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Eight of The World’s Smallest Places to be Visited

by valli on 12/09/09 at 4:50 am

It is pretty fascinating to know about the world’s smallest places. Come on; let us take a tour of some of the world’s smallest places to be visited.

Smallest Movie theatre

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Can you imagine the size of the world’s smallest movie theatre? It is Cinema dei Piccoli that is located in Italy. The size of theatre is equal to the size of an apartment with 770 sq ft as compared to the average size of movie theatres of United States of around 5,000 sq ft.   

Smallest Police Station

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World’s smallest police station is in Carrabelle, Florida.  It is one small phone booth used as police station where people in need call this phone booth for police who park next to this phone booth. 

Smallest Church

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World’s smallest church is Missionary Independent Church in California with 28.44 sq ft. Anyone can visit this church during 9 am to 5 pm for prayer every day.

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Another church that claims to be the smallest is Cross Island Chapel in Oneida, New York located in the center of a pond of the northern edge that was built in 1989 measuring 28.68 sq ft. It opens occasionally and is reachable only by boat. It can only accommodate a bride, groom and the minister while the rest of attendants for the wedding party have to wait outside in boats.

Smallest Hotel “Room”

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The rooms in the smallest hotel are big pipes with a bed and a shelf in them. It is named Das Park Hotel and is located in Germany. Guests can pay them whatever they want for staying at the hotel.

Smallest Museum

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World’s smallest museum is located in Superior, Arizona that measures 134 sq ft in total with the displaying space of 80 sq ft only. It displays artifacts of ordinary life like coffee mugs, a variety of keepsakes and Native- American jewelry to pay tribute to the life of common man.

Smallest Brewery

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Bragdy Gwynant Brewery in Wales measures less than 5 sq ft and can host only one customer. It was an outside toilet once, but now it became world’s smallest brewery. It produces nine gallons of ale for every 14 days.

Smallest Post Office

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Smallest post office is located in Ochopee, U.S. with the building measuring 7×8 feet that can serve one customer comfortably and two with difficulty.  Though it is small in size it offers all the services found at any U.S. Post office. Actually this was arranged as a temporary post office in an irrigation pipe shed on a tomato farm when it was destroyed in a fire accident in 1953 by the post master. But later it became permanent.

Smallest School

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World’s smallest school recognized by UNESCO is in Kalou, a tiny village of 34 people in Iran with four students and a teacher. It is an elementary school.

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Another elementary school in China has just a student and a teacher which had 400 students once and due to the migration of people the City Education Bureau decided to shut down the school after the graduation of the last student. All the new students were registered with another school nearby but a poor student who could not afford the fees remained in the school.

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Nikita K

Sep 12th, 2009

Haha, some nice choices and a brilliant article. Very well researched and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the smallest museum is my thing!


Sep 12th, 2009

Haha..these are really small..just like one small room that can only fit one person..well done, my friend! A good tour here, thanks and have my liked it.

BC Doan

Sep 12th, 2009

Those are really small spaces..The police station is a real hit with me..Great article, Valli!

Yovita Siswati

Sep 12th, 2009

Unique places. great article !


Sep 12th, 2009

How cute is this! Very unique and creative. Next time I am in Italy, I will visit the Piccoli museum.

Mr Ghaz

Sep 12th, 2009

Excellent post!!! well done!..this was creative, unique and very educational piece..Highly informative as always….I lIKED it!..Thanks for sharing this cool stuff..Cheers


Sep 12th, 2009

lol the school in Iran is funny


Sep 12th, 2009

such great information in your post. you have my like.


Sep 12th, 2009

I mean really!! who would have a pint at a remodeled out-house !! I guess he did clean it up ?


Sep 12th, 2009

That would be the coolest thing ever. I am going to stumble this. This was truly amazing.


Sep 12th, 2009

I like the ’smallest Police Station’ it is like the old 1929 Mackenzie Trench callboxes, -the “DOCTOR WHO” style of police box where police would actually sit inside and do paperwork, man the telephone and etc.



Sep 12th, 2009

That is AWESOME :) I’d love to get married in the small church in the water… that’d be kind of romantic…except… it would suck if you fell in :) Nice article!

ahmad joko setyawan

Sep 12th, 2009

Very interesting,well presented article!I couldn\’t help but giggle over a few of these.I have to say that the one is wales was very very small!! Great work Valli!

Zach Zilter

Sep 13th, 2009

i like the smallest school. LOLz


Sep 13th, 2009

I’m keen to go to that hotel in Germany!


Chris Marlowe II

Sep 13th, 2009

Small is Beautiful!

nobert soloria bermosa

Sep 13th, 2009

nice list hahaha

Anne Lyken Garner

Sep 13th, 2009

I enjoyed this. I feel sorry for that one student. Poor guy.


Sep 13th, 2009

Thanks everybody for encouraging me with nice comments.

Ruby Hawk

Sep 14th, 2009

Wow, those are small places. interesting places to visit.

K Kristie

Sep 24th, 2009

What an enjoyable article. I want to visit the smallest church.

Louie Jerome

Sep 28th, 2009

Excellent and very original article. It is good to read something different.


Jul 22nd, 2010

Those were so small, as though they are there for “smaller size people” . :-) liked it.


Jan 7th, 2011

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