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Holy Places in Mecca: Ziarats

by fawad71 on 22/11/07 at 3:43 am

Visit to the historical places of Mecca in Saudi Arabia by the author and his wife during their stay in the city. The article has been written to provide information to all those who are now going to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj and also for other people for information.

During our stay at Mecca on 28 June 2005 my wife and my self planned a visit to some holy sites around Mecca and for the same purpose we left hotel with our son, at around 8: 00 AM. Even at 8 :00 in the morning it was quite hot and one could feel the heat effects while walking. We hired a taxi and visited following places:

Al Taneem (Masjid-e-Ayesha)

A beautiful mosque located in “Al Hil”, and it is about four miles away from the Holy Kabba between Mecca and Medina, and it is the Miqat for Mecca people and those coming to Mecca whether for Hajj, Umrah or residency. This is quite a big mosque with superb facilities for bath, ablution and changing, available for pilgrims and those who come to offer regular prayers. Once we went there
our taxi driver charged as 25 royals for a round trip and waiting for us outside the mosque.


It is a very large yard outside the boundaries of Al Haram Mosque, and is situated about 25 kilometers from Mecca. The pilgrims go there on the 9th day of Zil-Hajj until the sunset, and then they go to Muzdalefah. Standing in Arafat is one of the main pillars of Hajj, and it is considered that those who do not stand in Arafat did not do Hajj. Several mountains from east, north and south surround Arafat, and the most famous of them is Al-Rahmat Mountain, on its foothill, the Holy Prophet, may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, stayed in his farewell Hajj. Here in this yard we found a lot of people selling low quality cheap priced merchandise, mostly these people were Africans and Pakistanis. We also found camels and horses available for riding, mostly foreigners were found riding these animals and price for a single ride was quite high.


A valley between two mountains east of Mecca, it is situated about five kilometers from Al Haram Mosque, where the Satan showed up three times to misguide Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) from sacrificing his son. Here in Mina the Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) threw stones at him, thus starting the obligation and ritual of stoning the three Jamrahs (stone pillars indicating places where Satan appeared). Muslims go to Mina to throw stones at these Jamrahs, slaughter animals, and stay there during the Hajj.

Al Muzdalefah

It is a place between Mina and Arafat where people come to, after standing in Arafat. It has a small mountain called Qazah that is shaped like a horn, where the Imam of the Hajj stands and speaks to the people as the Prophet did, and it is called Al Masha’r Al Haram, and a mosque has also been built here.

Masjid-e-Masha’r Al Haram

This Al Masha’r Al Haram mosque is also called Qazeh, and is the place where the Prophet (PBUH), gave his sermon, which became a must follow practice after that. The Imam of Hajj stands in the Masha’r and gives the Hajj sermon.

Birthplace Of The Holy Prophet (PBUH)

The house in which Holy Prophet (PBUH) was born is situated very near the Al Haram Mosque towards Marva gate. It is almost at a walking distance of 5 to 6 minutes from the main mosque and one can easily reach there. At present the house is not there but a public library has been established there. On the front door of the library a signboard has been erected indicated the name of the library as “Maktab Al Mecca Tul Mukarrama”.

Jannat Ul Mua’lla

It is the cemetery of the people of Mecca, and it is on the way to Mina, The grave of Um-Al-Momeneen Bibi Khadija (the first wife of Holy Prophet) and that of,Prophets’s son Qasim, Asma Bint AbuBaker, Abu-Talib, Abdullah Bin Zubair, and other members of the Holy Prophet’s family, may Allah be pleased with them all, are located in this cemetery. This cemetery is located near the Al Haram Mosque and one can easily go there to pay homage and respect to the people buried there. There are two sections of this cemetery. One section contains old graves while the other contains new graves and these are the graves of ordinary citizens. This cemetery is also known as Al-Hajun. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to visit it frequently. It is the 2nd holiest graveyard of Islam after Jannat-ul-Baqi (Baqi Graveyard).

After visiting Jannat ul Mualla we came back to our hotel and had rest, our trip was over in just above two hours time. We had also planned to visit the old graveyard of Mecca where daughters, young and new born, were buried alive in old ages but we both were not able to find enough courage to go there, therefore we cut our visit short and came back.

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Jun 21st, 2008

good article and is quite informative.

shahab ansari

Jun 30th, 2008

i planed to go on 7th july,2008 so i n my family geting together
n studying ,going though websites so the information helped me to be accurate when we r there,thanks very much,


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All of the articles are informative and good for knowledge.

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Feb 8th, 2009

mashallah article is very helpful jazaka allah

Asif Irfan

Mar 18th, 2009

Please note Al-Hil (Ayesha Mosque) is not miqat. There are only 5 places known as meeqat

1- Zu ‘l-Hulafa, serving pilgrims coming from Medina
2- Juhfa, for Syria
3- Qarnu ‘l-Manāzil, for those coming from Najd
4- Yaulamlam, for Yemen
5- Zāt-i-’Irq, for ‘Iraq

There is no other place for Miqat.

And Allah knows better.

Edwin Siagian

Apr 28th, 2009

I’ve been dreaming of going to Mecca for a long time

Faiyazur Raheman

May 3rd, 2009

It’s Good …………
once in our life time if possible we have go Mecca and pray for all muslim brothers & Sisters to forgive our sin on the day of judgement. and also i request all muslim brothers to offer sala all 5times a day & also read Quran and try to understand what exactely it says.

Allah Hafiz.

Hassan Ali

May 8th, 2009

Well good article and I found it very informative


May 8th, 2009

Al-Hil (Ayesha Mosque)is a meqat for people of Mecca only, Wife of Holy prophet PBUH did Umrah from here. people do Umrah after changing Ihram from here , but for first Umrah, Ihram cannot be worn at this place unless you are resident of Mecca city.

Aamer Sarfraz

May 9th, 2009

Useful article – the list is not complete though. Other important places to visit include: pre-islamic site for burying young girls, masjid jin, moabida street, rassol-allah’s camp site during/after fateh mukah, hira and soare caves, zubiada’s canal, two exclusive museums in mukkah; a reliable guide may also identify the sites where dwellings of great companions of the Prophet were.

tariq g18 may 2009

May 17th, 2009

just got back from ther looking forward to going back again.inshalla. you could give more info on other ziarats ther is so much more.

Syed Inam uddin

May 23rd, 2009

Please add some photographs of Historical places which are being visited by muslims from time to time (specially the places in makkah like Ghar e Hira etc)



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asllam alkum brother and sister i am going to saudia arabi and i wonder if you no any good places to meet and see


Jul 10th, 2009

thanks for the information i would like to know whereis Bait-i-Khatija, Dar-i-Arqam, masjid Jinn Masjid I Bilal

Namra Hussain

Jul 25th, 2009

I am 7 years old and i think this is a very good website to help people realize how important makkah and madina are and i have learnt loads of things from this website so thank you

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Aug 6th, 2009

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Aug 15th, 2009

extremely useful information for people visiting to Makkah


Aug 26th, 2009

i am coming in to Makkah from frankfart,what would be my miqat.
Can i use Jaddah or masjid Aisha as miqat


Aug 31st, 2009


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Oct 10th, 2009

Pictures are entirely different from the title. Please make correct.


Nov 3rd, 2009

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Feb 6th, 2010

Islam teach how to secrifice.


Feb 9th, 2010

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Mar 2nd, 2010

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Apr 8th, 2010

Well people its nice to see peole reading this article, please do give your input where ever it is required to keep the article correct and more informative

Saima Khan

Apr 29th, 2010

Assalam o alikum,

thanks a lot brother for ur information.but can any one pls give me details for visiting more holy laces in mecca. like the Old Quraish City, well, mosque?

inshAllah i am going for Umrah in next week of May 2010 :)

Thanks in adv

Jazak Allah


May 5th, 2010


I have been there between the peeriod og March 26th and April 10th 2010. It was a nice and a good trip.
What I visited in Meccah and which you did not mention in your trip is Jabal Tour, where the prophet (SAAWS) and his best friend Aboubakr hide from Al Kufar and where the piegeon & the Spider came. We visited as well Ghar Hairaa and Masjid Namira.
Since them I am checking live prayer on line to see the Kaaba.
I want to return once more!

Thank you,

saeed akhtar

Jun 6th, 2010

Good information. Last year I performed umrah. Now after studying this article of holy places I want to perform umrah/Hajj with the the blessing of Almighty Allah.

Very informative


Jun 13th, 2010

Well unfortunatly due to shaortage of time me and my wife were not able to visit all the places in Makkah , Insha Allah next time once Iam there I will try to see all the places and then write about them in detail

zahid munir

Sep 6th, 2010


i would love to go there AS i want to go heaven may allah send all brothers and sisters to heaven and guide them to the straight path may allah bless all muslims and send them to heaven ya allah


Oct 21st, 2010

Good information, but picture at every place explanation is not concerne with that place like al taneem, arafat the picture shown is Masjid al haram it should be that place.


Nov 29th, 2010

a rahman a rahman

Muhammad shakeel

Dec 8th, 2010

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Abdullahi Suleiman

Feb 10th, 2011

The artilcle is really good and interesting, please add more pictures.


Mar 28th, 2011

I intend to proceed for Umrah through Karwan-e-mustafa with my father. In order to have knowledge about the Holy places for the purpose of Ziarat I visited this site and have tried at my best to take complete opportunity of visiting all the Holy places son Inshaullah the Almighty Allah may help me and my father to reach and visit all these Holy places.

Arshad Khan

Jul 13th, 2011

very nice site and thanks for the information very useful as i will be going to ummarah on 19.7.11.


Sep 25th, 2011

subhanallah.good information from hasanpur jp nagar up india.09358571144


Nov 14th, 2011

I was specially interested in knowing about mina. why people live in tents why brick buildings and brick toilets are not allowed,but i could not find answer to my question. ????? can you help ???????


Dec 14th, 2011

In mina , bricked buildings are not allwed, in hujj people were supposed to stay there in open ground or in tents, so thats why tents are there, now a days these tents are made of fiber glass and are fire proof, due to fire incidents Saudi Arabia has made all these tents of fibre glass.

As far as toilets are concerned , toilets are made bricks and plastic


Feb 18th, 2012

As-Salaam alaikum!
May Allah you immensely. The article is superb and worth reading for intending pilgrims. I confirm all you wrote in your article because, I have experienced it as well. May Allah accept it for you as ibaadah! Ameen.


Feb 18th, 2012

As-Salaam alaikum!
May Allah reward you immensely. The article is superb and worth reading for intending pilgrims. I confirm all you wrote in your article because, I have experienced it as well. May Allah accept it for you as ibaadah! Ameen.

Zafar Ahmed Siddiqui

Apr 20th, 2012

Dear Fawad -

As Salaam alaikum!

this article is helpful

Allah Jaza a khair day


Apr 25th, 2012

it is good article for all people who needed some information about them in mecca so I hope an adding program the next time about picture,map,and so on ,thanks of you

Mahmoud Hussein

Jul 31st, 2012

Masha Allah, this is very informative article

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