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Greece 101: What You Need to Know About The Country of Greece, Along with a Recipe for Hummus for Lagniappe

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This article provides an overview of Greece- the country, the culture, the people, and a recipe, too. It was prepared by William Walther while an Accounting major in the College of Business at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana.



When you start to think of the beginning of government, philosophy, and mathematics, only one place comes to mind, Greece.  Greece today encompasses the best of both worlds with bustling metropolitan areas that rival that of its other European neighbors, and on the other hand a chance to step back in time and see some ruins predating the birth of Christ.  In the following article, you will learn some interesting facts and travel tips about the country of Greece, and I will leave you with a delicious recipe for restaurant quality Hummus.

Country Information

  • Geographic Facts

Here are some geographic facts about Greece:

1.     The capital of Greece is Athens which has a population of 3.25 million people.  Athens is also the largest city in Greece and contains nearly one third of all Greek residents.  Located in the southeast of Greece, Athens has artifacts and ruins that date it all the way back to 7000 B.C.

2.    The country of Greece is shaped like a peninsula with islands located off of its coast.  These islands are separated into two different categories, the Ionian and the Aegean islands.  The Ionian are situated to the west of the mainland while the Aegean are off to the south and east.  The mainland and islands are surrounded by four different seas, which include the Ionian, Aegean, Mediterranean, and the Sea of Crete.

3.    Abundant in tree and plant life, Mt. Olympus is the highest point in Greece reaching a summit of 2917 meters.  Mytikas, the highest point of Mt. Olympus was first attained by explorer Christos Kakalos and Swiss climbers Frederic Boissonas and Daniel Baud-Bovy in the summer of 1913.  Mt. Olympus in ancient mythology was said to be the home of the Greek Gods and is located in the center of the large peninsula.

  • “Serious” Facts

Here are some serious facts about Greece:

1.    Government and politics are taken very seriously in Greece.  In fact every Greek resident over the age of 18 must vote.  Failure to vote can make getting a new passport or driver’s license difficult when it is time for renewal.

2.    Greece in the past ten years has gone on a borrowing spree that has nearly bankrupted the country.  The country racked up nearly seventy seven billion dollars in debt in that time and has recently restructured that debt into new bonds that only account for twenty five percent of the money they owed.  This is the largest default of debt in the history of the world.  Some now doubt the future of the euro and the European Union because of Greece’s fiscal irresponsibility.

3.    Military expenditures account for nearly 4.3% of Greece’s Gross Domestic Product.  All males over the age of eighteen must serve in one of the branches of the military for a period of at least a year, and while women may volunteer to join as of 2008 they are not required to take place in this compulsory military duty.   

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