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Pinoy Employment Teaching Jobs in Thailand

by thailanddelights on 26/11/09 at 11:59 am

Teaching and employment opportunities for Filipino workers in Thailand.

Thailand needs Filipino teachers mostly to fill vacancies and  jobs teaching English in private schools and for private language companies all over Thailand. One reason that Filipino teachers are now being sought after for teaching jobs in government schools is that employers are aware of a few things like…

Filipino teachers are very diligent workers..

Filipino teachers have a similar cultural background as their Thai counterparts. 

Filipino teachers will virtually do anything asked of them.

Filipino teachers are cheaper to employ.

Filipino teachers don’t complain about work and conditions too much.

Filipino teachers are usually degreed.

Filipino teachers don’t mind doing lots of tedious paperwork.

Filipino teachers will often work longer hours usually for little or no reimbursement.

Filipino teachers usually speak English very well, and their knowledge of grammar is good too.

Having said that, Filipino teachers used to have a difficult time finding teaching jobs and teaching positions in Thailand. In reality most employers tend to be biased towards non native speaking English teachers.

The reasons for this are as follows… A native speaker has a better understanding and grasp of their own tongue.. However Thailand has a severe shortage of English teachers! So they really are in desperate need of teachers.  

Filipino teachers are now very much in demand in Thailand! Especially when looking for government jobs, jobs at private schools and teaching jobs. It’s a boom period for Filipino teachers in Thailand! http://esljobs4teachers.com


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May 18th, 2011

Dear All,

I am planning to find a job in Thailand, Can someone help me to find teaching jobs in Thialand?

Rona B. Real

Nov 17th, 2012

Hello! i want to work in thailand as a teacher, i am a graduate of Bachelor in Elementary Education, currently i\’m working as a teacher right now, a pre school teacher, thanks. i hope somebody can help me. thanks.

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