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Top Ten Tourist Spots in The Philippines

by mom monique on 03/05/10 at 10:41 am

Summer is far from over. We are still beating the heat. Here in the Philippines, there are many places to have a vacation for both local and international tourists. This country boasts of its many beautiful beaches and tourist spots.

Image by ~MVI~ via Flickr

Here are my top ten tourist spots in the Philippines:

1.       PALAWAN – There are many beautiful beaches here.  Coron is highly recommendable. One of the top destinations here is the El Nido Marine Reserve. Other captivating sceneries in Palawan are Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Tubbataha Reef’s National Marine Park, the Tabon Cave and many others.

2.      BORACAY – This island is home to many tourists because of its world renowned  breath taking  beaches.

3.      BOHOL -  Aside from its beautiful beaches, it boasts of its wonderful chocolate hills.  Here you can also find the endangered Philippine Tarsier. It is refreshing to experience dining while cruising on a boat or raft along Laboc River, too.

4.       MAYON VOLCANO IN BICOL – One can find what is considered as “The Most Perfect Cone” called Mayon volcano in Albay.  A province here called  Sorsogon is  home to whale sharks called “Butanding”.

5.      CEBU – One of the best cities in the Philippines is Cebu. It also has nice beaches and is famous for its world – class guitars. If you want to experience underwater diving adventure, Cebu is a place to go.

6.      CAMIGUIN – When you go to the beaches here, be sure to find the White Cross Marker in its Sunken Cemetery.   

7.      DAVAO – Here you can find Mt. Apo. It’s also famous for its beaches,  exotic orchids, and The Philippine Eagle. A good place to travel here is the Pearl Farm Resort in Samal Island.

8.      BAGUIO  AND BANAWE RICE TERRACES – To feel refreshed from hot summer, many local tourists go to the Pine City of Baguio. There are lots of nice cool places here. It is also best to go farther in the north towards the Banawe Rice Terraces and see the Hanging Coffins of mummies in Sagada.

9.      PAGUDPOD – This is the “Haven of the North” because of its unspoiled natural resources,  peaceful community and  beautiful beaches.

10.  RIZAL PARK – For city dwellers, the cheapest  tourist spot within the locality is  Rizal Park , more popularly called Luneta Park. Here, families can just unwind, relax and watch the beautiful sunset at Manila Bay.

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Jun 2nd, 2010

out of ten…i’ve only been to three places you have mention…boracay, davao and rizal park..


Jul 9th, 2010

i like it


Sep 22nd, 2010

napuntahan k na lhat… 3ow phous…

jayne fearl lozare

Jul 8th, 2011

how i wish na mkpunta di ako dito…..chaks!!!


Jul 22nd, 2011

nice..it’s a blessingl for having these wonderful places in our country..


Jul 26th, 2011

my pang poject yessssssssssssss


Oct 12th, 2012

I like to travel to this beautiful spots in our country someday because i like it……….And Its More Fun In The Philippines…..

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