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Zlatni Rat: A Day to The Best Adriatic Beach on Brac, Croatia

by Valeria Teo on 15/06/10 at 2:34 am

Croatian beaches attract summer vacationers from all over Europe. There is a gem among all - Zlatni rat, the "Golden Horn", on the island Brac.

There is a reason why Croatia is so famous for her sunny beaches. The total average hours of sunshine in Dalmatia are more than 2000 hours per year. It is even longer in Hvar and reaches 2700 hours per year.  These figures put Croatia among the sunniest countries in Europe.  Water quality in Croatia, whether it is drinking water or sea water, has always been in the forefront in Europe. Our personal experience exceeds what we have heard.


Bacvice - the Favorite Beach in Split, Croatia


Bačvice is the nearest beach from our home in Split. The city beach, located in the city center, is a favorite place for local people. When summer comes, tourists from all over Europe pour into Bačvice as well. Cheering and laughing reverberates across the beach until late in the evening. Bačvice by midnight is a hot place where young people go for nightlife when the clubs and discos turn their music up.


With its shallow waters near the shore, the sandy beach of Bačvice is a paradise for various water sports. The favorite game for local people is picigin. The game is very much like volleyball. There are five players on either side of the net in an official match. But it is played with a much smaller ball similar like a tennis ball. The Picigin Championship in summer makes the already crowded Bačvice even more uproarious.


But the genuine beach resort in Dalmatia is Zlatni rat, the “Golden Horn”, located near Bol on the island Brač.


Zlatni rat - the Touristic Paradise on Brac, Croatia


Brač is only half an hour by ferry from Split. The former island of fishermen, farmers and sailors has slowly transformed itself into a touristic paradise since the 20th century. Although Bol is the oldest settlement on the island, the ferry calls at Supetar, the largest town on Brač. But the so-called “large” means nothing more than 3000 residents. In the summer season, there are frequent buses running between Supetar and Bol.


Some vacationers may not spend an extra hour by bus getting to Bol because Supetar delivers all they need in a beach resort. But for those first-time visitors to Brač, the unique landscape of Zlatni rat is worthy of the sauna-liked bus ride in the summer.

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