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A Delicious Visit to Ristorante Il Bagutta in Milan

by Maria Liberati on 16/04/09 at 7:10 am

Celebrity Chef Maria Liberati, author of the best selling book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking takes us on a trip to one of Milan, Italy’s oldest and famous restaurants, famed for its’s culinar ydelights as well as it’s famous artistic clientele.

Experience a taste of Italy in Ristorante Il Bagutta in Milan, Italy

Over 70 yrs old and not showing any signs of it’s age, it;s no wonder that Il Bagutta is considered one of Milan’s most original trattorie.

You won’t find any menus here since the offerings change daily and dishes are made with seasonal ingredients.

The concept of Il Bagutta was a place that could be frequented on a daily basis where the menu changed with daily variations.

A simple and seasonal kitchen that Marco Pepori, from the last generation of family members that run the restaurant, defines as Tuscan-Lombardy. Or Tuscan in origin but influenced with a Milanese influence that has assimilated into their style of cooking within the last 70 yrs.

Their dishes usually contains some of about 40 homemade dishes (depending on the season)-from Sausage and Tuscan beans, black cabbage soup, braised beef, Florentine style tripe, Merluzzo alla Vicentina, fondue with tartufi, and others.

Of course you can find the ristorante at Via Bagutta 4. Just as important for their culinary fame as for being host to the first Primo Premio Litterario (the first Literary prize) begun in 1927 in Italy, thus attracting many literary talents. Ricardo Bacchelli, who gained fame as a poet and writer for La Ronda (a newspaper) in 1929, said that at Ristorante Il Bagutta- “you will encounter many of Milan’s citizens, eat Tuscan style but pay Roman style” (Roman cuisine is known for being priced reasonably).

Word soon spread that this was great place to eat at a reasonable price and soon became a known hangout for the literary set- journalists, artists, poets, writers.

In 1936, the restaurant that began at Via Bagutta 14, moved to Via Bagutta 4 and soon transformed into one of Milan’s most prestigious restaurants, frequented by some of the most acclaimed personalities in the world. Actors, poets, photographers, fashion designers, producers in the cinema, politicians and more couldn’t resist the unique mix of homemade food, but with a touch of elegance and of course the scent of the food being prepared in the kitchen that fills the air.

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