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The Cayman Islands: Travel Guide

by Swanny686 on 21/03/11 at 1:32 am

A guide for anybody planning on visiting the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands are a fairly popular destination for many tourists looking for a tropical vacation spot with a great atmosphere surrounding all three of the beautiful islands. That being said there are a lot of different things that are available for visitors and residents alike to do while on the islands, there are also some things that you may want to know before traveling.

Things you should know

There are a few things that travelers may want to know before they begin their adventure on the islands. These range from the currency to the way the power grid works on the islands.

1.       They drive on the left side of the road. Keep this in mind when driving, especially since some cars on the island still have the driver’s seat on the left side (similar to the way it is in America.

2.       Their voltage on their power grid is the same as the United States. Their power outlets however, may be a bit different. While most resorts and condos have outlets identical to America, outlets in other places around the island may not support grounded plugs (plugs with the third, round pin under the vertical blades) or may not support polarized plugs (plugs that have one larger blade to prevent the plug from being inserted upside down)

3.       Cayman currency is fixed at an exchange rate of 1CI: 1.25USD. This brings up two things to be aware of. The first being that just about everyone will accept USD, so making the extra effort to find a bank won’t be worth it. And the second is that different places of business give prices in currency (some display prices in USD while others may display them in CI)

4.       Cruise ships dock in Georgetown almost daily, since this is where most of your shopping will be done I would recommend finding a schedule of when the ships come in and plan to shop on a day the port is quiet

What to do

The Cayman Islands offer a wide variety of things to do for being such a small island. The clear waters are perfect for snorkeling or Scuba diving, the food is wonderful and the shops around Georgetown carry some interesting items, as well as a pretty decent amount of fine jewelry and watches.

1.       Snorkel or Scuba dive. The areas in front of the resorts on west bay have many opportunities to see many tropical fish and some sting rays, check these areas out as well as book a boat with a company that brings you around to other underwater areas of interest surrounding the island

2.       Swim with dolphins. There is a dolphin discovery complex that allows visitors to swim the the trained dolphins and interact with them, the dolphins will push and pull swimmers upon the trainers command and will splash and wave at you as well, very fun for anyone that is interested in that kind of thing.

3.       Shop. There are many fine jewelry and watch shops in Georgetown but they are by no means the only thing to look at. Be sure to check out the craft market where local crafters make items like jewelry and some small souvenirs from materials such as conch shell and caymanite, a stone that is only found on the Cayman islands

4.       Enjoy the sun. the islands boast many white sand beaches that are constantly bathed in sun. if you don’t feel up to any of the activities mentioned above just find a place on the beach and relax, something nobody can ever turn down.

The Cayman Islands are a beautiful place that offer many things for visitors to do, whether you are there for a single day on a cruise ship or staying a week or more in a condo, give some of these activities a go and enjoy yourself while your at it.

If you have any experience with any of the activities mentioned above or you have additional suggestions, please comment below

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