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Traditional Gifts From Austria

by Katherine Avril on 11/05/10 at 3:40 am

Description of traditional gifts available from Austria.

Shopping in Austria is a rewarding experience and visitors can find a wide variety of quality products unique to this Alpine country at local markets or in boutique stores.

Gourmet Treats from Austria are a tasty and usable gift for anyone at home. Firstly there are the famous chocolates from Hotel Sacher, Demel, Heinl and Mozart. These chocolates not only melt in the mouth but are packaged in beautiful ways to be a perfect gift. It is easy to spend hours examining the glass displays to pick out the perfect chocolate truffle.

Another gift for those with a sweet tooth is the artistically shaped marzipan, a sweet almost hard paste dipped in more delectable chocolate.

If chocolates aren’t for you then some Meinl Coffee or Almdudler herbal lemonade is unique to Austria and of a high quality making wonderful gourmet gifts. For the brave there is the traditional local schnapps Spatleese sure to warm any heart.  

Local crafts abound in Austria, but when looking for these gifts ensure you are getting the ‘real deal’ and not simply a beer stein with made in China across the bottom. Investigate local markets and boutiques to find authentic Austrian gifts.

Local crafts which will make fabulous gifts for friend and family include, hand-painted porcelain, ceramics, handmade dolls, wrought-iron work, petit-point needlework, knitwear, down quilts, wood-carvings, and leather goods

Augarten is famous porcelain made in Vienna and J&R Lobmeyr sells glass and crystal previously used in the Austrian Royal Palaces. Riedl is a further quality glass maker and finally there is the excellent silver available from Berndof.

Wiener Brozen are bronze figures often of animals made in Vienna since the 19th century are local Austrian collectables. 

The world famous Swarovski Family are Austrian and the popular crystals are a typical Austrian product available at jewellers and boutiques or directly from Swarovski Kristallwelten in Tyrol.

 During the winter Austria is host to some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. Shopping at this time of year offers unique gifts of its own. To begin there are the exquisite Austrian nativity scenes or “Krippen” as they are known locally.  The traditional models depict small models of Alpine farms with hand-carved wood figurines.

Additionally at these markets there are a beautiful array of hand carved Christmas decorations, both for the home and the tree. These decorations will add a personalised and traditional feel to any home at Christmas.

As can be seen from the above Austria is a country which offers many wonderful gifts to take home to the ones you love.

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