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Most Beautiful Connecticut Waterfalls

by Joe Dorish on 20/07/09 at 4:48 am

Connecticut is the 3rd smallest state in the United States and is certainly not well known for waterfalls but the Nutmeg State actually has quite a few scenic and lovely waterfalls including a man-made waterfall built by a Native American Indian Tribe.

Many of Connecticut’s waterfalls are located in state parks which makes them easily accessible and the state deserves commendation for that. I grew up in New York State not far from the Connecticut border and we would often travel into Connecticut to visit the parks, lakes and beaches in the state. Despite its small size the state of Connecticut has many scenic spots and quite a few beautiful waterfalls.

Enders Falls


Enders Falls is a series of impressive waterfalls along the river near Granby in northern Connecticut. Most of the falls are some 20 to 30 feet in height and they can be reached by taking Route 20 west from Granby to Route 219 and then on 219 look for the Enders State Forest parking lot where the trail head is.

Campbell Falls


Campbell Falls is located in Campbell Falls State Park north of Norfolk in the northwest corner of Connecticut. The park is right on the Connecticut-Massachusetts border and some claim Campbell Falls is actually in Massachusetts. The falls drop some 62 total feet along Ginger Creek in a series of steps. To reach the falls take Route 272 north out of Norfolk until you reach Campbell Falls Road where you turn left and proceed to a parking lot for the falls.

Chapman Falls


Chapman Falls is located along the Eight Mile River in Devil’s Hopyard State Park located near Millington in southern Connecticut. The falls drop some 60 total feet here in a number of lovely steps. The park is located along Hopyard Road just east of Millington.

Natchaug River Waterfalls


This waterfall is located along the Natchaug River near Diana’s Pool in eastern Connecticut. Diana’s Pool is a popular spot for fishing and hiking on hot summer days. This waterfall is located along Route 198 between the towns of Sherman Corners and Chaplin, just turn on the Diana’s Pool Road just south of the 198 bridge over the Natchaug River.

Liked it

K Kristie

Jul 20th, 2009

Waterfalls are so mesmerizing. I don’t ever get tired looking at them even in pictures.

Melody SJAL

Jul 20th, 2009

Oh, love the Foxwoods and the Southford Falls. The Wadsworth Falls is so mystical, thanks for sharing.


Jul 20th, 2009

These waterfalls are spectacular and unique, I particularly like the Great Fall. Thanks for this enjoyable tour. Have my liked it.


Jul 20th, 2009

Nice tour. Thanks.

Kate Smedley

Jul 20th, 2009

Thanks for this Joe, another stunning article on waterfalls.


Jul 20th, 2009

Brilliant tour as usual. Have you actually been to all these stunning locations?


Jul 21st, 2009

Beautiful as always Joe.

Mary J McCoy Dressel

Jul 26th, 2009

Very beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing them with the world.



Jul 29th, 2009

Never knew there were so many waterfalls in Connecticut.

Ruby Hawk

Jul 31st, 2009

Joe, Nature can’t be beat. love it.

Anne McNew

Aug 13th, 2009

great post. very beautiful photos

Erin Lea

Apr 20th, 2010

Thank you so much for this compilation of photos and info…. I am a native of CT and enjoy visiting these sites… I took my sons to Kent falls and Campbell Falls today and we loved it as much as always. :)

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