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How to Rodent-Proof an RV Trailer Like a Pro

by James Osborne on 06/03/09 at 3:17 am

Trailers and motor homes sit unattended for long periods when not in use. They become inviting targets for mice, and sometimes even rats and pack-rats. Here’s how to secure RVs against invasions by unwanted critters.

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Occasionally rodents will get into RVs and hide when doors are left open. But mostly, rodents work their way in through holes made to accommodate water, sewer and propane pipes and power lines.

Locate Access Points

The first step in rodent-proofing is to locate the most likely places the critters can get in. Start by crawling under the trailer.

The underside of most RVs have a heavy covering designed to protect the sub-floor from damage by mud and gravel while the unit is being transported. It also serves as a protection from rodents. Locate where the water, sewer and gas pipes go through this layer.

Heavy Foil

Next, take some extra heavy aluminum foil.  Most grocery stores carry it. Wrap the foil tightly around each of the pipes in such a way the foil completely wraps the pipe.  Make sure it also flairs out up against the underside covering. Use the foil generously. Make certain it is pushed up tight against the bottom of the RV

Secure each piece of foil with one or two cable ties pulled firmly. To secure the foil around larger sewer pipes, use longer cable ties available at most hardware and home improvement stores, or connect two or more shorter ones together.  The heavy type of foil discourages rodents from clawing it out of their way.

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Careful With Power!

Power access lines can be dealt with the same way but require extreme caution. If uncertain, call a qualified electrician than risk a severe electrical shock.  Aluminum foil is metal and therefore a conductor of electricity.

In most cases, the power line into the RV will go through a plastic fixture or grommet on the side of the unit near the rear.  On most RVs, this will be located in a power line locker.  The grommet or fixture should provide adequate protection against rodent invasion.

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Mar 10th, 2009

Hi Jim
Good for you, we also had mice the came to live with us one spring in the RV – I caught 19 of them and tried everything to get them to scoot! We did plug the holes, but to no avail – and some one told us about plugging with steel wool and laying dryer softener sheets around – volia! No more mice…..
At one point I woke at night and there was one of the little B…… running across my cheek [face] Pretty spooky trying to get back to sleep!!!


Sep 19th, 2012

Try real peppermint liquid on cotton balls in a zip lock bag and put a few small holes in the bags. Place in draws and other mice travel areas in the rig. Works for us. Found this on a RV blog awhile ago.

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