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RuneScape Fletching Guide (1-99)

by hakan163 on 03/07/11 at 4:14 am

Get 99 fletching in no time.

In Runescape, Fletching is a skill that is mainly received for trimming an already owned skill cape without losing any money. Fletching is one of the faster skills to receive 99 in, and therefore it is nice if you are wanting to get a skill cape because you don’t have one yet, or simply because you want to trim a different cape. There is a couple different ways of getting 99 fletching which depend on how much money you are wanting to spend/gain, and how quickly you want this Runescape skill cape.


What you will need
-Logs (Normal, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic)
-Bow String


Starting Off
Well you can really start off anywhere you want in Runescape to get 99 fletching. I would suggest simply starting at the Grand Exchange so that you can easily buy new logs as you need them at the very start. 

Level 1-2 – Arrow Shaft
-Bring Along: Knife, Logs
From level 1-2 only, I would suggest simply cutting up logs to make arrow shafts. This is done by using your knife with your logs and choosing the arrow shaft option. You will only need a few logs in order to gain level 2 in this skill, but you should get more logs simply because you will need them later on. 


Level 2-7- Shortbow
-Bring Along: Knife, Logs
From level 2-7 I would suggest making shortbows out of normal logs. Some people may be saying that you need to have level 5 in order to make shortbows, but the best way to get higher fletching quickly is to use Fletching potions. Up until willow bows I will be suggesting levels while using the Fletching potions since they are pretty cheap and will boost your low levels quickly. So you must simply take a sip of potion anytime your fletching level falls below level 5 until you have reached level 7. Make the shortbow’s by using your knife on logs and clicking “Make All” when the options of how many to make come up.


Level 7-17 Longbow
-Bring Along: Logs, Knife
Alright now that you are level 7, you will again need to use your Fletching potion to pot to level 10 fletching in order to make longbows. If you do not have fletching potions, then you will simply need to make Shortbows until you get to level 10 fletching. Fletching is quite repetative, so you will simply need to do what you have been doing all along, and clicking the Longbow option and selecting Make All. 


Level 17-22 -Oak Shortbow
-Bring Along: Knife, Oak Logs
Again you will be simply drinking some fletching potion to gain 20 fletching, and then using your knife with your oak logs in order to make the Oak logs. Just keep doing what you were doing before. Within no time, you will reach level 22. If you are not using fletching potion, just continue making Longbow’s until you get to level 20 fletching and then you can start the Oak Shortbows. 


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