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10 Places You Must Go to Before You Die

by 1la2la on 05/09/10 at 12:15 pm

This lists the top 10 places you must go to before you die (duh)

  1. Meijer, they sell the BEST milk out there
  2. My house
  3. Montana
  4. lala land
  5. :( ((((((( INTENSE FROWN!!!
  6. 7-11  to play the lottery
  7. The dentist
  8. Arnold Schwarzenigger’s funeral, if he dies before you
  9. A beach of some kind
  10. I’m hungry, whats for dinner?

Well, there you have it! Please comment and rate, and have a happy holiday!

Okay you won’t believe what happened to me like, tweenty seconds ago, so I was (you can skip this part if you want, they say this is to short to submit so I’m just typing random crap to take up room) eating my grandmothers choclate pudding when suddenly, THE HOUSE BLEW UP!! I was like oh my god, that is tottally awsome! And then my great great great great great Grampa’s wife’s son’s dad pop’d out of no where and said “Hey! Who took the cookie out of the cookie jar?” And I was all like, “what the fudge?” and he vanished in a puff of smoke! What an adventure!!

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