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Be a Gypsy

by fifileigh on 25/08/10 at 2:56 am

Travel and live carefree, like a gypsy, and see what you encounter in your path and adventure.

Travel like a gypsy to a desert destination, whether by a car, train, bus, van, or camper.  Create the mood for a faraway and exotic desert, although you might be traveling to a local destination, or even to a local beach. You might even decide to turn your own backyard into a desert theme. Take your own canopy tent with plenty of blankets, antique rugs, pillows, and a low table to eat on. Bring along some plates, bowls, and cups, but utensils will not be needed because gypsies tend to eat with their hands. Use vases and pottery with mosaic tile designs for beverages as well as the plates, bowls and cups should also have some colorful and decorative tile design.

   Pack your belongings in lots of baskets, backpacks and wicker tote bags as well as a chest. Bring along a pouf seat, hookah, antique and exotic coffee pot, gold tray, brass lamp, glass lamp, lantern, walk-in tent, and lots of baubles and antique-looking jewelry.

   When grocery shopping, pick certain food, such as dates, Turkish coffee, kiwis, beet salad, briouats, sweet rolls, crepes, mussels, cherries, biscuits, fried potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

   While at your location, find your oasis, whether a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, river, lake, ocean, a sad puddle or a mirage. Make the most of your situation by enjoying your surroundings. Note the peaceful and still sandy area, where palm trees, cactus, shrubs, climber plants, pebbles, and huge rock structures surround you. Look for ruins, pillars, fountains with mosaic tile design, and cultural landmarks. If there are camels, donkeys, and/or mules in the area, take a caravan tour to further explore the area. Scavenge through the land to see what kind of souvenirs you can find along the way.

  For nighttime entertainment, bring some books and DVD about Aladdin, genie, sultan, Ali Baba and his thieves, scorpions, belly dancing, and fortune telling. Such movies and DVD should have lots of swords, daggers, Middle Eastern music, and jewels and gold. Enjoy lying by a bonfire at night, watching the fire slowly die out until you slowly fall asleep.

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