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Weird Railway Stations of The World

by MrYogi on 07/07/11 at 3:34 am

Sometimes We Prefer to Hire A Car instead of Traveling by A Train.
As Some Railway Stations Leave Us with Serious Doubts About Our Well Being and Safety. Some of These Railway Stations wouldn’t Look out of Place in Our Worst Nightmares.
Some Stations of course Are Just Merely Weird Looking or Even Just A Little Over Designed or Simply Trying Too Hard to be Something They Are Not.
Here Are Some of The Weirdest Railway Stations Discovered That Exist Around The World.

1. Brockenheimer Warte, Frankfurt

You need a sense of humour to travel from this station, anyone who has panic attacks about trains derailing, shouldn’t visit this station! It’s like something out of a Harry Potter movie isn’t it?! Very upside down looking and isn’t exactly inviting.

2. Michigan Central Station, Detroit

Built in 1913, Michigan Central Station is an iconic building in many ways, especially to the people of Detroit, but this behemoth is under orders to be demolished very soon. It seems such a shame but then it’s probably to huge to renovate which means this this monster has just been left to rot.
The weirdness comes from why did anyone build a Train station on such a scale? I know they liked to be grand back in the day but this is a bit extreme. It is supposedly the tallest station in the world, this alone should make it worth while saving from its soon to be awful fate. Oh and it’s apparently haunted too! TAPS (Ghost Hunters) investigated this place.

3. Nordpark Railway Stations, Innsbruck, Austria

Nordpark is made up of four stations, all of which are individually designed to meet the needs of each site but they are all along the same sorts of lines in terms of looks and design. This is a state of the art cable railway that perfectly compliments it’s surroundings but in a futuristic way. Designed by Zaha Hadid, this cable railway takes you from the centre of Innsbruck to the top of the Mountain in less than half an hour.

4. Saint Louis Union Station, Missouri

Built in 1894, this was once the largest and busiest train station in the World. It was converted in the early 1980’s into a luxury Hotel, which I think suits it’s beautiful architecture much better than a train station ever could. I mean who in their right mind would design something so gorgeous then use it as a train station – How weird?

5. Columbus,Ohio

This station was built in 1895 by Toledo and Ohio Central, but closed in 1930 after passengers were moved to Columbus Union Station. Ohio Firefighters Union now use the restored building as their headquarters. This Wacky building resembles a mish mash of different architecture, from something windmill looking, slightly Chinese in places but then crossed with an American Penitentiary. It’s bizzare looking but beautiful at the same time.

6. Estacion de Atocha, Madrid

This station was rebuilt in 1892 after a fire by designer Alberto de Palacio Elissagne and Gustave Eiffel, famous for designing the Eiffel Tower. In 1992 an interior Jungle was planted, to boost the commuters experience and to enhance the views around the station, with over 500 species of plants and animals in habitation. Maybe not so weird in architecture, but really weird having a zoo in a Train Station, surely plants, animals and trains don’t mix very well?

7. T-Centralen Station, Stockholm

All the lines on the Metro meet in Stockholm making it the busiest stop on the system with over 220 passengers visiting it everyday. It is also know as the longest Art Gallery in the World, featuring beautifully painted Murals. The Station also uses the city’s rocky core, rather than adding man made materials as walls.

8. Expo Station, Singapore

Designed by Norman Forster and completed in 2000, this UFO shaped station was built to serve the Expo Centre in Singapore. It’s a bit weird looking, but was built with the elements in mind. The UFO disc shaped roof was built to reflect the suns rays and to keep the interior cool for passengers but then it also reflects the people from inside the station onto the underside of the disc, animating them to entertain the spectators walking past. Quite cool indeed!

9. Shanghai Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, China

This is probably the shortest and the most bizarre train journey ever. Like a psychedelic acid trip to the senses with it fluorescent lights and strange patterns. The tunnel itself is only 647 metres long and runs under the Huangpu River. I imagine this would be fascinating for the first five minutes of your journey and then sickness and dizzy spells might kick in!

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Weirdest Railway Stations !


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