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Pennan…a Very Local Hero

by richmaine on 28/01/12 at 6:45 am

History of Scottish fishing village.

Pennan…Banffshire’s claim to Hollywood


Before Burt Lancaster made the name of Pennan famous in the film Local Hero, the village had been a literal quiet backwater with stunning surrounds. After the furore had died down it was once again the quaint and quiet village.

It still attracts the serious movie aficionados who want a look at that famous red phone booth…in fact the red booth is a national dying breed!

The harbour was built in 1704 but after disrepair was resurrected in 1799. Again it fell into disuse in 1840 but was rebuilt five years later and lasted until a huge storm destroyed the west pier in 1899. It was replaced and improved in subsequent years 1903, 1909 and 1981.


The tiny harbour has been traditionally used for small fishing vessels but today it is the leisure industry that sustains this idyllic port. The harbour was used for shipping stone from a local quarry in the nineteenth century.


In 2007 a damaging storm brought down landslides threatening to demolish the hamlet. Thankfully protecting measures and rebuilding brought life back to Pennan. These days’ tourists still flock to this port with its one street and row of pretty houses.

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