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Photos: Underage Prostitutes

by aheed411 on 19/02/12 at 7:21 am

Tanya girl in the 16-year-old, never lived her childhood as it should, as it entered the adult world of his door wide, and a career in prostitution.

Tanya girl in the 16-year-old, never lived her childhood as it should, as it entered the adult world of his door wide, and a career in prostitution.
According to the Xinhua site are the boys, like girls, was beaten by “her employer”, for its failure to take steroid tablets, that makes it exciting and mature.
The site explains that one of the houses in Dhaka in Bangladesh, has 800 people working in the field of “sex,” It is strange that parents are often the pay of their children to engage inthis regard.
What makes it worse that they are being forced to eat ”Oradickson” (dexamethasone), a drug commonly used to fatten cattle, which can make them more exciting, is that this medication is very dangerous as it causes kidney failure, and raises blood pressure andcause harm in hormones.

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Feb 19th, 2012

My God where is the parent of this minors…so so disgusting..


Feb 19th, 2012

nice share


Feb 20th, 2012

shame on their users

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