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15 Strange Items to Pack for a Cruise

by Taffy on 02/04/09 at 3:16 am

15 odd items you’ll be glad you packed!

You’ve packed the normal items for cruise: clothes, foot wear, toiletries and camera.  What else could you possibly need? 

Here are 15 odd items you will be glad you packed:

Over-the-door shoe holder/travel cosmetic case: Cruise ship bathrooms are notoriously small.  There is a very small area for your toiletries.  A small over the door shoe holder gives much needed space!  I have a cosmetic case with a hook that my toiletries and jewelry fits in and I can hang it anywhere.

Flashlight: If you have an interior room you won’t be able to see your hand in front of your face when the lights are off!  A small flashlight will help you maneuver in the dark.

Highlighter: Everyday a 3-4 page ‘compass’ or daily activity list will find its way to your room.  There are a lot of activities and classes to choose from daily! Highlighting what you want to will help you to see at a glance what you want to do.  Two colors is good too if your partner wants to do something different.

Twine: If you are going somewhere humid on your cruise, your swimsuit may never dry.  Take more than one swimsuit and take extra twine to hang in the bathroom. That way you have more room to dry your swimsuit.  Twine is also useful for tying loose bags/clothes/souvenirs more securely.

Extension cord OR power strip: Outlets are very limited in cruise ship rooms.  If you are like any passenger you will have many electronics to plug in. A power strip helps alleviate the problem.  And outlets aren’t always in a convenient place.  An extension cord will extend your outlets.

Duct tape: How many uses does duct tape have?? If your suitcase breaks, you can duck tape it together until you get home.  If you room is a balcony and the sun wakes you too early through your curtains, you can duck tape them shut.  What about your noisy next door neighbor??

Downy Wrinkle Release: Excellent for wrinkles!  Unfortunately, won’t iron the clothes for you, but will help get out wrinkles.  Unpack as soon as you can, hang up your clothes, spray them with the wrinkle release, then forget them for a few hours.  The wrinkles will be greatly diminished!

Various sizes of baggies:Great for packing wet suits, souvenirs, snacks and treats, sea shells etc

Business Cards: You will meet many new people on your cruise and a few may become life long friends!  A business card is a quick way to stay in touch. If you don’t have a business card, just print a sheet of your email address and cut them out.

Backpack with water bladder: We packed a backpack for the shore excursions.  It was a great way to take water, snacks, cameras and swim suits/or a change of clothes if we needed.

Air freshener: Ok. Sometimes the rooms or bathroom don’t smell great. We pack our favorite Renuzit scent.  We don’t have to plug it in and by the end of the trip we can just throw it away.

Pop-up laundry bag: Pop-up laundry bags pack easily in the bottom of a suitcase, can stand in a corner or in the closet and gets your laundry out of the way.

Tide bleach pen: I always seem to wear my food.  Tide bleach pen is good for whites.

Clock: You can not tell what time it is if you are in a pitch black room.  If you want to assure you get up in time for your shore excursions you might want to bring a small alarm clock.  Or set your phone alarm.

Bottled water: We packed bottled water to put in the room refrigerator.  We filled the bladder in the backpack with the water.  After the water was gone, we had room for souvenirs on the way home.

ALL of these tips and ideas are just that: tips and ideas.  You don’t not have to pack all of these items! Pack what works for you!

And have fun!!

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Tiffany J L Alfonso

May 21st, 2010

I agree with the alarm clock part – Muetti always brings her cell to the cabins as one to wake up to, not to call!

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