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The Six Most Violently Amazing Real Weapons Ever

by Shawny Nevill on 11/02/08 at 9:17 am

Because you’re sick of your normal guns.

1. War Club (Tomahawk)

We’ll start off with a weapon from the distant past that makes us wonder how the British every colonized America, the tomahawk! Wait a minute, that doesn’t look like any tomahawk I’ve ever seen. In fact, it looks like the soul purpose of that is to slam a spike through your skull, seeing as how there is only one spike! Where did I find this weapon.

2. Brass Knuckle Knife

This brass knuckle knife, technically known as a trench knife was violently amazing for a reason. It was used in the most vicious spot in the most vicious war ever. The trenches in the First World War! Boy oh boy there is nothing that I would rather have with me in close quarters fighting for the sake of the world except for maybe a……

3. Brass Knuckle Gun

Apparently this weapon is so violently amazing that I could not even turn up any information about it other than multiple photographic evidence. It even looks like theres a switchblade at the end of it!!! If thats not a switchblade then it is clearly an arrow pointing to the nearest direction of the person you are supposed to kill.

4. Knife Gun

Ok now this is getting a little bit ridiculous. I take it you can just strap any combination of knifes, brass knuckles, and guns together and get an amazingly violent weapon. Ok that is definitely true, and the knife gun is no exception! Unlike the brass knuckle gun (which may or may not have a switchblade on it) this gun definitely has a huge knife on the end of it. You get the double pleasure of shooting someone when your gun is inside of them, which is also a plus.

5. Pancor Jackhammer

No, it is not some sort of a gun or knife strapped to a jackhammer, its just the most amazing shotgun ever designed. According to wikipedia the Pancor Corporation patented a 12 gauge automatic weapon. And its gas operated! I could not believe it but it seems that this is indeed quite a real gun, and that it can fire up to 10 rounds. Also of note, it was patented in 1987!! Its a miracle any of us made it through the 1980’s and into today so we could witness the power of….

6. Metal Storm

It is described as the Roman Candle of guns, because it uses a concept of stacked projectiles much like the most amazingly violent handheld fireworks in the world. Except instead of using fire to shoot fireballs at you it uses electricity to fire 1 million rounds a minute at you. It’s like bringing a brass knuckle knife to a brass knuckle gun fight.

Liked it

Shawny Nevill

Feb 11th, 2008

post some comments guys!


Feb 11th, 2008

Definetely enjoyed this article. Though, maybe update the article with some information about each weapon, not just saying there dangerous. (Which they definetely are !)

Either way, great article.


Feb 11th, 2008

UMM… Gas operated does not mean it runs on gasoline. It means the action is cycled by gas (air) pressure from the shot being fed back to chamber the next round.


Feb 11th, 2008

Mike is right

I lol’d thought


Feb 11th, 2008

What about Napalm?

Mr. Fister

Feb 11th, 2008

Don’t know how you classify “real” but the jackhammer never passed beyond the working prototype phase, and only a few examples were ever built either.

Secondly, that brass knuckle gun has no barrel, making it impractical to fire at anything further than maybe point blank range. It’s probably just some weird collector’s piece.

Shawny Nevill

Feb 11th, 2008

I classify real as “working” which you pointed out they had working prototypes. That makes it a real weapon to me, if it exists :0

thanks for the comments


Feb 13th, 2008

While the jackhammer is dead, please search youtube for a demo of the aa12


Feb 13th, 2008

nah, pencil in the eye, thats even allowed through customs, and works everytime, even on sharks under water.


Feb 13th, 2008

i have to agree with aa12 that the aa-12 shotgun make your jackhammer look like a girls gun.


Feb 13th, 2008

If it has a blade, it doesn’t mean it is a switch blade. Switch blades imply that the blade opens with a spring. Fixed blades mean that they are always open, but having a gun that looks like a knife will play havoc with law enforcement, if you are into killing police officers that is.

Shawny Nevill

Feb 13th, 2008

yeah I’m aware that there are alot of different weapons, i was going for weapons that maybe not too many people have seen. thanks for the replies! i’ll check out those shotguns you guys are talking about


Feb 13th, 2008

“rediculous” == ridiculous
“Its like bringing…” == “It’s like bringing”

“It’s” means “it is”.

Just trying to help.

Shawny Nevill

Feb 13th, 2008

thanks for pointing out the type-o’s, they will be fixed soon.


Feb 13th, 2008

That was amazing! Loved it!


Feb 15th, 2008

your weapon is veri danger i also want a some spasiol weapons

Kris O'meara

Feb 15th, 2008

I totally hate your article. It just makes me mad thinking about the harm those guns could do to harmless animals and our enviroment.

i hate you


Feb 16th, 2008

Those weapons suck…


Feb 18th, 2008

I noticed in the video that there is a bayonet attachment on the knife gun. So in theory, you could have the rifle/knife/gun.

Tarra B.

Feb 21st, 2008

awesome article, amazingly dangerous weapons, enjoyed it!

nauman masood

Feb 27th, 2008

what can i say that is amazing


Mar 1st, 2008

i want to know where i can find one of those


Nov 4th, 2009

that jackhammer is badass stafford suck my cock

rob s

Mar 20th, 2010

yeah the people who are saying aa12 is better than the pancor jackammer need to do some research, the only reason the jjackhammer never made it past protoype, was because of the cost, it’s much better than the aa12, as it is a fully automatic shotgun, it’s actually classed as a machine gun.


May 22nd, 2010

u guy r geeks


Oct 1st, 2011

Duhe, go suck on the end of a AA12. you know, the fully automatic one?

Fuckin REtard.

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