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Charlotte Airport :Winter Weather in South Causing Travel Problems

by chrisket on 26/12/10 at 12:15 pm

Charlotte Airport.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport authorities say they’re cooperating with a federal investigation into the possibility that a teenager stowed away in the wheel-well of a flight bound for Boston last month.

WFAE’s Julie Rose reports Charlotte Airport director Jerry Orr is saying little else about his response to the investigation.

Airport director Jerry Orr explains that until now, the focus has been in Massachusetts.

Winter weather in the Southeast could mean some big problems for people planning on traveling today.

9 of 10 Delta flights in and out of Augusta Regional Airport have been cancelled. Another 300 Delta flights in and out of Atlanta have been cancelled.

US Airways expects to cancel a number of flights from their Charlotte hub to the Northeast. They have not cancelled any of their Augusta flights.

Yesterday, Charlotte airport officials confirmed they had been invited to help TSA with the investigation. Tisdale’s body was found where planes lower their landing gear as they approach Boston’s airport.

Keating says similar grease was found on Tisdale’s clothes.

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Cannon has asked Charlotte airport authorities to determine if extra measures or heightened security need to be put in place.

This evening, the Tampa International Airport website showed seven arrivals were cancelled, many from major travel hub Atlanta. A smaller number of departures were cancelled, also to Atlanta as well as Raleigh. About 20 flights between Atlanta and Tampa were cancelled today.

Delta Air Lines spokesman Kent Landers said 500 weather-related flight cancellations were planned for today nationwide. Warmer temperatures will return Tuesday.

Travelers can find information on the status of their flights at under “flight info” of Tampa International Airport’s website or they can call or check with their airlines.

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