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Short Description of Belize

by greenleavesinthesky on 27/07/09 at 2:37 am

A brief synopsis about the South American country of Belize.

 Belize is a developing 3rd world country governed by a monarchy and a part of the Commonwealth Realm led  by Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.  It was previously acknowledged as the British Honduras and received independence on September 1981 from the United Kingdom.  Belize is located south of Mexico and east of Guatemala and is the only Central American country not on the Pacific coast.  Belize has three main diverse zones of geography; there are the beaches, the mountains, and the rainforest.  During my trip to Belize, I will be traveling through each geographical area at stations like Pook’s Hill, Pine Ridge, and the University of Belize.  This country’s capital is Belmopan although its largest city is Belize City.  Though the rainforest and mountains may seem fun there are coral reefs and islands to explore near the coast of Belize.  That is also where most of the population lives even though there are only 300,000 people living in Belize. Most of Belize’s economy is powered by farming and tourism.  Sugar, citrus fruits, and bananas are some of the main crops farmed in Belize.  Most of this farming occurs near the Belize River and the Caribbean sea where the land is most clear of rainforest and mountains.  The main and officially oral language of Belize is English although many people commonly speak Spanish.  The native Belizean inhabitants also speak many various Mayan languages.  Almost all of Belize is Christian although there are some Buddhist and Taoist immigrants.  Although Belize’s soccer team is the last ranked national team, their Cricket team is quite excellent winning the first Central American Cricket Championship and placed fifth in the ICC Americas Championship.  Belize is a grand place for everybody and has little crime. 

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