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Zipline in Davao City – Outland Adventure

by gretchen10384 on 20/04/09 at 4:19 am

Zipline, Two Line Traverse.

Outland Adventure is located in Maa Diversion Road, Davao City Philippines. The zipline here is the longest and fastest in Asia. So you can experience long the feeling of flying.

Before you can start to zip, you first have to ride a wooden raft in order to cross the deep river. About 8-10 person can able to ride the wooden raft. The group has to stand on top of the wooden raft and pull the rope to be able to cross the lake.

After that, you have to hike for about half kilometer to reach the starting point of two-line traverse.

The two-line traverse is an exciting and thrill activity where one will cross the cable by walking sideways for about 100meters long. It is 80 feet high to the ground that surely tests your bravery in heights.

This part is so thrilling and makes you nervous if you are afraid in heights and challeging to be able to experience this kind of activity. At the end of the two-line traverse is the starting point of the zipline. Although crossing the two-line traverse is a bit scary, but the feeling of success after reaching the endpoint is rewarding where you can able to fly like superheroes.

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looking for a zipline supplier

May 4th, 2009


i am looking for a zipline supplier in the philippines coz we are planning to put one in cebu, can anyone give me some contact persons regarding ziplines? would appreciate very much




Jan 1st, 2010

Great post..very informative..a work of love..thanks for sharing!

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