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Railway Station Designs: Doing It With Style

by Louie Jerome on 18/12/07 at 10:37 am

Railway stations all over the world are monuments to architectural design and style. Man-made landmarks can be very beautiful. There are some fabulous buildings out there that hardly ever get noticed.

Railway stations throughout the world have been used by their builders to show off many different styles of construction. A quick browse through these styles is as good as a basic introduction to classical architecture.

Station buildings range from the Baroque style in the unlikely setting of Hsinchu Station in Taiwan, to the Corinthian pillars of Gare De Nord, Paris and the Gothic revival architecture of Bombay. Each of these buildings is a work of art in itself.

Here a few more unusual architectural styles applied to railway stations:

Tangjong Pagar Railway Station, Singapore

This very old railways station has the honor of being considered one of the best places in Singapore for Malaysian food, especially satay. People come here to eat as well as to travel. The building was completed in 1932 and it has a fine domed roof. There is Malaysian artwork on the panelling around the inside.

Helsinki Central Station, Finland

There are nineteen platform inside this station which is faced with granite give a cold, hard kind of look to it. The statues outside have recently been featured in an animation to promote rail travel in Finland. The original station was built in 1860 and it was redesigned in 1909 as can be seen in the almost art nouveau design of the central curved section.

Napoli-Afragola Railway Station, Naples, Italy

This new high speed station is a bridge above the tracks. It is a massive transport interchange that acts as a gateway to Naples and a major city landmark which provides a train station for high speed and regional services, bus, taxi and car parking facilities. There are retail facilities here as well as police and fire stations and the whole structure covers around 20,000 square meters. This fabulous, ultra modern construction was designed by Patrick Schumacher and Zaha Hadid Architects.

Gare de Nord Railway Station, Paris, France

Inside this fantastic building are a series of Corinthian columns made of cast iron. These support a thirty eight metre high glass roof . There are nine statues in the station which represent nine important places that can be reached from the station. The architecture here is a real mixture of styles and the grace and elegance of the original curved roof has been spoiled by alterations made in the 1930’s.

Hualampong Station, Bangkok, Thailand

Click Here for a Panoramic Photo!

This railway station was built fourteen years after railways were first introduced to Thailand. It was finished in 1916 and had taken 7 years to build. It was modernized in 1998 and is now extremely busy with twenty four ticket windows and a computerized booking system. The original architecture has been preserved well in spite of the modernization.

Here are some more railway stations that combine the best in good taste and aesthetic functionability:

Paddington Cathedral

Todays more visited cathedrals in the UK are the railway terminii. Squeaky clean with an almost a religious fanaticism these are a melting pot of people from around the world.


Haydarpasa Terminal

The first station there was built in 1872 when the railroad was opened to Gebze.


Docklands Light Railway (Wall of Light)

One of the first light rail systems in Britain, with one of the world’s safest and most advanced automatic train control systems, DLR has expanded faster than any UK railway.


Almere Centrum, The Netherlands

The railway station Almere Centrum was built in 1987, when Almere was connected to the Dutch railway system.


Ano Lechonia

Ano Lechonia is another of the villages where de Chirico built railway stations.


Light Of A West Civilization

Main Railway Station, Berlin, Germany.


South Wimbledon

The London Underground was the first underground railway in the world.


Gare de Lyon

Wonderful contrast of architectural order and human chaos.


Milan Train Station at Midnight

Impressive station!




Tokyo: Ochanomizu

The train tracks are crossing on three different levels.


Foggy Bottom: GWU

The elevators at the George Washington University station.



Subway station “Candidplatz” in Munich, Germany.


Ladvi metro station, Prague

Dynamic, futuristic, and sheer artistry.


Gare Désafectée Railway Station

Some railway stations still have a ways to go…


Amazing Railway Station Design

This incredible piece of team work helped these designers win 2nd prize for their design.

You see, waiting in a train station is not so bad after all!

Liked it

Lucy Lockett

Dec 18th, 2007

That was a pleasant excursion!


Dec 18th, 2007

WOW!!!!! I keep saying that I`d liked to have taken the Orient Express, but maybe just sitting in one of these would be more than this poor old country girl could handle…lol
Great article!


Dec 19th, 2007

Just a beautiful ride for my mind!

Judy Sheldon-Walker

Dec 19th, 2007

I agree with Icy. I just took a beautiful visual trip. Thank you. I kept looking for Grand Central Station. I used to find that to be a fascinating station, when I lived in New York, but you have captured some true works of art and creativity. You would have had to write a book to get all of them – that’s an idea. lol

Lisa W.

Dec 20th, 2007

Those are escalators at GWU-Foggy Bottom, not elevators. Beautiful shot, though.

Alan K.

Dec 21st, 2007

A very poor article which omits three of the very best in station design–New York’s Grand Central Terminal (not Station), Washington DC’s Union Station, and Los Angeles Union Station. Leaving out those three magnificent buildings while including some dilapidated shack in the middle of nowhere is inexcusable.

louie jerome

Dec 22nd, 2007

Thanks for the comments everyone.

#6 Alan: The article doesn’t claim to be comprehensive and perhaps you should take a more global view. The stations you mention are all in US. I’m sorry if the humour of the ’shack’ went over your head!


Jan 24th, 2008

louie, is the US not part of the globe? just because alan suggests a few stations in the US doesnt mean he wants there to be none from other countries in the world. there are none from the US on this list at all…probably why his choices were all from the US. Grand Central is a gorgeous building. just cuz u hate our president (as I do) doesnt mean you have to hate our whole country


Jan 24th, 2008

oh and sorry, this is a fantastic post. really beautiful pics

louie jerome

Jan 24th, 2008

Errrr…correct me if I’m wrong Rob but Foggy Bottom GWU is in US, isn’t it????

Rask Balavoine

Apr 10th, 2008

Thanks for reminding us wonderful it is to arrive in a city by train.

willi moha

Jan 29th, 2010

what amaizing railway station zaha Hadid…hope that i will work with u..:)


Jun 23rd, 2010

thanks for very nice railway station .i like to view for all and all time.

ali from iran

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