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7 Famous Palaces To Visit (+1 You Wish You Could)

by CHAN LEE PENG on 09/04/08 at 6:57 am

If you’re looking for the creme de la creme of vacation spots, a palace is right up your alley.

From London to Istanbul, Moscow to Paris, discover a dream trip to one of these royal locales.

GuGong, China

  • Airfare from New York (JFK) – $1,497; from Los Angeles (LAX) – $1,356; from London (LHR) – $1,071
  • Nearest Hotel: Shangri-la China World Hotel; Cost per night (avg.) – $314

Imperial Palace or GuGong (Forbidden City, Zijincheng) in China was a Royal Administrative site for royal use and public access during the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Chinese history. It was recorded that the third emperor of dynasty Ming built this palace before he successfully took over the politic and crowned himself emperor. There have been a total of 24 emperors of Ming and Qing who dwelt in this palace. The palace has 9,000 rooms to accommodate imperial families, administrators, eunuchs, maids and soldiers. It has also served as a major location for discussing internal administrative affairs. Now, this palace has been turned into a national museum for tourists to visit and preserves many classical Chinese architectural structures of imperial splendor.

Located in the heart of Beijing, it has easy access to Tiananmen Square while the city of Wangfujing is located to the east. In 1961, this ancient palace was approved by the State Council as the National Palace Museum displaying protected heritages. By 1987, the palace was listed by UNESCO as a “World Heritage”, reflecting the cultural dimension of historical value which has gained international recognition.

The White House, United States of America

  • Airfare from New York (JFK) – $136; from Los Angeles (LAX) – $226; from London (LHR) – $684
  • Nearest Hotel: The Captial Hilton; Cost per night (avg.) – $399

The White House is one of the more well known symbols of America and is obviously home to the president of the United States and his family. This “palace” is a two-story building and is located in Washington, DC. It was initially established in 1792 and officially became the US President’s official residence in 1800. President Roosevelt first used the phrase “White House” in 1902, referring the to white color of the Presidential residence.

Buckingham Palace, England

Liked it

Judy Sheldon

Apr 9th, 2008

You’d have to save a lot of pennies to visit one of these. lol Your article is brilliantly written, and I love your pictures. Thank you for sharing.


Apr 9th, 2008

Nice places and beautiful pictures.


Apr 10th, 2008

Wow! Thanks for the lovely pics and the travel info made it a real travel article. Good work.

Anne Lyken-Garner

Apr 10th, 2008

I’ve only been to three of them, but would really love to visit China. There is so much to see there and such a different culture to experience.

Lucy Lockett

Apr 11th, 2008

One day…thanks Chan…

Rask Balavoine

Apr 11th, 2008

When I win the lottery ….. good photos Chan. Do you need someone to carry your bags on your next trip?

nobert soloria bermosa

Apr 11th, 2008

make it two Chan so i could come, so do I, when i win the lottery i will certainly visit all these beautiful places, i’ll include in my visit the Great Wall of China,Great Pyramid of Giza, Burubudor,Angkor Wat, Dome of the Rock,Shwedagon,Taj Mahal and then i’ll include in my travel the Ayers rock,Stonehenge,Easter island, then i’ll relax in the Caribbean,and have a week or two in the beautiful tropic islands of the Pacific..
thanks Chan you,ve made me wander…thanks again for the trip


Apr 16th, 2008

Beautiful places, but I too, must win the lottery…

Ori Sonata

Apr 3rd, 2009

I have visited Gu Gong already. It is very vast. You need not only money but also stamina to visit these vast places.


Apr 16th, 2009

I have been to 3 of these places. The Forbidden City, Potala Palace, and Bukingham. The Forbidden City was astounding. There were so many Chinese tourist though. I suggest you get a good guide and go off of the main route to avoid the crowds. You need a guide because if you get lost you will probably never find your way out it is that complex of a complex. The guides warned about this many times.

The Potala was great too, but sad because it is The Dali Llamas house really and on the third floor is a gift shop. No wonder he doesn’t really want to return. Lots of Buddha statues though so be prepared for a Buddha overload.

Bukingham palace was just pure European extravagance. Lots of art and all that but it really is just a product of TONS of money. Very beautiful.


Jul 28th, 2009

This palaces are very beautiful, they had made a country proud.


Mar 4th, 2010

I think you should have mentioned some Indian palaces,those are luxuorious.


Aug 27th, 2010

i think you forgot \”chateau de versailles\”, a great palace placed in france.


Jan 8th, 2011

i advocated these nice place as a benifits to their states


Jan 8th, 2011

Nice places for the visitors


Oct 30th, 2011

wat about mysore palace

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