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A Real Scandal Omar Al Borkan Gala – You Sexy for Saudi Arabia?

by hayakhan on 26/04/13 at 7:11 am

Must this man leave his home because he is too sexy? Omar Al Borkan Gala lives (yet) in Dubai. But when it comes to the government, he would have to leave the country. Because he is too attractive.

Omar Al Borkan Gala is a photographer, actor and poet. And really very sexy. On his Facebook profile, photos piling of the attractive Arabs, show him at his best. And the comments of shock amorous ladies from all over the world. The man has a very strong attraction to the female sex.

Comments like “Why are you so hot?”, “I want to marry you,” yard long and romantic poems, decorated with tons of heart, fill the wall of the hot Arabian. Women from all over the world engage in formally at the sight.

And Omar Al Borkan Gala stoking the fire of ecstatic ladies. Almost daily posting of the pretty boy photos of themselves on which he is extremely handsome set the scene. And so the government seems to have a serious problem.

According to a gossip Online portal of the woman magnet should leave his Muslim homeland. The government fears that Dubai’s women fainting at the sight and are willing to stupidity. His own country to find him sexy and therefore sees him as a threat.

Has not confirmed that Omar Al Borkan gala is actually expelled from the country. But if the fact should be so, it would be a real scandal.

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