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600 Killed DUE to Extreme Winter in East Europe

by Ketop Joze on 22/02/12 at 11:20 am

Extreme winter in east Europa has killed more than 600 people.

Extreme winter in most parts of Europe, especially in Eastern Europe, has killed more than 600 people.

Winter with the temperature minus the piercing with a great snow storm that has never happened to many people there are stuck in their homes. Snow make them unable to leave the house and eventually died.

Russian authorities, as quoted by AP news agency on Wednesday (2/15/2012), preaching, about 205 citizens were killed by cold winter began to explore the region since late January 2012. While in Ukraine, about 112 residents were killed horribly due to the acute winter.

While in Poland, 107 residents were killed trapped in winter practically shut out people from their homes. Death of about 35 people in Hungary, 20 people were killed in Serbia, and 10 people were killed in Kosovo.

Blizzards and heavy snow wall makes about 23,000 people in 225 communities isolated Romania for more than two weeks due to snow storms block the house and crippling rail traffic system.

Practically isolated nearly 4,000 people over a weekend. Wednesday’s report, they have now run out of food and water and medicine. Romanian authorities said seven people were killed in the last 24 hours making a total of people who died from acute winter there to 86 people.

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