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Best Jamaican Landmarks

by Tommy Fassbender on 11/06/08 at 3:31 am

The beautiful island of Jamaica boasts a rich, colorful and awe-inspiring history that is still very much preserved today in its timeless landmarks that shout the secrets of days past.

When we discover Jamaica’s landmarks, we come closest to discovering loopholes through time that reveal many timelines in history. The landmarks tell the tales of Spanish and British colonialism, the days when pirates plagued the land and the birthplace of reggae.


In the capital city of Kingston, a must-see landmark for travellers or locals is the incomparable Port Royal. Back in its heyday of seventeenth century this city was hailed the wickedest place on earth. Frequented by notorious and feared pirates such as Henry Morgan and Blackbeard, and home to the Caribbean’s most defeated bout with morality and sobriety, it is no wonder why this place got its name.

Legend has it that the 1692 earthquake that sank half the city in the sea is a retributive act of God for Port Royal’s wickedness. But even so, Port Royal being the rebellious town that it is, decided that it was going to use the earthquake to attract even more people to it. When the earthquake hit on June 7, 1692 its shifts made half the town uneven and created the Giddy House, another famous Jamaican landmark. All who go into this half sunken, uneven house are all left feeling light-headed after exiting it.

Also, take time to visit Fort Charles that the British used to ward off the Spanish after they took control of the island in 1655, or the historic St. Peter’s Church that was destroyed twice within just over a decade and finally rebuilt in 1726. These Jamaican landmarks are unforgettable.

Prices to Port Royal from Kingston vary but they are generally in the vicinity of $54 per person, $52 per person in a group of 4-6 persons and $45 per person in a group of 7 persons and more.

For all you die-hard Reggae fans a must-stop attraction on you tour of Jamaica’s most famous landmarks should include a trip to the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston. Housed in his former studios where he hammered out world-renowned hits, you can indulge in all sorts of Marley memorabilia for an entrance fee of $10.

Also, visit the former great house now turned a national monument, Devon House. At this national landmark, you will get a tour of the Jamaican-Georgian styled home with lavish furnishings, eat ice cream and chat with a few of the locals.

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