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The 17 Most Unusual Exotic and Bizarre Foods From Around The World

by nobert soloria bermosa on 17/05/11 at 7:58 pm

Have a taste of the world’s exotic foods.

How many exotic foods have you already tried? Do you want to try some of the most peculiar foods in the world? Check this out! In Thailand, there are several insect species that are eaten and are available in many local markets.

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1.) Tarantulas – Cambodia

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While there are so many people who are afraid of spiders and suffer from arachnophobia, Tarantula spiders are cooked, eaten and are considered a delicacy in the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia. Want some???

2.) Roasted Ants – Colombia

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If they eat Tarantulas, you may also want to taste Roasted Ants. Roasted Ants are popular exotic food in Colombia. This Colombian delicacy in the Colombian highlands are toasted alive and eaten. It is scientifically named Atta laevigata,

3.) Scorpions – China

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Scorpions are venomous and dreaded animals but they are eaten in Beijing, the capital of China. These deadly and dangerous creatures are regarded as animals with medicinal importance.

4.) Fried Insect Pupae – China

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Fried Insect Pupae are also eaten in China. These bizarre foods are sold by street vendors in Jinan, China. Do you think you can handle this?

5.) Bee Larvae – Indonesia

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Bee larvae are eaten as food in Java, Indonesia. The traditional East Javanese dish made from Bee larvae is locally known as Botok Tawon. This delicacy is cooked in coconut milk.

6.) Mopane Worms – Southern Africa

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Want to try some edible caterpillars? Try Mopane Worm, the caterpillar of Gonimbrasia belina, a moth species found in much of Southern Africa. These caterpillars are important source of protein to millions of indigenous people of South Africans.

7.) Sago Worms – Papua New Guinea

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The Sago Worm or Sago Grub is a delicacy in many parts of New Guinea particularly among Asmat, Korowai and Kombai peoples. This worm is the larva of the Sago Palm Weevil or Red Palm Weevil which is scientifically known as Rhynchophorus ferrugineus. Sago Worms are eaten alive or roasted.

8.) Giant Water Bugs – Thailand

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Giant Water Bugs are eaten in Thailand. These insects are deep fried and are often sold in many local markets in Thailand. It is locally known as Malaeng da na and is scientifically named Lethocerus indicus.. It is also eaten whole and as an extract.

9.) Locusts – China

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Skewered locusts are also eaten in Beijing, China. You might want to try this one, but I doubt if you would like to try scorpions.

10.) Peanut Worms – China

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Another bizarre food eaten in China is the Sipuncula or Sipunculida. Another name for this creature is Sipunculid Worms. This unsegmented marine worm is also called Sipunculid Worm Jelly and is a delicacy in the town of Xiamen in Fujian province.

11.) Scorpion and Snake Wine – China

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Scorpion Wine and Snake Wine are used as antidote and analgesic in China. It is part of Chinese medicine and tradition.

12.) Mealworms

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The Mealworms presented in a bowl on the above photo are fried worms for human consumption. Mealworms can be raised on grain, fresh oats and whole wheat bran with sliced carrots or potato and little pieces of apple as a water source.

13.) Mexican Chapulines – Mexico

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Grasshoppers are eaten in many parts of the world. In Mexixo, it is known locally as Chapulines, plural for Chapulin. These are usually roasted and eaten and can be bought in a market in Tepoztlan and other parts of Mexico.

14.) Witchetty Grubs – Australia

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Witchetty Grubs are eaten by indigenous people in Australia. These creatures, which are source of food to many, are large, white wood-eating larvae of several moth species. The grub is the most important insect food of the desert and was a staple in the diets not only by Aboriginal women but also children.

15.) Ant Larvae – Thailand and Philippines

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Ant Larvae are exotic food not only in Thailand but also in other parts of Southeast Asian countries. Ant larvae are sold in Isaan, Thailand.

16.) Lollipop with Ants

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This is truly bizarre – Lollipop with ants. Maybe tomorrow, ice cream and chocolate ant flavored are already available also like the Lollipop with ants.

17.) Escamoles – Mexico

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In Mexico, ant larvae are harvested, cooked and eaten and is known as Escamoles. These ant larvae are gathered from the roots of agave or maguey plants in the region. This Mexican delicacy is sometimes regarded as “insect caviar”.

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