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Salvadorian Food

by camily on 07/09/12 at 12:50 pm

In Central America, the most diverse and distinctive food is the Salvadorian Food which blends the most of indigenous with a slight influence from the Spanish cuisine. This ranges from the familiar chicken soups to the exotic and exquisite fried palm flowers.

Just like any other country, there are recipes ranging from the most do it at your home kitchen to those requiring seasoned chefs to handle. The art of gastronomy has always been there since time immemorial and what has remained is being creative and innovative to entice the consumers of any food put on the table. Whether you are serving breakfast,lunch or dinner, it is always good to make sure it looks appealing even before being consumed since appearance arouses ones appetite; this is all what El Salvador food is all about.

Let’s now sample some Salvadorian Food starting with breakfast which typically includes the popular huevos picados or simply put; scrambled eggs with vegetables, this also comes with cheese, fried plantains or platanos fritos and mashed beans and tortillas. Breakfast in El Salvador is never complete without essential fruits like bananas, mangoes and pineapples. El Salvador has a massive coastline and you cannot miss seafood in their menu due to its availability and affordability. This is evident in their love for soups and stews (Sopas and caldos respectively), as a visitor or a resident you cannot fail to indulge in the popular sopa de pata which is mix of various ingredients like Pupusas which is a mixture of thick corn tortillas mixed squash, meat, cheese and other fillings, flour pastries filled with meat potatoes or an option of cheese referred to as Empanadas popular as a desert and Tamales which is simply boiled corn dough stuffed with sweet corn or meat served in the traditional way in banana leaves.

There are great quality restaurants which exquisite cuisine and they can be extremely expensive depending on one’s choice menu especially on authentic cuisine. If you are adventurous and on tight budget, street carts and open air markets offer a good experience of Salvadorian Food and are worth a try. Due to the food varieties available, most US citizens looking for fast food usually flock franchises like Wendy’s, Pizza Hut and Burger King. This specific taste desire has led to cropping up of Pupuserias and other Salvadorian restaurants in the US cities making it easier to get El Salvador foods in some tiny restaurants and fast food joints in cities like San Francisco. 

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