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Top 10 Places to See Before You Die

by Kane Joseph on 27/02/08 at 3:26 am

On your deathbed and want to know what you need to see on this mortal plane before you kick the bucket? These are the top ten places you have to visit before you travel to that cloud in the sky (or pit in the ground).

  1. The Pyramids and the Sphinx, Egypt

    You have to visit this amazing place, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    1. The Great Pyramid of Khufu (or Cheops)
    2. The Pyramid of Kafhre
    3. The smaller Pyramid of Menkaura.

    There are three main pyramids in Giza:
    Each Pyramid is a tomb to a different King of Egypt. In front of the pyramids lies the Sphinx (or Abu al-Hol in Arabic, “Father of Terror”). Carved out of a single block of stone, this enormous cat-like sculpture has mesmerized millions of visitors.

  2. Santorini, Greece

    Santorini is one of the Cycladic islands, created by the eruption of the volcano. (Thought by some to be the famous island of Atlantis). Due The Island has a versatile landscape with steep rock formations, lush beaches and small white villages. It also boasts remnants from the old Roman including baths, theatres and markets. Santorini is a group of islands in a circle about 10 KM across – the rim of a large volcano that is still producing small islands in the centre. Settlements are scattered around the islands as a series of small villages. The famous white buildings are huddled close to one another on and over the cliff of the central caldera. Hiking paths and trails lead all over the island, but an interesting time can be had walking the paths that connect the settlements, talking to the friendly locals and exploring the shops.

  3. Stonehenge, England

    Stonehenge is a well-known stone monument located on a world heritage site in Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England. The site as is quite large and contains many other structures from the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age. Stonehenge is considered one of the most archaeologically rich sites in Europe, with many Neolithic and Bronze Age finds. It is also the site of one of the biggest Chalk grassland reversion projects in the world. Stonehenge has been occupied since around 8000BC with early work at Stonehenge beginning in 3000BC when an outer ditch and embankment was constructed, and standing timbers erected. From about 2500BC, Neolithic and Bronze age man started to bring Bluestones and Sarsen stones from Wales and the Marlborough Downs, it was completed in 1600BC. A nearby hill fort was built during the Iron Age, and there is evidence to suggest that the area was extensively settled by the Romans. The reason behind the structure still remains a mystery with many theories developed to explain the phenomenon.

  4. Italy

    Italy has a lot to offer its visitors. Italy is a modern country with deep Roman Catholic roots, full of interesting stuff for the casual tourist and even more for the educated visitor. In the north, next to the Alps and the flatlands of the Po river, both cultural jewels and highly developed industrial cities attract. In Lombardia’s capital Milan, city of haute couture and business, you can easily spend weeks without being bored. Bergamo is only an hour away and has an upper Old Town.

    The most famous tourist attractions in the north-east are Venice and Verona, that both let you think of romantic love affairs. To discover the beautiful landscapes around, for example, the Verona province may be even more fascinating. For wine lovers, Piemonte is directly connected with Barolo and Barbaresco, the most famous wines made out of the Nebbiolo grape. Piemonte’s capital, Turin offers more than just a starting point to visit these wine regions. Lots of museums, modern art, book and music fairs make Turin one of the leading Italian cities concerning cultural life. The coastal region of Liguria is another highlight.

    The Riviera delle Palme has no reason to envy its French counterpart. Beaches, countryside, the right climate and old towns like Genoa make this region a must to visit. The Lunigiana region, Albenga and Ceriale are worth a visit and an even longer stay. Gourmets should not miss the Emilia Romagna, Italy’s culinary centre. Bologna, “La Grassa” like the Italians say, is a must see as well as Ravenna with its impressive mosaic works and the Byzantine architecture and last but not least Rimini, on the Adriatic Sea. For Tuscany words fail to describe its beauty: You have to go there to see, smell and experience the beauty of the old towns and lovely valleys yourself. Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Prato and Siena, offer more cultural highlights than some countries as a whole. The way of living does the rest to attract every year millions of visitors. Elba, the island of Napoleans first exile, is only one of seven Tuscan Archipelago islands.

    Rome, The Eternal City, with its monumental palaces, churches, squares, and fountains still fed by aqueducts with ancient water sources, has to be visited by every Italy traveler. To discover Rome, “A lifetime is not enough”. Campania has attracted visitors over the centuries: Capri, Ischia, Sorrento and Amalfi became the chosen destinations of visitors from many countries. Sicily the largest island in the Mediterranean has been influenced by the culture of the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs the Normans and many others. For those who enjoy walking and climbing, go to the Dolomites, this is the Mountain range in Northern Italy that sperates it from Austria and extends westwards to join the Alps. Major centres include Cortina, further South and West is Arco and a few kilometers from the Northern tip of Lake Garda.

  5. Loch Ness, Scotland

    Loch Ness is the largest of three lochs located in the Great Glen which divides the North of Scotland along a line from Fort William to Inverness. The loch is large by British standards, being 23 miles long and a mile in width, and averaging 600ft in depth. Its catchment is hilly and wet, and is drained by 6 major rivers which flow into the loch. It contains over 2 cubic miles of fresh water, and the River Ness outlet, although only 5 miles long, is one of the greatest in Britain for average flow and of course is the home of the famous monster of lore

  6. Pyramid of the Sun and Moon, Teotihuacán

    Towering and mysterious, the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon rise above silent Teotihuacán, an empty city that once bustled with as many as 200,000 people and stood at the center of Mexico’s pre-Hispanic empire. Erected by a virtually unknown culture in the first century B.C., the city sprawled over an area larger than imperial Rome. But by A.D. 750 it had been abruptly abandoned, perhaps because of disaster or drought. Five hundred years later the Aztecs came upon Teotihuacán — with its pyramids, temples, apartments, and ball courts — and adopted it as a center of pilgrimage. At roughly 210 feet high, the Pyramid of the Sun ranks as one of the largest pyramids in the world. (It is about half as tall as the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.)

    The builders raised the Pyramid of the Sun around A.D. 100, somehow transporting and erecting three million tons of stone, brick, and rubble without benefit of the wheel, beasts of burden, or metal tools. In 1971, archaeologists found a previously unknown entryway some 320 feet long that leads to a cave directly beneath the apex of the pyramid. At one time the cave held a natural spring, and there are still piles of charcoal in the chamber — perhaps indicating ceremonies involving water and fire. No one knows, although scientists enjoy speculating.

Liked it


Feb 28th, 2008

Outstanding job! I hope I get to stop by some of those places before I “kick the bucket”


Mar 8th, 2008

im not dead yet
but i hopê to go to ar least 5 places before i become old and wrinkly


Mar 9th, 2008

I’ve been to them all, being a journalist us awesome! I would add places like Athens Greece, New Zealand, Tibet, Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park,MT and Dubai


Mar 9th, 2008

4 out of ten, by accident, well fate anyway. I would like to go to Machu Picchu soon, maybe next year.


Mar 9th, 2008

Why not the rest of Greece? Evvia is home to some positively wonderful fishing villages (best seafood of any place you’ll ever go) and, as my father puts it, is real Greece; not one of the touristy places that everyone likes to go.

Other than that it’s a great list!

Ronald Marbles (The Abacus)

Mar 10th, 2008

While the Stonehenge’s in England are pretty amazing, they are not the oldest. In Malta they have pre-historic temples (similar to the British ones) that date back 4500BC.


Mar 10th, 2008

I think seeing the Earth from orbit should be right up there.


Mar 11th, 2008

Cheers for all the comments
Yeah I probably should have put more on greece it is a pretty amazing place, it’s got the whole historical background, its also got an awesome nightlife and there are also a bunch of quiet spots.

The earth from orbit would probably be up there if it wasn’t so expensive


Mar 11th, 2008

I’ve only seen 3 out of 10. Must try harder.

The forgiver

Mar 13th, 2008

You missed the Taj Mahal….

din sy

Mar 13th, 2008

marvelous places!


Mar 13th, 2008

Huge omissions. typical.


Mar 14th, 2008

Cambodia and France are amazing places too!!!


Mar 16th, 2008

No Great Wall? Quite a shame!


Mar 31st, 2008

Stonehenge = pile of rocks.. bfd. I’m sure Santorini is kinda cool, but if they have the enitre country of Italy, why don’t they just have the entire country of Greece? I remember from history classes that a lot of stuff happened in Greece and not just 1 island in Greece. Loch Ness? I’d rather visit Big Bear.. there isn’t anything in Loch Ness except a legend of a monster that you’re as likely to see in your back yard. Even the people who took that picture of it already admitted to perpetrating the fraud. Bimini the road to Atlantis? Translation: rocks in water. This is the second time that they mentioned Atlantis, in addition to their infatuation with the Loch Ness Monster. This is the dumbest list ever. How about Crete? Ellora? Great Wall? Istanbul?


Apr 8th, 2008

Amber and Andy are clearly lacking upstairs.Good list but as the author admits, not exhaustive by any means.

Rask Balavoine

Apr 11th, 2008

Good list indeed – number 11 might be Khondowe, sitting on a plateau over-looking lake Malawi. Maybe I should have kept that little jewel to myself.


Apr 19th, 2008

Im only 16, and have only ever been to england (with my attached-by-the-hip grandparents), and havent seen anything on this list, nope not even Stonehenge. But i have heard from my dad and seen pictures of the beautiful valleys and mountains in Switzerland and Austria. They say you can see into different countries from up at the top. Also I remember seeing on t.v the video of the worlds steepest train/tramline kind-of thing going to the top of a swiss mountain, and as you enter the clouds you fell like your weightless, and when you ascend above the clouds you see how high up you are.


May 8th, 2008

No bronx…What a shame ;]


May 29th, 2008

Wonderful places!!! I have never been there, but I will do all my best to visit them all!


Jun 13th, 2008

I really want to visit http://www.petergreenberg.com/2008/06/12/great-lesser-known-unesco-world-heritage-sites/ it looks like a place I would like to go to die.


Jul 17th, 2008

the places i want to see are; London, Paris, Dublin, Madrid, Athens, Rome, Hong Kong, Sydney, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Cairo, and the red squard of Moscow!!!


Aug 11th, 2008

wonderful places! But Author had to add some places such as Lumbini ( Lord Budha’s birth place and Mt. Everest of Nepal which are the places one can enjoy.


Aug 28th, 2008

The list probably will evolve if the author lives long enough.

Chet Larson

Oct 1st, 2008



Nov 6th, 2008

I went to Iceland this summer it was awesome – the Blue Lagoon is just something out of this world! And 24 hours of daylight … ah … =) Great list!


Dec 14th, 2008

I think maybe the statue of Liberty should be there or the Empire State Building…or some places in Washington DC. I have only been to Washington DC..and it was amazing. soo interesting. :)


Dec 14th, 2008

I live in a small town and am looking for a way out after I finish university.
Hopefuly on my way out I’ll get to see all these places and more!
Maybe one ever Christmas or something…


Dec 15th, 2008

awesome places…i want to go to all of them!

andrew f.

Dec 21st, 2008

An interesting list: if I could throw in my two cents worth of those things I’ve seen… The Grand Canyon, The Giant Redwood Forest, Death Valley, Mount Rushmore, The Pyramid of Ur in Iraq, San Fransisco, Washington D.C., & Paris.


Jan 10th, 2009

Cool! But I think Paris should’ve been on there.

million w

Jan 14th, 2009

good work, but historic Ethiopia


Jan 14th, 2009

very nice but there should be disney world and london, also new york city


Feb 1st, 2009

agree but lustleigh, devon should be on there some where amazing place it is.

hull was also pretty good, as is bonnie doon


Feb 4th, 2009

i love japan a little!@


Feb 7th, 2009

the cutest little town is Hallstat in Austria, right of the edge of a lake… beautiful!!


Feb 24th, 2009

ive been to the great wall of china and ango watt and i think these two plces are better than loch ness scottland and santorini which are places ive been to too. Sure Santorini is beautiful but not as much as the great wall or Ango Watt!!!!!!!!!!!


Feb 28th, 2009

clease olei smios Santorini woek eilwllkd Binini wilbm nxczaa qwelop utrve


Feb 28th, 2009

i think that you should also have put like new orleans, louisiana because i have been to almost all of those places up there and i think that new orleans is just as good as any of those afterall it is the city that time forgot oh and i also think that you should have put Hawaii


Mar 10th, 2009

i think the nazca lines in peru, the volcanos in the andes and also angkor wat in cambodia should be on this list… but it’s hard to reduce this list to only 10 places… i think you should see every country in th world (where there’s not a civil war going on)

Liz Jamieson

Mar 16th, 2009

I’ve been to 6 out of 10 of these, as well as New Orleans, and I wouldn’t include it, but that’s just me. I’d also add Dunns River Falls in Jamaica.


Mar 30th, 2009

you need to put india in here.


Apr 5th, 2009

This list is, may I remind you, only a list of the 10 top MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE, not a list of all the greatest places, which would be endless. ‘Tis true that all of Greece is wonderful, but there is something extra magical about Santorini. As for Disneyland? Not a do or die experience, especially when stacked up against the great pyramids. And Andy, really! Can you see anything positive in life? Give the author some credit for attempting the impossible here. If you can do a better job, quit whining (so many Americans are great at that) and do it! Of course the world has an endless list of wonderful places to see before we die, and any narrowed list will have some subjectivity. The important message here is to get off your computer, quit complaining about whether the list meets your standards, and spend your time getting out there and experiencing some of it! Whatever you do, don’t waste your time coming back at me with a defensive comeback, because I am out there living it, too busy to get back here to read your negativity.


May 6th, 2009

They need to have sitting in your car on top of the hiils of San Francisco overlooking the Golden Gate with the fog rolling in so beautiful


May 7th, 2009

Totally agree. San Francisco looking over the Golden Gate Bridge I the most fantastic place in the World. I think the magnificent Grand Canyon,AZ should be added with Monument Valley,AZ and Death Valley,CA. The Pacific Highway between San Francisco and LA is also a place not be missed out.
The Stonehenge stones?
Well someone certainly has got their lists mixed up.
Grab a pair of glasses and go to the west coast of America.
(This was written by a 13 year old):)


May 18th, 2009

ISRAEL! Jerusalem is AMAZING! A must add to the list!


May 25th, 2009

I have been to Machu Picchu, me and my brother hiked the Inca Trail. It was amazing but whats up with those putting down the list. This is only this persone list, get a life and make your own list if it bothers you that much. And if Italy as a whole can be put on the list, how about a train trip through Africa.

ho chi minh

May 26th, 2009

oh my lanta!!!


Jun 3rd, 2009

Don’t really agree with Loch Ness or Stone Henge. Stone henge fails in comparison to so many other places (easter island for example) and loch ness is just overhyped, theres much more beautiful places in scotland. Agree with the rest though :)


Jun 3rd, 2009

Hmmm, this is indeed YOUR top ten places to see before you die… my list would include Times Square, Cornwall England (Eden Project), Israel (Jarusalem), Eiffel Tower, Rovos Rail Travel http://www.rovos.co.za/ (Garden Route South-Africa), The Taj Mahal and many others.

But i have to agree with The Golden Pavillion.



Jun 19th, 2009

nice girls in Japan too


Jun 23rd, 2009

west cyde


Jun 23rd, 2009

hi hoko


Jun 24th, 2009

Strange that you left out India……I have spent a lot of time there and everyone who has gone there seems to have fallen in love with the country. India has such a unique mix of cultures, festivals, monuments and natural beauty that u can’t find anywhere else. I don’t know about the website people, but I think its a must to visit and experience the concept of India at least once before you die…….


Jun 25th, 2009

okay even though this place isn\’t out the US it\’s awesome visit Las Vegas Neveda it is soooooooooooooooooooo cool it\’s the best place if you want to sight see and it\’s so pretty for kids it\’s the BEST!!!!!!!!!! and your parents might not be able to leave the slot machines i know mine can\’t. there is alot to do there thats why i go there every year. bbut somethings there are inapropate but its awesome. there is alot of shopping there so you can shop til you drop. oh and another place to visit if you are into motorcycles is Long Beach California because you know Jessie James from the show apprentece well his shop is in Long Beach. Then a really cool place is in California its Hollywood its amazing there. theres stars hand and feet prints with their singnature then the celberties stars on the side walk are there then there are these people who are trying to make money by dressing up like jonny depp and people from star wars taking pictures with you then demanding tips. if you are into tattoos then LA inc. is there where Kat Von D works so is on TV. those are places you need to visit before you die.


Jun 26th, 2009

Laughing my arse (yes, Americans, not ass) off. To quote a great rock legend: I’m afraid of Americans!

Washinton DC, Disneyworld, San Fran…places to see before you die?

lol – the world is bigger than America people! And we are all passionate about our home countries – but have some curiousity for heaven’s sake!


Jul 1st, 2009

I agree with you Emily Las Vegas is an awesome place (i go there every year to visit my relatives) and never get tired of it! Its great, but the only bad thing is that it can get kinda hot, but so can other cool places in America. Other great places to visit are Crete,Greece and Switzerland. Personally i want to visit Romania, that would be cool.


Jul 7th, 2009

My goal….Visit 55 countries before I die…So far only 7 =/


Jul 8th, 2009

Peru in general is worth the visit. So is Ecuador and the jungles of Africa toward the western horn. No Galapagos Islands…? How strange


Aug 13th, 2009

that’s beutifull


Sep 11th, 2009

Great Wall of China
Forbidden City
Terracotta Army

Loch Ness is too much overrated.

People, we’re talking about historical places, not cities like San Francisco, Washington or Paris.


Sep 13th, 2009

You missed the Taj Mahal….
& more & more around the world ………
Quit shame………..

ayushi singh

Sep 16th, 2009

mind boggling job done…really appreciable


Sep 23rd, 2009

Not a bad list..still want to see some of them, but one place you must see before you die is Namibia (south-west Africa).
Best indeed!

Rockstar Sid

Oct 2nd, 2009

Damn! :[

Not visited anyone of them.. sucks! I will do it, one day!


Oct 10th, 2009

I think the list is very good. I agree with Emily who said that Las Vegas is a very good place to visit, Grand Canyon is, Andy! quit being a baby, move your ass and you make up a list…. clearly you have no believes and feelings if you can dismiss stonehenge and Loch Ness so easily. you are so lame……


Oct 10th, 2009

OH MY GOD! I can’t believe New York isn’t mentioned! I was there a few months ago and it is the greatest and best thing I’ve ever seen! I was in India, Dubai, Greece, Italy, China, Japan, Austria, …. (and they are really awesome), but New York changed my point of view, it even changed me, it’s so astonishing! New York is absolutely amazing! There are no words…!


Oct 17th, 2009

I wonder how you can omit The Taj Mahal from this list.It’s the most auspicious Structure ever

jimmy Lyons

Oct 24th, 2009

If this were my list I would add Yangshuo in China (google it if you’ve not heard of it, it has the most amazing, unique scenery I’ve ever seen); the Alhambra in Granada, Spain; New York City; The French Riviera / Cote D’azur; Hong Kong (the view from Victoria Peak is breathtaking); Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly; and Istanbul.


Jenefer P. Adante

Oct 30th, 2009

My god I wonder why there isn’t great wall of china,I have been there a few months ago….


Oct 30th, 2009

i have seen all the places in my childhood……….. i want to see something more exciting than these bubbish places……..

Indo Traveler

Oct 30th, 2009

3.Stonehenge, England and 5.Loch Ness, Scotland and 10.Iceland are you joking ? Give me Bali Indonesia any day , Ubud,Sanure and Nusa Dua , there is surfing, scuba in coral reef, snorkling,breathtaking Temples,White sand crrystal clear beaches. I would take Bali over those cold damp places any day of the year !


Nov 19th, 2009

I love all those places, but why not Brazil???


Nov 30th, 2009

How can one miss Pokhara overlooking the most spectacular snow white ranges of the Himalayas almost 180 degrees and 30 miles across as the crow files, specially during and after the winter season.


Dec 9th, 2009

no nepal in this list.it is quite shame ful

Sinethemba Same

Dec 11th, 2009

why is the Cape Town table mountain not in this list because that mountain is amazing?

Chris Fernando

Jan 14th, 2010

Hmmm.. A half researched piece and the list is incomplete and wrong to the core! Who cares about the Lochness? Where is Taj Mahal? Where is the Great Wall of China? Where is the Forbidden City?? Quite a shame you missed these all time favourites!


Mar 3rd, 2010




Mar 10th, 2010

i think you need to add Iran the city of Esfahan which is the best and most beautiful Islamic city and middle east ……


Mar 25th, 2010

india shud shud…… find a place in this list


Mar 27th, 2010

i wonder where is (pakistan) ………………… all of you must visit pakistan and you will find all shown above………..wonderful place but badly projected


Apr 3rd, 2010

Can’t agree with rocks and monsters. Have climbed all the pyramids in Mexico and done England, Italy and France. Find beautiful cities much more exciting. Please add Brugge in Belgium for a story book town, like opening a fairy tale book. Breathtaking. And no better chocolate could exist. Santorini and Athens in Greece or Madrid, Barcelona and the Alhambra in Spain next stops.


Apr 22nd, 2010

OK where are the Mayans places ?????


May 7th, 2010

you should really make it 11 places, The Great Wall of China!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!


May 22nd, 2010

the great island of Australia should be added to the list,that would have it’s own top ten places to visit.Not too many places on here where the kids would enjoy so will have to wait until i’m a bit older.Some good places though, don’t know why Loch Ness though,it’s a lake with a fabricated myth


May 25th, 2010

beauties of himalaya of nepal should not have been forgetten.


Jun 7th, 2010

losers get a life and stop looking up pictures ur prolly all 40 year old losers with no jobs and a wanna -be

Top 3 Places

Jun 18th, 2010

Not only are there 1000 places around the world to visit before you die, now author Patricia Schultz has hit the road again.

Top Three Places to See Before You Die


Jun 22nd, 2010

The article is really nice …
I suggest also this poll that appear really interesting….

cole hollis

Jun 29th, 2010

did anyone say Victoria Falls cause that place is awesome


Jun 30th, 2010

No Tibet’s Potala Palace, China’s Forbidden City and South Africa’s Table Mountain?

b c

Aug 22nd, 2010

Fantastic list, My personal favourites are Egypt, Safari in Kenya (Watching a herd of elephants and their young) Never been to the loch ness but looking at the pictures and monster or no monster it looks pretty amazing As do all the others on the list. So much to experience and see in the world .. so little time and money!

vikas verma

Sep 5th, 2010

Ohhh, i have to see many of them, i have seen only one out of all seven wonders (TAJ MAHAL).


Sep 6th, 2010

you think that you have traveled, then i see this list. there is so much to see in the world. i have been to machu pichu and if you have the chance please go. i traveled alone thru south america (female – 48), and although very aprehensive…best thing i could have done . dont worry that your favorite place isnt on this list. spend time to say why it shoud be, then maybe we will all feel the urge to go :)


Sep 10th, 2010

I haven”t seen many places, which are good, also may be wonderful. Heard this name “machu pichu” first time.


Sep 22nd, 2010

Awesome article!


Oct 2nd, 2010

Awesome photos,I wish I can go through the places that the photos show!!! I <3 the photos!!


Oct 2nd, 2010

This places is beautiful I want to go to the places that trifton shows to us!!!

Mohammed Nasar Ahmed

Oct 14th, 2010

what are three top places which are more frequent from drought what is that who knows please mail me please mail do not


Nov 8th, 2010

Thanks for sharing these wonderful places. Mine has to be Israel and Egypt, just hoping I could someday.


Nov 8th, 2010

You should include Romania as well. Its one of my favorite place. Those who are history lover would get to explore more, as this place offers amusing historical getaways.


Nov 15th, 2010

I have been to all these places except Egypte, and I would have to say they\’re all incredible, but the palaces in Russia, and the top of the mountains in Nepal, or any of the mountain villages in Switzerland deserve a spot on this list for sure.


Nov 20th, 2010



Nov 29th, 2010

WHAT i been to mecca in saudi arabia and syhlet they got to be in there


Nov 29th, 2010

visit sotland a mean jesus christ have you no sense

Great post, check out our website for 100 places to see before you die http://www.100placestovisit(dot)com


Dec 4th, 2010

not even a single place from india….


Dec 7th, 2010

What about the cradle of Mankind – Kenya


Dec 8th, 2010

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Dec 8th, 2010

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Dec 12th, 2010

“The world is like a book and those who do not travel only read a page”


Dec 16th, 2010

You missed Pokhara valley which is located in central Nepal and you can have the panoramic views of whole Annapurna range and boat in more than dozen lakes. You can have the view of 8 thousanders within 30 km distance.


Dec 19th, 2010

Ciao e’ vero sono localita’ stupende, purtroppo non sono ancora andato a visitarle se non quelle italiane, Pisa, Venezia, Roma, Firenze, Verona…
Se siete interessati vi segnalo il mio sito internet http://www.magnificaitalia.altervista.org.
Ciao a tutti….

Extra Medius

Dec 20th, 2010

This was an awesome list, considering it helped me out with my 6 page paper I have to write. I think it would also be cool to visit La Digue Seychelles, Samoa,Kyoto Japan, Belgium, and Venezuela. Anyso, thanks for the help!


Dec 20th, 2010

I want to go these with my wife now nice places


Dec 20th, 2010

You all seem to be forgetting “down under” AUSTRALIA, we have the best beaches, rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef, lets not forget, Uluru, come on get yourself downunder, Oprah did it and loved it

ecrivan wordwizard

Jan 16th, 2011

Thanks for showing these reminders, have seen the Italian wonders now Egypt, and the Great Wall of China should be next someday soon.


Jan 18th, 2011

well im not gowin to any of theese places uz there are much better places i wanna see!!!!!!!!!


Jan 23rd, 2011

Guys, I have been to lot of different places from San Francisco to Austria to Italy.. But I believe nothing can beat remote Nepal… I am not talking about cities in Nepal but northern remote towards himalayas, like Annapurna trek, that leads to small Village called Ghandruk.. and ofcouse Mt Everest trek to Namche village….

Cute star

Jan 30th, 2011

Ive been to non a them!
u should add Niagara falls Canada! ITS A FEAST FOR THE EYES

Ebzy Bee

Feb 10th, 2011

i think that it is a good thing to visit the most beautiful places in the world before yuo die, making the most out of life, so many places are talked about and not all of them are capitals. great chance to see the world tho, but first check out your own backyard, there actually may be astounding places right there, but ya just didnt look hard enough :)


Feb 14th, 2011

Yo ppl tis thing is sooo cool


Feb 21st, 2011

I find it funny that everyone is bashing the United States. We have sights to see. Yes, everything about the world is gold and new. But, still, Washington D.C. has lots of history. New York City is a fun atmosphere. It’s not up to you people where someone should go and be, it’s up to that person. We are ALL different, and we ALL have different taste. I’d rather go to New York City than Israel, but that’s just me. I’m open to different places. But, do not sit here and say that the USA is a sightless place, because your arrogance is showing through and through.
Nothing Gold Can Stay- Robert Frost.
I live in Michigan, and I make a point to go to Oscoda, MI and Traverse City, MI
Because, it’s different.
But, not everyone likes it.
Oh well, they can go wherever they want.


Feb 23rd, 2011

Wat abt Paris?? it is a Gr8 place.. i have never been there but still it is an awesome place.. the whole FRANCE is awesome..Je t’aime beacoup mon Paris..!.


Mar 25th, 2011

i already went to all those places..thanx to google earth..:D

Lucy Loo Taylor

Dec 20th, 2011

good, you could have done better by actually putting in 10 places not 6!! anyway it was good. i give it a 7.5/10

100 Places to Visit

Jan 27th, 2012

Great list thanks for sharing these, nice to see some different places that are not on our list.


Apr 16th, 2012

very nice


Apr 17th, 2012

Why isn\’t Kamchatka Peninsular on that list? One of the most beautiful unblemished places on the earth…


May 15th, 2012

this is the worst web site EVER that i have been on in my life!!!!!


Sep 29th, 2012

Was a good list but is very hard to list only few. I have seen 5 of them but have seen soooo many more. I have been to all 50 U.S.States and 40 Country. I learnd that every little town has something to brag about. Other countries are nice but Traver the United States first.

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