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Wind, Valleys, Temples, The Mystery of Loch Lomand, Scotland

by qncai on 30/12/11 at 4:27 pm

Lake Loch Lomond, providing an inspiration.

Wind, valleys, temples, the mystery of Loch Lomand, Scotland

A very impressive scenery visible from the valley background, and is a good scene.

This scene illustrates the wind, and the temples of medieval times, and becoming part of a historical phenomenon.

Lake Loch Lomond, providing an inspiration, because the scenery is described as the intent of a Victorian romance novel.

The area of ​​the lake is located 24 kilometers north of Glasgow, and 66 kilometers west of Edinburgh.

The condition of this lake has a length of about 24 miles of this, and is a sufficient size for world tourism.

There are several islands of this region, this region looks even smaller when the water peaked at altitude.

The ferry stops at the largest island, by ferry it can get around this lake region.

The tourists can see the see the rest of the 7th century monastery, and is an extraordinary phenomenon.

Can also enjoy the castle Lennok the 14th century, and this is part of the historical record, because it is used as a hunting cabin by the former king.

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