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A Very Unusual Golf Course

by moondust234 on 06/06/09 at 4:37 am

A golf course located on the top of a plateau.

Believe it or not on the top of this rocky plateau can be found a golf course.

Llanymynech golf course was originally a nine hole course built in 1933 and later expanded to an 18 hole course and boasts more than 400 members including Ian Woosnam.

High up on Llanymynech rocks can be found an 18 hole golf course!

The name Llanymynech is thought to mean, “Church of Monks” in Welsh and it is believed that a church stood on this site back in the sixth century. The course stands on a battleground where Caractacus fought the Romans back in A.D 50 in an attempt to force them out of the country. Evidence of Roman ruins are still in evidence on parts of the course along with a burial mound.

Llanymynech rocks can be found between Welshpool and Oswestry and actually straddles the border between England and Wales. This means that there is 15 holes on the course that are in Wales and 3 are in England.

There can’t be to many signs like this!

On holes one to four a golfer tee’s off in Wales, they then reach England on the fourth green, they remain in England until returning to Wales for the seventh tee!

Another interesting feature of Llanymynech rocks is that during the 19th century limestone quarrying took place here and over the years the quarry floor has attracted limestone loving plants and grasses, this includes the rare Bumble bee orchid.

The rare Bumble bee orchid. photo by Ghost of Spangle.

On the surrounding cliffs Peregrine Falcons and Jackdaws can be found nesting and the area is also home to the largest natural population of Whitebeam in the U.K.

As well as the Bumble bee orchid other plants of interest that can be found here are Autumn Ladies Tresses, Fairy Flax, Yellow Wort, Wild Thyme and Rock Rose, these unusual plants also attract many butterflies including the threatened Pearl Bordered Fritillary butterfly. It is probably due to the unique flaura and fauna that can be found here that the area has been designated as a Site of Scientific Interest (S.S.I)

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