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Violence on Burger King Ad for Breast of Sweden

by FaceOff on 24/01/10 at 9:34 am

Famous King Burger ad facing a high criticism and get into court for further action.

Agent advertisers in Sweden has received several complaints from consumers because of a recent Swedish advertising hamburger chain Burger King as it seems rather violent. It shows one chef shall be in hamburger kitchen.

The notification, sent from the organization than it does with the ad market in Sweden, said that violence in the ad seems to mark availability and produce a report that violence is acceptable.

The ad tells the judge in the court that goes on between young chefs. One of them is with a judge like hamburgers, remarkable anything, well at. He gets a bite and smiles.

Then he takes the white Burger King bag. Chef to cheat means takes it to the judge and he shall. Even if the intention is to show violence the way getting younger audience can interpret it as acceptable.

Advocates say the company’s ad refers to fun items that have existed in the film from the Silent era images. They’re sorry that the ad has been for the people than breast, saying those who complained before the ad but have responded harshly to.

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