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The (Dolhareubang) Stone Statues

by rubielee on 03/02/11 at 4:17 am

Dolhareubang is famous in Jeju island known as a grandfather statues.

dolhareubang or Grandfather Stone is one of the best-known symbols of Jeju Island. Carved out of porous basalt rock are the bulging eyes, the long, flat nose, clenched lips and big hands resting on the belly. A dolhareubang reminds the Jeju people of their own fathers and grandfathers who have weathered all the hardships of the island’s unfriendly natural environment. During the Joseon Dynasty, the stone statues stood in front of the north, south, east and west gates of the three counties, Jeju-mok, Jungeui-hyeon, andDaejung-hyeon. In 1971, when efforts were made to designate the stone statue as Folklore Item No.2, an official name was required.

Long time ago all people who lived in Jeju Island was a fishermen they get their foods by fishing. Since men must to go to the sea in order to survived and buy foods for their family. But sad story was all one by one those men was missing, until times come no one men alive and only women left in Jeju Island. Wives was scared since they don’t have husband and no more men left. 

And they made this stone as a statue, every houses must to have this statue of the grandfather so people think they have husband with them. From then, Women who live in that Island learned how to survived and they learn how to go fishing and diving to get fish, shell and every thing to sell. Even until this time you can see the old ladies in Korea who are still go to the deepest part of the ocean to get some shells for their daily needs.

Jeju island is famous for honeymooners most Korean went their for honeymoon. they have the belief that every new married woman that see this statue must to get some piece of the stone and eat in order to have their a first baby boy. So couple who wanted to have a baby boy they went to this Island for honeymoon. Thats the belief that until now still exist.

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