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The Most Beautiful Sights and Amazing Worldwide

by sollonk on 12/10/11 at 8:21 am

Some of you may feel confused when asked for advice about the purpose of international travel is cheap and affordable. Especially if you include people who rarely traveled due to the density of everyday activities. You surely don’t know what to say.

This time, we may be able to help you provide guidance on the tour. Not only give recommendations to friends, you can travel the world alone. Some people cut out the wallet for an excursion into the country because of economic recession. That is normal. But, if you think a trip abroad is something that is not possible because it is expensive, you are wrong. Look what I found Forbes: 10 Countries in the World Cheap Travel. Although the cost of travel and the streets are relatively inexpensive, you still have to adjust your budget with round-trip fare to the destination country.

10. Iceland (Iceland)

Capital: Reykjavik PP Prices: from Rp17 million per person (score from Soekarno-Hatta Airport Jakarta) in the past, the country is famous as one of the most expensive countries in Europe. Now he was elected as a country that offers the cheapest travel luxury decoration.

9. Jamaica

Capital: Kingston PP Rates: from Rp73, 8 million per person Relax in resort towns such as Ocho Rios, Kingston. Nothing can equal.

8. Norway

Capital: Oslo PP Price: from Rp12, 8 million people per week in the bay’s most beautiful and best in the world.

7. Russia

Capital: Moscow PP Price: from Rp7, 4 million per person Red Square, the main attraction for foreign tourists. Not only beautiful, it says you do not have to break a lot of pocket for a tour around Moscow.

6 United Kingdom

Capital: London PP rates: from MOP 8, 2 million per person. About a year ago, when the recession hit the world economy, a pound is equivalent to $2. However, it is now the exchange rate returned to normal. One pound equals 1.5 U.S. dollars.UU… This resulted in more affordable in the tour of the United Kingdom.

5. Brazil

capital: Rio de Janeiro rates PP: of Rp20, 6,000,000 per person for those of you who enjoy the beaches, Brazil would be heaven on Earth. Brazil has always been a favorite Beach destination of travellers in the world.

4 Colombia

Capital: Bogotá rates PP: RP24 of millions of dollars per person witness to the activity of Bogota from Monserrate Hill is spectacular. You can mix with the couple while you eat bread and hot coffee seseruput.

3. Poland

Capital: Warsaw PP Price: from Rp14, 4 million per person The beauty of the Old City are located in downtown Warsaw, which was chosen as a UNESCO world heritage site (UNESCO World Heritage), had no doubt.

2. Sweden

Capital: Stockholm Price PP: from Rp15, 3 million per person what a great location in Sweden? Sights may be no sesohor Red Square or the Eiffel Tower. But, if to Sweden, you have to enjoy the Midsummer celebration, held on the first weekend of summer.

1. Hungary

Capital: Budapest Price PP: from Rp9, 7 million per person Visit the world famous thermal pools. Not just great, the pool can keep you fit and cure various diseases in. You’ll take in the unforgettable experience of your lifetime.

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