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A Virtual Tour of Turkey: Essential Information About The Country of Turkey, Along with a Recipe for Dolma for Lagniappe

by Good Advice Publishing Company on 16/02/12 at 4:40 pm

This article provides an overview of Turkey – the country, the culture, the people, and a recipe. It was prepared by Christina Read while an Accounting major in the College of Business at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana.

Pour in just enough warm water to reach the bottom of the first layer of Dolma.  Cover the pot and simmer over low heat for 30-45 minutes or until the rice is totally cooked.  Check the water level often and add more as necessary.

Yogurt-Cucumber Sauce (for dipping)

Here are the ingredients for the sauce:



Plain Yogurt

1 Cup

Sour Cream

½ Cup

Diced Cucumber

1/3 Cup

Dried Dill Weed

¾ Teaspoon




In a bowl, combine yogurt, sour cream, cucumber and dill weed.


Allow flavors to blend in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours before serving.


  • My Kitchen Story  

When I choose Turkey, I knew I wanted to make a dish that would be interesting and easy to eat.  I also knew I wanted it to be something that could be prepared the night before.  For research, a friend of mine and her 2 year old went to Albasha and ordered the appetizer sampler for two.  My favorite appetizer was the stuffed grape leaves, but it was filled with meat and warm.
    After doing some research on the internet, I determined to make a meatless Dolma.  Dolma, which can be any stuffed vegetable, can be prepared either warm or cold.  If it is served warm, it is usually the main course in a meal, contains meat and has a dipping sauce.  When cold, it is used as an appetizer, meatless and may be served at any time of day.
    My biggest challenge in making the dish was actually finding the grape leaves.  I called several stores in the area, including Fresh Market, but none of them carry grape leaves.  I ended up driving to Metairie to a store called ‘International Market.’  While they do have grape leaves, most of their stock consists of Indian items.  I enjoyed walking through the aisles and seeing food I never knew existed.
    Actually rolling the Dolma was the most time-consuming part of the dish.  It easily took me two hours from start to finished product.  If I ever do this again or decide to continue making the dish, they sell a Dolma Rolling Machine which cuts rolling time down to nothing.


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To contact the author of “A Virtual Tour of Turkey,” please email Christina.read@selu.edu.

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David C. Wyld (dwyld.kwu@gmail.com) is the Robert Maurin Professor of Management at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana. He is a management consultant, researcher/writer, and executive educator. His blog, Wyld About Management, can be viewed at http://wyldaboutmanagement.blogspot.com/. He also serves as the Director of the Reverse Auction Research Center (http://reverseauctionresearch.com/), a hub of research and news in the expanding world of competitive bidding. Dr. Wyld also maintains compilations of his student’s publications regarding:

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A Bromley

Feb 16th, 2012

Another very interesting article. I’ve taken a couple a arm chair vacations to Turkey. There is a lot to be said for Turkey; the Country, that is. The other just leaves me feeling stuffed and lazy. I enjoyed your article.


May 4th, 2012

I would hate to live in Turkey right now especially because of the Syrian unrest. I didn’t know that the divide between Asia and Europe was in Turkey. Grape leaves are, hands down, my favorite middle eastern food. I love the flavors of the leaves and the stuffing. Absolutely delicious. I could probably eat them every day and never tire of them. Great info, thanks for the project!

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