles. The site is an excellent example of a pristine coral reef with a spectacular 100-m perpendicular wall, extensive lagoons and two coral islands.

2. Malapascua Island, Cebu

It is famous for its rare sharks.

Malapascua is one of the least spoiled tourist spots in the Philippines. Labeled as the next Boracay by the Lonely Planet, Malapascua has everything for the traveling diver.

Malapascua diving offers: the only daily thresher shark sightings in the world, white tip sharks, mantas, hammerheads (seasonal), wrecks, mandarin fish, pygmy seahorses, cuttlefish, beautiful unspoiled coral gardens and a huge diversity of marine life.

Liked it


May 1st, 2008

Now this is very interesting, I would love to go to all
these places to scuba dive. The water looks clear and
clean. Thankyou Buddy for the read. Well done.

tracy sardelli

May 1st, 2008

Very interesting Nobert. The pictures are beautiful, makes me wish I was there.

Alexa Gates

May 1st, 2008

very interesting!

Lucy Lockett

May 1st, 2008

It is more diverse than I imagined it to be! Very beautiful, you are spoiled!


May 1st, 2008

Great article, absolutely breath taking photos!!

quiet voice

May 1st, 2008

…Hi, this is one of the most
amazing articles I have read.
The pictures make you feel as
though you are scuba diving and
seeing the underwater creatures
in real time. Gees! Beautiful.
Thank you.

Gwen Cuizon

May 2nd, 2008

I’ve been to malapascua, cebu. it’s a major tourist destination here. better check it out if you happen to be in cebu. the other one i recommend is the dive spots in moalboal, also in cebu. it’s not as known as malapascua but frequented by most foreigners here coz it’s not as crowded.

Ruby Hawk

May 2nd, 2008

Very interesting, I would love to visit some of these interesting places but I’m afraid I have to make do with the rivers, creeks and swimming pool. Wonderful information.


May 3rd, 2008

I have been diving around Palawan but not in the sites you mentioned. It would be great to see those places for comparison. They’re tourist sites and many of the sites I’ve been are isolated places where we have to bring our own tanks to explore it as part of research work. But Tubbataha, they say, is one of the best.


Jul 28th, 2008

How about Moalboal Cebu

Petra Lambert

Sep 3rd, 2008

Great information

I am looking to take a PADI Open Water Course and hope to try and find a good company to train with.


Many thanks


Oct 10th, 2008

these are indeed amazing! i miss being the Philippines…

David Wingo

Nov 20th, 2008

I am a divemaster(since 1994) have been diving in many areas of the Philippines and find that the info you gave about El Nido is false. While El Nido has some of the most magnificent seascapes/beaches in the world, the surrounding reefs have been severely damaged by cyanide and dynamite. The wrecks near Coron are extremely impressive however the visibility is usually very poor. There is a lake dive on Coron Island that is very unusual because you are basically diving in a hotspring once you get below 4-5 meters Malapascua Island, Cebu is famous for its Thrasher Sharks but other than that the diving is very average. The beaches there are great and there is a feel of being totally off the beaten path. Verde Island off Puerto Galera is also worth a mention. No where in my travels has anybody mentioned much about Boracay for its diving but I heard heaps about how its turned into a package tour tourist trap. Also, you failed to mention Apo Island off Negros, the diving there is fantastic and was recently listed as one of two areas in the Philippines by Skin Diver Magazine


Jan 2nd, 2009

this is my very first time to have access in the internet, it was so fun to have one…….


Jan 5th, 2009

nice,very interesting


Apr 7th, 2009

I’m proud of being a Filipino because a lot of beautiful spots are here. This place is bless of having a beautiful nature.


Apr 22nd, 2009

I was in most islands in visayas area and did several divings too. The beaches were nice, just the transportation is difficult. Was in moalboal too, its not crowded but in my opinion and my buddies, diving is not that good there. Malapascua is ok, the crowd is better than Alona Beach Panglao, good diving area as well. Olanggo island is also nice, and so the resort. Southern Leyte is pretty good, Napantao is world class. Apo island in Negros is no doubt, its nice there. Dumaguete too… well other areas i have not been yet. So this all i can say for now… need to add more vacations and locations ;) . Always have a nice day Pip ;)


Apr 26th, 2009

it’s fun looking at the pictures. haha.
is it hard to dive? i don’t have any experience in diving. T_T

Douglas Rutherford

May 13th, 2009

Your pictures are beautiful and the scuba diving in these locations must be great. If you have never been to the BATANES ISLANDS, you should try the scuba diving there. The coral reefs are fantastic and there are wonderful Marine Sanctuaries to dive in also. The local dive company is in Basco Batanes on Batan Island. The company is called DiveBatanes and is run by a diver by the name of Chico Domingo. He is a great dive guide and has great gear.. You can contact him at http://www.divebatanes.com all his info is there. P.S. all of Batanes is wonderful and the people are too!!

manolo florida

Jun 20th, 2009

im 11 yrs old im a junior diver and im going to palawan,tubatahan and in balicasag i cant wait to see some big cool fishes


Jul 3rd, 2009

thank you for the nice information.now i know where is the best diving spot is.


Jul 27th, 2009

Wow love to be in all the dive spots you mentioned! Thanks for sharing that to us..

I only been in palawan, Coron in no doubt is good diving spot be it wreck or coral reef.

I just wished to have a buddy to explore the marine life in the Philippines.

Keep it up Nobert!


Apr 10th, 2010

Ive stayed on the mainland near Malapascua. Pity about the dynamite fisherman blowing up the reef .. the corrupt cops who are being paid by these fisherman to turn a blind eye, rubbish being burnt including plastics on the waters edge where the water washes away the sediment and THE RUBBISH in the water thats cleaned by people for the tourists before they get up. The area is turning into a rubbish dump. please do something about it when your there.


Feb 13th, 2011

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