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Five Most Beautiful Locations in the World

by Lewis O on 29/07/09 at 4:55 am

Thinking of a holiday? Don’t know where to go? Read on to find out just where your ideal paradise is, this is suited for everyone.

In this little article i am going to tell you some of the most beautiful locations in the entire world. I am hoping you will not know these places or have ever been to them because that will make it all the more fun !

1) United Kingdom, Yes, my home country is at the top. This is not just my opinion, i was doing some research and the UK is a very desireable place to go!! I recommend going to Scotland though, the natural, ravaging beauty is amazing and there is always something great to do

Ideal for – shoppers and fashion lovers.

2) Turkey. A truly amazing country that always has something for those who prefer a more active life to do, the landscape that has been molded by time is truly stunning. This beautiful place really does earn it’s place at #2

Ideal for – Nature lovers (hill walks, beach walks, scuba diving etc…)

3) Egypt. We all read about it in our books but to travel there is something else, the pyramids are truly breathtaking. Be warned though, you will need your tetanus shots in case of malaria and these are not nice! But in the long run it really is worth it. Also, i recommend not staying near Cairo if you want a relaxing holiday, the city is heaving with people who try to sell you anything… very annoying sometimes..

Ideal for – History lovers and architecture fanatics.

4) Thailand. Not spoken for too many holidays but i guarantee you this is a holiday you will most definetly remember, everything about the entire place is truly stunning. The climate itself is quite humid and the weather is something of an unbelievable nature, it really is like the country of twilight.

Ideal for – Culture lovers and religion lovers.

5) Iceland. I went here on holiday and i cannot describe with words how amazing this country truly is, honestly i wish the english dictionary was about 3 time slarger so i could explain how amazing this country truly is. This is a country that ahs been ravaged by nature and it has truly enhanced the countried natural beauty. The mineral baths that are naturally occuring because of underground heat vents are certainyl therapeutic. This is a great treatment for arthritis and stiff joints because not only is the water the best temperature for recovering muscles but it is also infused with vitamins and minerals that your body absorbs through the skin and this really does give you amazingly soft skin for a few weeks.

Ideal for – Everyone. (Especially anyone with conditions such as arthirits/stiffness of joints.)

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Dec 29th, 2010

nice locations.

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