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All The Signs Say You’re Crazy – Unusual Signs of The World

by CHAN LEE PENG on 25/12/07 at 9:52 am

Signs are usually there to assist you in life, helping you find your way. And then there are these signs…

There are two types of common signs. The first sign is a warning sign, used to warn vehicles, pedestrians, or to pay attention to dangerous locations. The other signs are directional signs, usually used to provide vehicles and pedestrians with directional assistance. Usually…

Many of the so-called “caution signs” are often portrayed as universally recognized logos or drawings. These signs point out a specific area of caution, and try to draw attention to it’s warning, although these signs can often be amusing, funny, and sometimes, just downright strange. In any case, proceed with caution.

Be careful of strong winds, they may blow you away – in a grocery cart..

In the case of an outbreak of fire, run quickly with a fire extinguisher in your hand.

Does this street really lead to downtown Mongolia?

Please keep your elephant outside, no elephants allowed in the store please.

No fun and entertainment allowed here!

If you drop a hat on the station platform, please find a stationmaster. He will use an amazing grabbing tool to get it back for you.

Will Jesus be appearing personally at the January sale?

You can run, but you will never hide from us. We know where you live.

Maybe you are looking for a store that sells only bread, eggs, cigarettes and soaps?

Get on the bandwagon, you and 8 million mosquitoes.

The “hardware” performs well, but only without windows.

Do you love the one called PORK?

This store either has a child bear, or they have cold beer. Which one?.

Check out the Japanese Auto Rock!.

Please do not let your dog poop on the red line!

The grass is sleeping, please do not step on it.

Would you even want to be a Gamma in the Land of Lamas?

Do not leave cigarette puff on the floor as they may burn the hands and knees of the customers.Mmm, leaving on your hands and knees are you?

He aims, she aims, but just hit the target please!

Please remove your arms BEFORE entering the building!

Maybe not the best place to study English…”

Finally, a logical sign that makes sense.

Attention, this location does not allow you to have sexual contact with goats.

If you encounter a bear, don’t be a tough guy, bears don’t box.

If you see a jumping baby, don’t try to catch it.

Smoking is no problem here, but passing gas is strictly forbidden!

Not a lot of choice here…

An excellent place to wear your sandals, but no sexy underwear allowed here!

Either there are a chocolate ice cream cones available, or there is one of the massive looking piles of poop up ahead that you may have ever seen. Please watch out!

Park your vehicle with all wheels firmly on the ground, no hovering allowed here.

Dear crossing, it has been a long time…

Be alert that drunken people will be seen crawling in this area, pay them no mind.

Houghton is approximately 2 km past the edge of the world, follow the signs carefully.”

This is a tricky one, please pass with care.

Traffic lights never turn green here. Would you like a cup of coffee while you wait?

Is this a one way road in both directions or is it a two-way road in one direction?

Please pay attention and read the fine print on this sign. Violators will be prosecuted!.

I think that this sidewalk isn’t quite sure what it wants to be.

Is a Coca-Cola really being sold in fashionable Indian made pottery jars, or is that just a locally available version??

I know what you are thinking, but please don’t play with those.

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Liked it

Judy Sheldon-Walker

Dec 25th, 2007

Chan, you have outdone yourself. I haven’t laughed this hard in a very long time. These signs boggle the mind.

Thank you,
Your honorary sister,


Dec 25th, 2007

Thank you Judy for your encouragement.

To commenter #3

Dec 27th, 2007

These signs came from various parts of the world, many are not in “English”, and as the writer states many are unusual and strange, just like your comment is strange, and mean spirited. You should confine your comments to things pertinent to the article. How many languages are you fluent in?


Dec 28th, 2007

Wow the people that made these signs are really stupid

Jared Stenzel

Dec 28th, 2007

Some of the craziest signs I’ve ever seen. Great work and dedication to the subject.


Dec 31st, 2007

Awesome post, a lot of amazing things to see in this world!

By the way, I think “magnolia” is a kind of flower.

Keep it up …

Ms. McConaghie

Jan 1st, 2008

All signs point to a job well done.


Jan 1st, 2008

some were hilarious, but others were not funny at all.

Judy Sheldon-Walker

Jan 1st, 2008

I had to come back and visit again. I love this article.

b. radley

Jan 1st, 2008

very funny and entertaining!! Thanks.

Jason Lusk

Jan 2nd, 2008

I needed a good laugh. Thanks!

Anne Lyken-Garner

Jan 2nd, 2008

Good job, and funny too.

And as number 4 pointed out, a lot of these signs were written by speakers of foreign languages, hence the mix-up. I’d probably make a stupid mistake if I tried writing ‘chilled beer’ in another language.

J. Nelson

Jan 2nd, 2008

Good collection, but many of these are reposts from around the web. A good third have been altered and most of the alterations just kind of make them a little foolish. I can understand a light chuckle, but where is the hilarity in this post? posts and emails with these signs circle the globe and when they come back somebody gets excited and says “yay!! ironic signs!! yay!!”… And even the really funny signs are masked by silly little captions that don’t really add anything. And this is a hot Triond article? Really? Are you getting commission for this? Sorry for the rant… its just that it seems so sad that this massive internet consists of more and more recycled trash every single day and nobody is saddened. Libraries and the postal service had a good long run before their respective totes became littered with the wastes and disposable thoughts of Everyman, but we take joy in clogging up what will someday be our main source for everything… information and learning, news, social interaction, music and entertainment, maybe even the replacement for paper money! It’s not a national thing because the world over people of every race and creed stare at YouTube for hours watching cats fall off walls. Those people also send every forward they recieve to their entire address book and laugh heartily when they see the same “Men have a higher speed limit than women” sign for the seven hundredth time. This article has brought down my faith in the human race and the online community as a whole… please try harder folks!! For all our sakes!!


Jan 2nd, 2008

that bread refers to some kind of bread on package, bread milked that here we called it “lactal”
from argentina


Jan 3rd, 2008

Very nice! I like articles like this one, when theres many pictures and you can laugh.

Wow Bad

Jan 3rd, 2008

Just because you delete my comment doesnt mean you didnt miss the joke. The BMW sign is a shot at microsoft, clever fellow.


Jan 3rd, 2008

Hilarious! I really liked all those signs. Although I’m pretty sure the 3rd one is supposed to be “Path of the magnolias” or “Magnolia Path” Magnolia being a flower, so that makes sense. The rest were all really funny though. Thanks for the laugh!


Jan 4th, 2008

Great article! I especially liked the one with the 4 road signs showing that you couldn’t go forward, backward, left or right.

to commenter 18

Jan 5th, 2008

It’s sad that some people have to stoop to name calling. With a name like davebanana, you would think the commenter would have a modicum of tolerance.


Jan 5th, 2008

Chang, i like the pictures but i don’t like a lot of the comments. If you can’t think of something clever (and that’s fine) then it’s probably better to just leave the comment off.

oniovo lee

Jan 7th, 2008

very entertaining, keep it up


Jan 9th, 2008

Pretty funny.

There are a lot of odd safety signs you can find in various places too. I like the graphic warning signs on a cardboard crusher that shows what can happen to your hand if used wrong. Like you don’t already know.

connor & jowan

Jan 11th, 2008

ur all goons wtf

Bill M. Tracer

Jan 16th, 2008

Funny stuff.


Aug 26th, 2008

Amazing article, only one thing, the “magnolia” is a flower, so the “magnolio” has to be the male of the flower (if that makes any sense -not to me, for sure-)
The one that I liked the most is the one with for signs of prohibition of taking a road, not to North, not to South, not to East and of course, not To West, people around there need wings, hehe.
Nice job, my applauses, Chan Lee, oh, let me ask you, how many languages do you speak?
I speak English, Spanish and Italian, but you seems to speak many more than that.
My compliments and applauses


Sep 13th, 2008

some of these were really funny…but some of them..not so much. alot of people are really overreacting to this post though. just chill, everyone. it was made for laughs. if you dont like it…then ignore it. some of these “rants” are ridiculous!


Nov 4th, 2008

we’re not that dumb… these could do w/o the explanations


Jan 12th, 2010

What is it with you people and correcting the person’s humor… >:(


Jan 12th, 2010

Harsh words J.Nelson. Bring everyone down, why dontcha? Geez, if people think something is funny, then you can’t say something like that, just leave it. A teacher once told me,”If you can’t think of something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” >:^(

deep blue

Apr 6th, 2010

Excellent and hilarious read my friend.


Jan 5th, 2011

Some nice signs, but most of the additional commentary sucks. Author, please consider: A joke stops being a joke as soon as you retell it immediately or start to explain them.

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