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A Guide to The Duke of Edinburgh

by Josh3000 on 25/05/11 at 2:08 am

This is a walkthrough of the dos and don’ts of the duke of Edinburgh expedition. For those of you who don’t know it’s a programme created that gets teenagers out in the community, and includes community work, starting a new skill, and beginning a new hobby. The expedition has particular rules, most of which will be adressed in this guide.

A Guide to the Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

This guide aims to help you get through your D of E expedition in the most comfortable way possible, this is created for those attempting the bronze award, but there’s little reason why it won’t also work for others. 

Before you start your expedition, it’s worth looking through the internet for a guide of what you need to take, if of course you don’t get one from your group leader, this makes it so much easier to organise your gear. Obviously the basics you need are a tent, a sleeping bag, etc, however, the specific details that you aren’t normally told are key to keeping comfortable, avoiding blisters, and staying warm at night! Footwear you intend to take should be warm and sturdy, and MUST be worn in before you go. This prevents blisters and calluses building on your feet, and makes walking so much more comfortable! Also, if you’re sharing a tent, make sure it’s big enough for your partner, AND both your bags; if it rains at night, you’ll know about it. You’re sleeping bag is the main barrier against the cold, and if you bring a summer sleeping bag for a winter expedition, you’re going to get very, very cold. I also suggest a thermal, as it means you don’t have to carry around a big coat to keep warm, and you can wear it at night to keep in the heat when the temperature drops.

The second most important aspect of the trip is food, and how to cook it. When you arrive at your camp, you’ll first set up your tent, and then have a guide on using the trangia (the meth burner you cook your food on). This uses meth that you carry around in your bag, and burns it so you can cook on it. The average trangia also comes with three different sized pans you can cook food in. The best things to take are things that are compact, light, but fill you up, examples being super noodles, quick cook packs of rice, and for your first night, pot noodles. The pot noodles should be eaten on the first night because they take up a lot of room, and take a while to cook compared to super noodles.

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