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11 Places to Visit in Bangkok

by LCM Linda on 18/03/11 at 2:24 pm

Bangkok is interesting to tour around. For an itinerary of five days / four nights, visit 11 places for shows, a walk in palaces, ancient city and markets.

Bangkok is a city many people like to revisit. Tourists can enjoy shopping, good foods and drinks. There are also many interesting attractions in or outside the city centre. This article suggests 11 places to visit in Bangkok. They fitted well in an itinerary of 5 days / 4 nights. The list is in chronological order. Photography was done by the author.

1. Mambo

Here is the place you can watch cabaret show. There are two shows per day. The stage changes frequently. Some of them are quite grand. Many performers are gender-benders and are more beautiful than real ladies. The performance is professional and impressive.

2. Thonburi Snake Farm

Book a morning canal tour via your hotel and enjoy touring around Bangkok by canal boat. You will see many different temples and houses. Choose the itinerary with the canal boat stops at Thonburi Snake Farm for a while. This farm requires an admission fee. Tourists can see live venomous snakes, monkey, peacock, etc. Snake show is available.

3. Grand Palace

It served as the official residence of many Kings in Thailand. Though the current king is not living there, the palace is visited many tourists every day. There are many temples inside. No matter you believe in Buddha or not, you will be impressed by the grand and unique architecture.

4. China Town

Bangkok’s China Town is centered on Yaowarat Road. There are many interesting small streets shops, restaurants, market and hawkers. It is a place full of activities. Foods and drinks are delicious and inexpensive.

5. Suan Lum Night Bazaar (closed and relocation to somewhere else is expected to be completed in 2012)

This attraction opens at night. If you arrive too early, take a walk at Lumphimi Park nearby. Tourist can also have a dinner at the food court outside before entry. There are many different shops and restaurants. A beer garden is also available for some rest, food and drinks.

6. The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

The floating market allows tourist to enjoy the canal side Thai life. You can tour around by boat or on foot. Different kinds of fruits and commodities are available for sale. It opens very early in the morning until 11:00am.

7. Sampharn Elephant Ground and Zoo

When you join the local tour for the Floating Market, ask if this attraction is included in the itinerary. There is outdoor elephant performance. Enjoy the elephant dance. There are also indoor performances including Thai boxing.

8. The Ayutthaya Historical Park

Located outside the Bangkok city centre, tourists need to take a couple of hours to make a round trip, but it is worthy of visiting. Ayutthaya was a city that founded in 1350 and destroyed in 1767. The ruins of this old city now form the Ayutthaya historical park, still magnificent. It is internationally recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy the ancient beauty.

9. Summer Palace

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace is also known as Summer Palace. When you join local tour to visit Ayutthaya, make sure the itinerary also includes this palace that is located in the Ayutthaya Province. This palace has many beautiful buildings in different styles, such as royal palace in Chinese style. There is big garden and pond. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility.

10. Jim Thompson House & Museum

If you would like to take a look at the best collection of Thai culture, you must not miss this house. The architecture is interesting. There are many different kinds of exhibitions in each building. There is also a gift shop. Its name comes from the constructor and private collector, Jim Thompson, a legendary American that started the local Thai silk industry.

11. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is also known as J.J. Market. There are over 5000 stalls and many of them open on Saturday and Sunday only. There are different sections, such as clothing & accessories, handicraft product, ceramics & pottery, decorations & furniture, food & beverage, plant & gardening tools, art & gallery, pet & accessories, book, antique & collectibles. Many tourists enjoy shopping here.

If you have been to some other attractions that are not found in this list, welcome to leave a message for sharing. Thanks for reading.


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