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How I Contribute to My Community Using Modest Local Businesses to Assist with My Electrical Services

by Jones Brothers on 04/03/12 at 1:39 pm

Being an elderly man I am very careful about who I welcome into my house to attend to my household services. When you get to my age it appears that people who come in to your house are attempting to pull a fast one and you get told many scary stories from neighbors about their friends being pushed into paying extortionate rates for electrical services.

On a Sunday night in November I was left in the pitch black dark, alone and scared, I didn’t know what to do and couldn’t reach the fuse board because I have recently had a hip replacement. I phoned my friend, Frank, who recommended an electrician, local to Poole, who does unplanned call outs even on a Sunday Evening. I was quite nervous but made the decision to phone him, whilst on the phone he made me aware that he was fully qualified and would be at my house in a quarter of an hour. When he got to my house I was relieved with how professional he was and how relaxed he made me feel, I believe he billed me correctly for the amount of time it took him to work out what was wrong with my fuse board. 

The fault was simple to repair but a temporary fix so the electrician informed me that he would be round on the Monday lunchtime to repair my faulty MCB. I could not have asked for a more professional and warm service and this young man entirely altered my opinion about letting strangers come into my home. He returned on time, like he said, on the Monday and had repaired my fault and drunk a mug of coffee within an hour. This was fantastic because I know that large electrical companies like to drag out the time it takes to repair a problem by not having correct parts and coming back and forward which wastes our time and money. 

When my daughter and her husband made the decision to extend their home with an extension and a loft conversion, my electrician gave them a free non committal quote to carry out all of the electric work, he charged them a very competitive hourly rate which, compared to other larger and national electrical businesses was a really good price. As a family we like the fact that we are able to help small local companies and contribute to our local community which is so important in the current financial state of the UK. 

It is of the upper most importance to have someone in your life who you can look to when in need so I have told all of my friends, family and neighbours about this particular electrical company because I feel that they are amazing value for money and give their customers a fantastic experience. This company has made an old man very happy and I hope they will continue to do so for other elderly people for a very long time.

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