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Andrew Gower Picture

by Meili on 13/03/11 at 4:32 am

What does Andrew Gower, creator of Runescape and co-founder of Jagex look like? Here are some Andrew Gower pictures. Also, here is a video of Andrew Gower from Runefest.

‘m sure many Runescape players would love to see Andrew Gower in person but since that probably isn’t possible for most people, here are some nice pictures.

This is the oldest picture of him and it is real, not a fake. He has lost weight since then as you can see from the other pictures here.

This was posted on the website and it shows the entire Jagex team playing paintball. Andrew is in the front middle but his face is covered.

Andrew is the one on the left and Paul Gower is the one on the right.

Now here is a very good video of Andrew Gower live and in person on Runefest.

He is wearing a yellow “Andrew” t-shirt! Is it me or does he look somewhat uncomfortable in this video? He is clearly trying to avoid eye contact in the beginning of the video. But when the Runescape player does start the interview he is smiling and relaxed.

So that is what a British multi-millionaire looks like!

Some random facts about Andrew Gower:

- he was born in 2 December 1978

- his net worth was £99 million in 2009

- he graduated from the University of Cambridge

- best of all, Andrew Gower is a true gamer at heart who has been making games since he was 7.

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