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Corpus Christi Festival

by tonyleather on 14/07/11 at 9:28 am

The magical festival at the end of June/Start of July, that makes the hearts of Canary Islanders sing.


La Otorava, the Spanish town inTenerife that annually celebrates the Corpus Christi Festival, by lining the streets with carpets, all designed on themes, and created with, utmost care of flower petals, placed carefully onto volcanic sand, which is colored.


Among the most fragrant of art displays to be found anywhere on earth, this annual feast draws many thousands of visitors, global travelers from all countries, keen to witness the newest creations of the amazingly skilled alfombras – translates as carpet makers.


Canary islanders have celebrated Corpus Christi for the last three centuries, though the original creator of the flower carpet,Leonor de Castillo Monteverde, decided in 1847  to decorate the roadway before her house with flower petals that procession members could walk.


Only  13ft square in size, the decoration made a massive impact, in time becoming traditional, and in fact only failing to appear twice, in 1891 and 1897, in the 164 years since that first appearance, the practice having sprung from the foothills of Mount Teide.


These days the artistry involved becomes ever more spectacular each year, local families and design companies drawing ,on the big day, the outlines fo reach great work on the streets, women filling the drawn outlines with flower petals of various sorts

The whole town joins in with this beautiful celebration, the most impressive carpet always being that created for the central Plaza del Ayuntamiento, three biblical scenes represented, this momentous creation composed entirely of colored volcanic sand, 912 square meters in area, scenes depicted never repeated in years that follow


Celebrations this year were held June 30th, La Otorava  flower and sand carpets having become so popular these days that the best of the alfombras travel the world, demonstrating their unique skills, and giving all who see them enormous pleasure


All images used with permission


Liked it


Jul 14th, 2011

Now THAT’s what I call art!

Meg Smith

Jul 15th, 2011

Beautiful flower-petal art…

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