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Photos: Unique Women’s Hats at Royal Ascot Uk

by Haff Zach Arts on 23/06/12 at 11:04 pm

For the English nobility or sophisticated, a hat is an accessory must complement the appearance. In the State Queen Elizabeth’s, women often wear a hat in a variety of events ranging from weddings to horse races.

A woman attending the first day of Royal Ascot mat in Ascot,Berkshire, southwest London, England.

Different from other countries, England cap has a unique designand its own characteristics. In fact, it rarely forms a little unusual for the design of a hat.

Just look at the hats worn by the guests who attended the annual Royal Ascot horse race in Berkshire, west London, England, 19-23 June 2012. In the event that was attended by about 300 thousand people, the guests seemed to be wearing women’s hats with unique designs.

A woman named Rebecca Johnson and Trudy Mylum for example, wearing a cap decorated with bottles of champagne and glasses.

Meanwhile, Belinda Strudwick appear confident with peacock-style hat.

In addition to Strudwick, a number of other female guests also can not miss show off theirhats at the event. Curious? Peep the photos at this link.

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