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A Tour of Saint Lucia: A Quick Overview of The Nation of Saint Lucia, Plus a Recipe for Saint Lucia Curried Chicken as Lagniappe

by Good Advice Publishing Company on 14/04/11 at 11:24 am

This overview of Saint Lucia – the country, the culture, the people, and a recipe, too – was prepared by Keronida S. Myles while a Accounting major in the College of Business at Southeastern Louisiana University.


When we are under stress we long for a place to get away from it all. When we want to get married and go on a honeymoon, we seek out a place that leaves us wanting nothing more. A tropical getaway vacation spot, a prime wedding location, and carnival gone wild are all just some of what the beautiful island of St. Lucia has to offer. In this report I will provide some Geographic Facts about Saint Lucia ranging from where the island of Saint Lucia is located to what the demographic are like on the island. I will then give some serious facts about the island of Saint Lucia from natural hazard killers to nature’s killers.

Next, I will provide some fun facts about the island to show that the size of the island does not limit the amount of fun a person can have on the island. I will later offer some potpourri facts and travel facts about the island of Saint Lucia. There is also a recipe for Saint Lucia Curried Chicken and step by step direction for make this dish. Finally, you will be able to take a trip with me through my kitchen. Not really, but you will be about to read my kitchen stories. Yes, I said stories not story!          


Country Information

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  • Geographic Facts

Here are some geographic facts about Saint Lucia:

1. Saint Lucia is apart of the windward island, which extend south from 15º 45´ to 11º 45´ North latitude and from 60º 45´ to 62º 00´ West longitude. Being that the Windward Islands lie with in the trade wind belt, Saint Lucia’s rainy season occurs in the summer and fall.

2. On the 616-square kilometer island of Saint Lucia, the central ridge hosts the steepest terrain. The north and south portions of the island have a flatter terrain than the center part of the island. Soufriere is dominated by two pointed hills called Petit Piton and Gros Piton. The Pitons are two volcanic cones rising to 738 meter and 696 meters, have become the very symbol of Saint Lucia. Formed of lava and rock, and once actively volcanic, they are now covered in green vegetation.   

3. The capital of Saint Lucia is Castries, which has a population of 67,000 people. The demographics are: African descent 90%, mixed 6%, East Indian 3%, and European 1%. The religious backgrounds on the island of Saint Lucia vary from; Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist and various Protestant denominations.  

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