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Countries of South America

by ActionSammy on 29/11/11 at 10:18 pm

A few facts and figures on countries in South America.

South America is the fourth largest continent in area and fifth most populous. About 80 percent of the continent lies south of the equator. In fact, only three of South America’s countries lie entirely north of the equator. South America, along with Mexico, Central America and the island countries of the Caribbean, is usually referred to as Latin America because of the many cultural similarities. Spanish is the national language of most of the countries. The world’s widest river, the Amazon, flows through the continent. Brazil, the continent’s largest country, occupies roughly half of South America’s land mass and has half its population. The South American Aztecs and Incas were the most advanced of the indigenous Native American tribes of the Western Hemisphere before the European settlers arrived. Until the 1980’s most of the countries were ruled by military dictators. Today most of the citizens enjoy democracy.


1. Argentina– land area: 1,073,519 sq mi/2,780,400 sq km; population: 40,519,000; capital: Buenos Aires

2. Bolivia– land area: 424,165 sq mi/1,098,581 sq km; population: 10,040,000; capital: La Paz; Sucre

3. Brazil – land area: 3,287,613 sq mi/8,514,877 sq km; population: 199,132,000; capital: Brasilia

4. Chile – land area: 291,930 sq mi/756,096 sq km; population: 17,088,000; capital: Santiago

5. Colombia – land area: 440,831 sq mi/1,141,748 sq km; population: 46,271,000; capital: Bogota

6. Ecuador – land area: 109,484 sq mi/283,561 sq km; population: 14,012,000; capital: Quito

7. Guyana – land area: 83,000 sq mi/214,969 sq km; population: 757,000; capital: Georgetown

8. Paraguay – land area: 157,048 sq mi/406,752 sq km; population: 6,502,000; capital: Asuncion

9. Peru – land area: 496,225 sq mi/1,285,216 sq km; population: 28,971,000; capital: Lima

10. Suriname – land area: 63,251 sq mi/163,820 sq km; population: 466,000; capital: Paramaribo

11. Uruguay – land area: 68,037 sq mi/176,215 sq km: population: 3,360,000; capital: Montevideo

12. Venezuela – land area: 352,145 sq mi/912,050 sq km: population: 28,920,000; capital: Caracas

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Nov 30th, 2011

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