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Take a Treasure Hunting Vacation

by Joseph Malek on 09/02/11 at 3:38 am

If you like to travel you might also like to hunt for treasure.

Believe it or not, it is possible to make money while traveling. One way is to display a tin cup to the public and ask for donations in which to keep you healthy and alive. You will get something, even if that something is less than a dollar a day.


You can also go treasure hunting. However, you must have or purchase the proper tools and/or electronic equipment necessary to find items of value. Those items could be gem stones, watches, rings, coins, fossils, glass bottles, gold, silver, copper and/or iron ore.


Panning for gold is fun to do, especially when gold is more than $1,000.00 per ounce. Then again, you can use a metal detector to find such precious metals. A really good metal detector does cost more than $1,500.00.


How much money do you want to spend in order to make yourself filthy rich? Only you can answer that question, but over time it is quite likely that you will at least recover the cost of your equipment. You can also sell that equipment. That is, if you are not as lucky as you would like to be or the desire to travel to places where you can find such objects of value is no longer possible for you.


The search for treasure is hard work and does require a great deal of time and knowledge. Naturally, you will want to go to those places where your chances of finding something of value are the greatest. Such a place is Alaska, Georgia, Texas, New Mexico, Montana, Colorado and Canada, just to name a few places.


If you did not already know, beaches, parks and other places where tourists visit contain a whole lot of lost or discarded items of value that might be visible or buried just a few inches under the surface. Spanish silver and gold coins are still being found along the West Coast of Florida. Just a few of those coins or other Spanish treasure can be worth more than you earn for a year from the job you have.


Yes, many people do earn a good living from what they find by treasure hunting. Are you a “Rock Hound” or a “Fossil Hunter?”


You do not need a metal detector in which to find fossils and/or gem stones. Jewelry grade gem stones can be cut and polished and sold to others for a reasonable amount of money. Then again, if you find a rare dinosaur fossil that fossil or fossils could be worth several million dollars. Yes, a rare and complete T-Rex skeleton was sold to a major museum for 25 million dollars.


By any standard, that is big money just because such a valuable item was found by a truly lucky person and subsequently sold by the owner. Do you feel lucky and have a desire to travel? The more you know the better off you will be or you can simply have a whole lot of fun.   

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