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The Eight Most Cruel and Controversial World Delicacies

by CHAN LEE PENG on 11/03/08 at 9:44 am

While looking at these bloody delicacies, do you still feel hungry?

Each culture has their own traditional foods that they enjoy, although occasionally, certain foods that appeal to a person in one place, but may not be appealing to someone in another part of the world.

These following foods from the world cuisine are not only peculiar in their ingredients, but they also appear to be very violent in their preparation and inflict great suffering on animals. Some of the following pictures and videos are pretty graphic, and should be approached with caution. They are included to present visual examples of these types of foods, and to show that these kinds of dishes are not rare in the world, but instead exist daily in many cultures.

1. A Monkey’s Brain

The following dish is actually quite a murderous scene, and the ensuing feast can be quite gruesome. A captured monkey is first forcibly pulled to the dining table. The monkey is tightly held with hoops over its hands and legs. One of the diners uses a hammer to knock hard enough to actually create a hole in the live monkey’s head. Its cracked skull opens from its head and the diners use a stick of iron rod to extract the monkey’s brain. The monkey usually screams terribly before dying near the table.

Some of the more aggressive and “hungry” diners may actually use their spoons to scrape through the bloody monkey’s brain, eating in a greedy manner as though they have not eaten in a long time. The diners continue to eat the raw brain completely, often with their fingers and hands covered with smelly blood. Others may prefer to dip the raw brain into a traditional herb soup in order to add to the aroma while eating.

Comment: I personally cannot understand how these people swallow this bloody delicacy with no apparent regret and without nausea. I think that it is unbelievably disgusting to see how they chew hungrily on the bloody brain. While researching this article, I found many videos on this popular custom but I decided that they were just too violently graphic to use, and I decided to spare you the trauma of these painful scenes.

2. A Baby Rodent

This apparent delicacy consists of a newly born rodent, a small selection of seasonal vegetables, and a traditional eating custom. The diner initially uses a special skewer to stab the live rodent. The first “chi” sound is apparently heard as the rodent, who cannot bear the pain of being pierced, squeals as it is impaled on the skewer. As the diner dips the still-live rodent into the boiling oil, the second “chi” sound is said to be heard.

Liked it

Alexa Gates

Mar 11th, 2008

eww gross!


Mar 11th, 2008


Judy Sheldon

Mar 11th, 2008

I second Alexa and Valli’s comments; yuk and eww! They should be prosecuted for cruelty to animals. Lesser crimes have been.


Mar 11th, 2008

what can I add. Yuk and ewwww! and Blah of course.
You can eat anything, but it would be considered decent to kill the said anything before cooking/eating.

Anne Lyken-Garner

Mar 12th, 2008

It is really disturbing that humans can be so cruel. Doing such things to any living creature, puts their humanity into question.

Aweful dishes.

Lucy Lockett

Mar 12th, 2008

That is gross and farming animals to slaughter is not much better!

Dee Huff

Mar 12th, 2008

I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the pictures, let alone watch the videos. Gruesome. Too cruel.

John Maylcom

Mar 12th, 2008

Most of it doesn’t make sense.
The last one is NOT unborn lamb. It’s a traditional iraqui dish: boiled sheep’s head. And do the dried chicken remain alive when they have NO HEART?
This makes no sense at all.


Mar 12th, 2008

For a second I thought I was reading a Cracked.com article because it was so biased and intolerant to everyone else’s culture. Completely ignorant, this isn’t your culture, stay out of it.


Mar 12th, 2008

Neither the pictures nor the videos are bad at all. The rodent video doesn’t even show what the text decribes. They catch it, kill it, and then cook it in a stew. The turtle one just shows a cutup turtle. Poor posting.


Mar 12th, 2008

ive been in china for 3 years now and have eaten donkey many times. As far as I see there is no difference between eating donkey and beef. I have never seen it prepared the way you described it. Some of this is accurate but some is a bit fantastic and unsubstantiated.


Mar 12th, 2008

Don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it! Some of those sound pretty damn good.


Mar 12th, 2008

Broccoli screams when you boil it.


Mar 12th, 2008

For #4 both the story and picture is incorrect; the picture shows a typical Peking duck. The story (which I have not seen or heard it being real) typically describes just the duck “feet”, not the duck “leg”. Imagine, it would be incredibly difficult to cook the entire leg, through the feet, from a frying pan.


Mar 12th, 2008

The monkey and rodent dishes are awful, but for some reason the turtle dish offends me more than anything else.

I would probably get very violent with someone if I knew they participated in this.

Ethan Shuster

Mar 12th, 2008

Uh, this doesn’t seem to be shown as a joke, but is this stuff just made up? I doubt the voracity of this entire article.

John Jimenez

Mar 12th, 2008

This sounds to me like someone putting their morals and values on another’s customs.

If you do not like the way that food is preped, then don’t eat it. Is it a shame that some animals must die violently for us to enjoy them more? Sure. But that is joy of being at the top of the food chain.

And don’t think that humans are the only ones. Kiler whale beat the seals to death playing with their dead bodies before eating them. (YouTube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=XMyiMnQy9d4)

I just think that you holding others’ customs against your morals seems almost worst than what some of these people do to the animals. (You do not see one whale trying to insult another for the way they eat do you? THAT is a strictly human quality)


Mar 12th, 2008

The author is chinese… half the foods he’s ragging on are chinese… I think he’s one of those self hating asians


Mar 12th, 2008

It’s a freaking animal! Eat it! People have been eating animals for ever. Animals eat animals and visciously kill other animals. What’s the big deal? Meat is good for you!

Takes one to know one....

Mar 12th, 2008

Ever eaten Lobster? The lobster is put into water and then heated, boiling the lobster slowly… and its mmm so gooood. But a lobster is hardly the same as a monkey having its brain ripped out while still alive.. thats a bit sick.


Mar 12th, 2008

“Ewwww people do things differently than I do! What types of human beings are they?”

Have you considered that some if not most of the traditions of food preparation came about in countries where it is not safe to store dead flesh for risk of serious disease? Moreover, your writing is unfounded and biased. Cite some sources next time (other than the completely unrelated videos and pictures you have).

Yes, these practices may seem horrible to you from your vantage point high on the ivory tower, but not everyone can or wants to get their meat prepared far from the table in unsanitary slaughterhouses that are just as cruel. Humans kill animals and eat them. It’s not pretty, but it is delicious. Deal with it.

-as a side note, I do _not_ condone unnecessary cruelty.


Mar 12th, 2008

Wow!!! I want to try that lamb, that sounds delicious!!!


Mar 12th, 2008

You people seriously need to wake up. Ignorance runs so rampant that a majority of you fail to see that these are cultural delicacies and are really no different than slaughterhouses. Sketch, I hope you do get violent. I personally have never had any of these dishes, but I will defend and uphold anyones right to do so. It makes me wonder as well, that “Chan Lee Peng” who posted this and who I assume to be from Asian descent, has so openly declared his ignorance to his own culture and thus-others as well.


Mar 12th, 2008

Where can I get these treats in America?


Mar 12th, 2008

You’re judging another culture by the standards of your own. Seriously, how is eating live shrimp is worse than boiling lobsters alive? This is hypocrisy at its finest: Its okay for us to kill and eat certain animals, but its not okay for you to eat those animals.

I am highly skeptical of the accuracy of this article.


Mar 12th, 2008

Animals are tasty.
Animals are very tasty.

Nothing compares to a medium rare steak with sautéed onions and some nice roasted potatoes.

Like or not, animals are here to be our food, you hypocritical “oh, no, animal cruelty” freaks need to get a life and start worrying about your fellow man’s conditions, not some critter because “he can’t defend himself”. Perhaps you should point your hate machine at regimes that attack its population as they too can’t defend themselves.


Mar 12th, 2008

How do Red Lobster restaurants cooked lobsters ?

1. Boil water
2. Place live lobsters in boiling water

So, what is the difference between killing a live turtle and
a live lobster ?

Rod Mandrill

Mar 12th, 2008

Good article, well cited and thoroughly researched. I especially liked how you mentioned many specific countries and cultural groups. Also your grasp of the concept of “newborn rodent” and “unborn sheep” seem to be particularly strong.

#9 Live Fried Dog Tongues
They totally take a dog and strap it to a chain hoistwith a vice keeping is jaws open. They then lower it toward a vat of boiling oil just far enough so it gets its tongue fried. Then brave epicureans have to eat the tongue right out of the dog’s mouth, because it would be cruel to cut it out. You have as much reason to believe this is true as anything else on here.

Sanson Carrasco

Mar 12th, 2008

The rodent stuff is inacurate and totally made up. A “newly born” rodent would hardly amount to the size of an olive. The picture shows an adult “cuy” or Guinea Pig which is a traditional dish in Peru and Ecuador. The animal is killed first. Then boiling water is used so the get rid of the fur ( as they do to pigs ). Then it is deep fried.

This makes me take the rest of the story tongue-in-cheek, especially the roasted duck leg.


Mar 12th, 2008

Remember what Dennis Prager and I paraphrased, “while cruelty to animals lends itself to cruelty to humans, but kindness to animals does not guarantee kindness to humans.


Mar 12th, 2008

The monkey brain thing is an urban myth popularized by Faces of Deat. The picture you show for #1 is paacha, which is not lamb fetus but an iraqi dish that uses the lamb’s head as a centerpiece (which is meant to be eaten).


Mar 12th, 2008

“Each culture has their own traditional foods that they enjoy, although occasionally, certain foods that appeal to a person in one place, but may not be appealing to someone in another part of the world.”
…um, that is not a sentence.

The article only went downhill from there. I have no beef with your morals or whatever, but learn to write before you try to make a career out of it.


Mar 12th, 2008

lol, learn to enjoy life and eat your food doesn’t matter what it is, all of this is so minor compares to what a human being can actually do and did to another human being


Mar 12th, 2008

You would all eat crabs and lobster. So stop being hypocrites.

Tony Blair

Mar 12th, 2008

Animals are for eating.

They don’t have rights.

Roast duck isn’t roast alive you mongo, how would you keep a duck thats struggling for its life inside a frying pan? Have you ever seen a frying pan? Roasts are usually done in ovens, you’re an idiot.

Oh yeah, vegetables give you AIDS. EAT MORE MEAT!


Mar 12th, 2008

haha, why people say this is disgusting? all your pretentish acts are disgusting, you’ve eaten pork? beef? ok so you don’t see them getting killed but you think you are any better than them?

gosh, be honest with yourself at least….

Oh Wait

Mar 12th, 2008

Obviously ridiculous troll article, designed to generate pageview ads through awful “controversial” material, defended by sockpuppet trolls who bait posters by defending the epicurean rights of “other” cultures.

i c wut u did thar


Mar 12th, 2008

If god didn’t want us to eat animals then why did he make them out of meat?

David Collantes

Mar 12th, 2008

The monkey brain, not true. See:


Do a wider research about it. The rest, I will take them with a “pinch of salt.”


Mar 12th, 2008

Human sacrifice used to be a widespread cultural practice, would you defend that as someone elses culture? Some things are obviously barbaric and should be banned, i would include boiled lobster in this list also!


Mar 12th, 2008

And these are all Chinese dishes, right? Yet another reason to avoid and boycott China.


Mar 12th, 2008

HUH, guess your a veggie.
I understand there aspects of cruelty here, but when your in africa, the choices are rather slim, you can exactly go out to the supermarket and buy some Korn brand food.
Also, why do all your intros start with an animal being cooked alive?? i have cooked duck many times, and i promise you its never been alive before iv ^placed it on the frying pan. (because of anything it seems like a hell of an effort keeping a live duck pinned down, as well as it would degrade the quality of the meat at the end)

K. Fabian

Mar 12th, 2008

the French and The Ortolan Bunting

The eating of the ortolan has ethical eating groups baying for blood. First, it is caught with a net in the forest. Taken alive, its eyes are poked out and the bird is put in a small cage. It’s then force-fed oats, millet and figs until it has swollen to four times its normal size. Then the bird is drowned alive in fine cognac. Then, it’s roasted whole, in an oven at high heat, for six to eight minutes. Once it reaches the table, a napkin is placed over the eater’s head. The technique of eating the ortolan is to put the whole bird into the mouth, with only the beak protruding. Here sadism mingles with masochism. The first taste as you crunch on the bird is the brandied flesh and fat. Then, the bitterness of the guts follow and finally, as the tiny, delicate bones are being chewed on, they will lacerate the diner’s gums, with the salty taste of the bleeding gums mingling with the richness of the fat and the bitterness of the organs. Chewing the ortolan takes approximately 15 minutes.

Leo Charre

Mar 12th, 2008

Yes, there are predators and prey in nature. If you’ve seen a lion take out a zebra, you know it’s pretty harsh. They often suffocate the subject by biting their entire snout.. It’s violent.

So here we are, human beings. We should eat meat too, if we want to, right? Sure. The rest of nature does this. So, it’s ok to do it. We may not aggree with such argument- but it *is* a valid *argument*.
Here’s that stands out in my mind about all this; since we are human beings, and we can think and we can care, and we have power over other creatures- Why can’t we raise and slaughter animals with care?
I’d like to think that if I am a cow and I see a lion coming over, I’ll think ‘oh no, this is going to suck’- but if they see a person instead they’ll think ‘ok, this is it. But at least they kept they lions away and this will be quick and completely painless.’


Mar 12th, 2008

You should see how cats are eaten. They put live cats into very hot pots filled with sand. They put the cats inside and close the lid. While they struggle, their fur gets removed. Then after a few minutes, they’re ready to eat. Anybody wants Cat-sup?

Pete White - imafish.co.uk

Mar 12th, 2008

I should not have read that straight after lunch!


Mar 12th, 2008

I know there are some insane (to us) ways of prepping and eating certain foods around the world, but most of these seem to be exaggerated to the point of disbelief.

The author may have good intentions of drawing attention to animal cruelty but with out sticking to actual facts it only turns away educated minds.


Mar 12th, 2008

“This sounds to me like someone putting their morals and values on another’s customs.”

What damn planet are you living on where torturing an animal for your taste buds could be seen as a cultural custom and not morally reprehensible? I don’t care what culture you come from, there are certain acts which are evil no matter what. And the reality is that this type of attitude typifies what is wrong with the world today, a severe lack of respect for life of all forms. When you start to treat animals/human/living things as commodities you start to cross a necessary moral boundary. I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that many of these practices would be outlawed in most civilized societies.


Mar 12th, 2008

I agree with Alex, why does the author keep saying they are all cooked alive. sounds like he’s trying to be more dramatic than he should

taste it

Mar 12th, 2008

in africa we eat monkeys in a similar way(mostly dead first ) , Tortoises put live on the fire , plenty live fried/bbqed critters ,snakes etc. Killing our food here is like pulling a carrot out of the ground . when you see your lamb chops on the shelf near the veg , remember it did not grow on a tree :-)


Mar 12th, 2008

Okay, the text sure seems to grossify this a lot more than the video and the pictures.

People are eating animals because we’re carnivores. Go to your local butcher or supermarket and you’ll see the same stuff. What’s your quandary – the type of animals they eat? What, so chickens and cows feel less pain or something? When a rat weighs 6 lbs it’s about twice as much as a chicken anyway. Get over it.


Mar 12th, 2008



Mar 12th, 2008

Where is the PETA banner on this page? This article, although very disturbing, was completely bias and not at all objective. Instead of inserting all of your “comments”, you would have been better served displaying only the facts.


Mar 12th, 2008

In Taiwan, I’ve seen them eating soft shell turtles. Here’s how:
1. When the turtle sticks out its head, they quickly nail the skull down onto a board underneath.
2. They pull the body so the neck is extended.
3. They drain the blood into a glass of rice wine which is then drunk.
4. The rest of the body is chopped up and cooked.
5. The soup is then eaten.
True story but I haven’t seen it in at least 5 years.


Mar 12th, 2008

Wow. It’s so nice that 7th graders are being asked to make up articles now. Is this the new internship program for the New York Times?

Trace Myers

Mar 12th, 2008

I forgot to add that the reason this blog sucks is because it’s not about the method being cruel, it’s that you have to watch it being prepared. He/she seems to ignore that fact. I believe that if we eat meat we SHOULD have to watch it being prepared, that way we don’t feel so disconnected and careless about deli meat in the grocery store. People who watch their own meat being prepared are at least brave enough to do so.


Mar 12th, 2008

And you all thought Michael Vick as bad…


Mar 12th, 2008

Good idea…horrible writing…go back to school or something. :-o


Mar 12th, 2008

citation needed.


Mar 12th, 2008

Sure the author exagerates the cruelness of these dishes, but thats journalism. What writer, or reporter hasn’t focused on the bad to make a better story. Just last night I saw a news story where the reporter actually seemed to want the victim of a shooting to die just so the story would be more dramitic.

The bottom line, and in my opinion, the most important thing to gain from this article, is that there are many cultures around the world and those of us who don’t understand these cultures should not judge them. I personally am fascinated by different cultures food, which is probably why I am such a big fan of “No Reservations” and “Bizzare Foods” on the Travel Channel. Are the dishes in this story real? I have no idea. I haven’t seen Anrew Zimmer eat most of them, but I’m willing to guess they are pretty close to the real thing.

I think a good example of cultural diversity in food, is that while the majority of people in the United States of America would never eat a horse, the U.S. is the #3 exporter of horse meat in the world (according to Saveur magazine). I know for a fact that there are farms right here in Colorado that raise horses for nothing but slaughter. While I personally would never slaughter a horse to eat, I certainly don’t judge other cultures for eating it. ….and yes, if I was given the opportunity to try it, I certainly would (though you won’t find me eating a horse sandwich anytime soon!)


Mar 12th, 2008

The Lakota eat dog in ceremonies, well just the skull. However the dog is sacred to them.


Mar 12th, 2008

How about the severed dog’s paw? I don’t remember where it’s found, but bone marrow is apparently sucked through a straw before the meat is nibbled from the toes.

Chucky Chee

Mar 12th, 2008

I call total BS on this article. Almost everything here is fiction. Monkey brain eaten alive? C’mon man. I like how all the video clips show nothing of what the writer is trying to say. This is probably the stupidest article I’ve ever seen on Digg, and that is saying something.

Adrian Herrera

Mar 12th, 2008

I like vegetarians, they taste good.


Mar 12th, 2008

Anyone wanna go get some lunch? I’m hungry

Tex Arcane

Mar 12th, 2008

Easily the most disgusting — and unintentionally amusing — part of this piece wasn’t the stilted prose of the descriptions or the out-of-context photos, but the hotlinked keywords throughout the story. Below the photo of what is supposedly a monkey brain, we have highlighted and underlined words linking us to sponsors elsewhere…the word “monkey” takes us to primate products at Alpha Genesis, Inc., “diners” takes us to an “Amazing Chinese Weight Loss Secret,” while the word “screams” links us to great deals on reproductions of Edvard Munch’s painting of the same name.

Then again, maybe Chan Lee Peng’s story actually IS the amazing Chinese weight loss secret. If so, then mea culpa.


Mar 12th, 2008

hey that doenst look bad at all!! People in america are so stupid and blind to everything. I wish the Government wouldn’t brain wash everyone…..


Mar 12th, 2008

“Here is another popular food that begins with a live animal.”

ALL the food that uses animals begins with a live animal.


Mar 12th, 2008

Hmmm… you forgot 3 screams. It’s a dish in Guong Zho (spelling?) China. where they take a live mouse, cut it open and pour hot sause on it then eat it. Hence the name 3 screams. Yeah.


Mar 12th, 2008

Shut up.

All of you fall into one of the following categories:

You can pretend you aren’t, but all you want is government control over everyone else’s lives.


Mar 12th, 2008

The writers not saying that they shouldn’t be eaten. The point is, why cause them unnecessary pain? Yes, we *are* at the top of the food chain. But just because there are carnivorous animals elsewhere in nature doesn’t mean we have to behave like them. We’re *human* not f’n lions or some siht like that.

And for those who are saying “oh you shouldn’t criticize other peoples cultures” – that is complete BS. By that reasoning, if another culture said slavery was okay, you wouldn’t criticize it? Of course there are issues with *every* culture, which need to be rooted out. I’m sorry, some of the stuff on this list is absolutely disgusting, and I don’t really know if its true (you have to be skeptical of everything you read on the net) but if it is, these are some messed up people.

Cruel Dish #9

Mar 12th, 2008

Flesh of lobster

You have to put this vulnerable animal into a heating pot of water and cook until IT TURNS RED FROM PAIN! imagine all the guts bubbling and bursting as the lobster fully cooks.

Through the whole heating process, you will hear the painful sea creature knocking on the metal pot to beg you for mercy.

But the grusome story doesnt end here. The diner then take the boiled-red discusting looking thing out of the pot, split it in half with his/her bare hands, and use a special apparatus called fork and dig butt-first into it.

What a disgusting dish. And they have a North American Sea Food chain claled “red-lobster” named after it.


Mar 12th, 2008

Aaah China… what will you think of to eat next? I’m sure the ‘encyclopedia of animals’ in China also comes with recipes!


Mar 12th, 2008

Personally, I do not understand how someone could see or know of something so cruel and support it. I do however understand its cultural blah blah blah. It seems to me though a compassionate understanding human being would see this for what it is. Cruel torture. How can you take an obviously intelligent animal (some primates can actually speak basic english via sign language)and bash in its head and eat its brain while it is screaming in pain?


Mar 12th, 2008

Those people are sick. Really sick.


Mar 12th, 2008

I would do the same thing to the guys hurting that innocent monkey! at least if you really want to eat it, kill it painlessly!


Mar 12th, 2008

delicious… absolutely delicious


Mar 12th, 2008

This is a totally ignorant and xenophobic view of culture. There are no interesting comments on the history or ideology of the people simply that it is disgusting or makes the writer want to vomit. Not a very enlightened commentary.


Mar 12th, 2008

What about Foie Gras?!
The geese are are force fed until they literally die from liver failure. Don’t ya just love the French!

Lobsters are often eaten alive in Japan. In western cuisine we cook them alive and many times there are sliced straight down the middle and grilled while still moving.

Critical thinking people...

Mar 12th, 2008

this whole post is obviously opinionated, unfounded, poorly written and can not be confirmed, his own videos dont even show what he is talking about.
if you believe anything written here I have a nice bridge to sell you in Brooklyn…
SNOPES will be on this like spices on a dried chicken…lol.

To Disgusted...

Mar 12th, 2008

You are an ignorant fool. You have no problem eating animals as long as they are not the animals you feel are good for eating. Fool, go read something other than a horribly written blog post.


Mar 12th, 2008

I think that the best eating recommendation is this: “Don’t eat anything that runs away from you!” (microbiotics)
So, you can eat fruit, vegetables, grains… Don’t you agree?

Author is a COMPLETE Idiot

Mar 12th, 2008

Did you go to college? Or have you heard of English, it’s the language your blog post is written in. Buy an encyclopedia.


Mar 12th, 2008

What the Fu$k are you talking about?? roasted duck leg??? have you ever seen a duck?? there is NOTHING you can eat in the leg…

BTW. alot of the other dishes described are quite tasty…

Marlowe Kurtz

Mar 12th, 2008

In south korea there is a specialty diner that serves human children. You get to meet them and pick out the one you want. This is truth.


Mar 12th, 2008

this is an extremely subjective and stupid post.

this is exactly what is wrong with people…not being able to understand where humans have came from and the different cultures they each hold.

ignorant humans is worse than any human EATING FOOD. what do you think people did 5 thousand years ago? microwave a hot pocket?

Animals have rights

Mar 12th, 2008

It’s as if these diners get an extra flavor burst out of the unnecessary pain they inflict. When they grow bored with this where will their attentions turn to – children? If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Good job, Chan Lee Peng.


Mar 12th, 2008

This is an extremely uninformed, unresearched and biased post. The writer is obviously sensationalising.


Mar 12th, 2008

This is an extremely uninformed, unresearched and biased post. The writer is obviously sensationalising.


Mar 12th, 2008

OMG. i didn’t known about the duck leg. what’s so wrong is *the way that these foods are prepared*


Mar 12th, 2008

PUHAHAH @ AUTHOR! What a loser, get back in school and learn how to write a real article.



Mar 12th, 2008

Chadley Peng of PETA, is that you?


Mar 13th, 2008

The article describes very inhumane killing techniques, now i am even more shocked reading the responses to the article. Readers condoning these crimes saying it is common in the animal world. Remember that in the animal world both the hunter and the hunted stand an equal chance, by guile even a deer escapes from a chasing cheetah. Humans play this game very unfairly, shooting a prey for example, does the poor animal stand a chance even? I am a vegetarain and proud to be one, atleast i don;t go to bed everyday having caused pain to one animal/ Brocolli does not scream and does not have sense organs and tears! The sheer cruelty towards the animal is shocking


Mar 13th, 2008

Call me old-fashioned but I don’t believe I have the right to eat an animal if I did not have a hand in raising or killing it myself. Often when what it took to put food (flesh or veg) on the table is not appreciated, we can waste a lot. The countries with good land and resources also have the ability to feed a lot more people than what we do now as we waste a lot of clean water, land, and grains on raising animal products. So choosing to reduce how much flesh one consumes is not always about caring for animals more than man, it’s about caring for your fellow man enough that you do what you can to not waste but spread the abundance.

Maria Elle

Mar 13th, 2008

What the heck? I’m sorry, but this isn’t fair. Let me guess- none of this is American, right? I’m sorry, but you haven’t metioned how KFC chickens are dipped into a pan of boiling water to loosen up their feathers before being eaten, or how kosher cows have no anasthetic before they are killed. And I bet you wrote this and then got a Big Mac. Are you vegetarian?
In every post, you write “How can humans do this,” or something similar. Well, how can you live with yourself when there are fellow humans accross the pond that are dying because they’re simply TOO POOR TO LIVE and yet you sit the top of the food chain first!it here writing about animals! Can we sort out the top of the food chain first before moving to the bottom!
PS: I had to message this to you because the comments wouldn’t work. Got nothing against you personally, just saying.


Mar 13th, 2008

I’m suddenly hungry!


Mar 13th, 2008

I do hope that the Buddhist religion has got it right and we all come back as something else in the next life; because I hope many of you come back as one of the creatures mentioned here.

The forgiver

Mar 13th, 2008

Hey! We should save the turtles…..Thanks CHAN LEE PENG for this information……We should protest against this cruel act towards turtles…… They too have their own life, they are being killed ruthlessly for the sake of our freaking stomach. This is really cruel……….This is just ridiculous. We should protest and save the turtles as their population is decreasing day by day………I am totally against those turtle killers…………..Eeeeeewwwwww!!!!!!!! This is sick……….!!!! @$#% to those turtle-killers.


Mar 13th, 2008

Most of these are wrong info. A stupid post that made up false information. Monkey brain and some other delicacies are actually pretty gross, but roast duck feet when the ducks are still alive? Where the hell he got this information from? Dried chicken tug in spices when most of the time the chicken is still alive? Comeon, try pluck off some live chicken feather yourself, see if thats doable? Oh yea, you never even seen a chicken alive. Shrimp? Cruelty? Shrimp don’t have senses!!!! Anybody agree with the majority of this post should eat grass and live on…


Mar 13th, 2008

A lamb inside of a goat’s belly? That’s a neat trick! Baby goats are called ‘kids’; lambs are baby sheep.


Mar 13th, 2008

Look, the PETA fanboiz are out in full force today to support this Peng guy. It’s funny.

I love it when PETA starting taking off their cloth for animals. Love them PETA cooties.


Mar 13th, 2008

I understand the point of this article. I think that when a person comes across something that is not something they are familiar with – whether it deals with food, religion, etc. – it can come as quite a shock to a person’s system. When we were children, when we didn’t understand something – we were often frightened by it.

There is no right or wrong in how something makes us feel – we just feel it. This is a freeing fact because then we know any reaction we have is not good or bad, it just is. This fact is a blessing in that it truly shows us how unique we each are. If we all had the same response to everything – it would make for an uninteresting world.

I know that I have had some responses to some things that I just did not understand that might’ve made another person feel bad – but that was not my intent. Just like my favorite colors are black and purple and green, someone else’s might be red – they might hate my favorite colors and that is their right – that is why we live in the U.S. freedom of speech is our right. When we want someone to understand us. We need to give them the same courtesy back.

Some of the pictures are quite alarming for someone who is not familiar with different cultures tastes, but I don’t believe in anyway that the author meant any harm or disrespect to anyone – I believe that he truly was just going with his first reaction. I have read his articles for quite awhile now and know that his heart is good and he means no ill-will toward anyone. He is not familiar with our culture.


Mar 13th, 2008


peta girl

Mar 13th, 2008

get stuffed, marc.


Mar 13th, 2008

yay! peta girl, where have you been…


Mar 13th, 2008



Mar 13th, 2008

You do realize that the monkey brain is a hoax.
Monkey brains are eaten, but the monkey is always killed. The concept of the monkey being alive is a hoax which was shown in a film.

Mercy please

Mar 14th, 2008

#17 We arent blue whales, are we? As Humans we r expected to have brains(ofcourse, exceptions exist, like u) and thought tells u that this is cruelty. Unneccessary cruelty! Im not against eating animals, but give them their due respect before eating. Atleast make sure they dont die an ugly death.

And all people who even consider these dishes delicious are SICK!
I appreciate this author fully! Half the points is just for daring to write this article.
Cant tolerate if someone points out ur mistake, isnt it?????


Mar 14th, 2008

Its funny to read people opinions on this post. Some are so completely naive and out of touch with what people have done to each other and animals that they question wether or not we’re capable of such actions. Such ignorance is what keeps these cruel actions from ever stopping.

Also, the world has the right to question other peoples cultures when its inhumane and wrong. Where would we be if we never questioned NAZI culture.


Mar 14th, 2008

I do believe in some cases there is a morbid cruelty to the whole ordeal, but on the other hand, we judge by western standards, these peopke have been doing this type of things for hundreds of years, just because some find it nasty or inhumane it does not mean it is to everyone, or that some of them arent better than bloodthirsty animals themselves…
have any of you ppl seen the iraqi prision photos? whats the difference?
do not judge, your beliefs are not “real” its all part of the culture you where born into, nothing more.


Mar 14th, 2008

With the exception of the monkey brain, these are all dishes from different cultures and in no way are they prepared the way this article describes. The only other exception is eating life seafood, which is a delicacy in most countries except for the U.S.

Grow a brain and realize there’s an entire world out there, not just “U.S. Americans”.



Mar 16th, 2008

there nothing gross about this. It their way of Live.
How they prepare their food is their choose.
Tell me where you get all the Pork/Cow/chicken meat from, watch the video.
go search on google.

This is NOT CRUELTY, just dont worry about how they kill those animal. cause you will eat them anyway.



Mar 16th, 2008

It is true if human have no love for animal, then they rank is lower than the animal, worst than the animal, hope they repent to God, cause Hell is worst place to leave and they will leave forever in Hell without dying, suffering the punishment everyday.


Mar 16th, 2008

let me ask these people who eats these manner, what IF the ANIMAL of the World eat us human alive like in these document, boiled us and do the same in the document. Think before you eat!!


Mar 17th, 2008

All I can say is wow!


Mar 17th, 2008

Makes me glad I’m a vegetarian. I choose to be a vegetarian because of the way OUR culture treats livestock.

Food choices differ from culture to culture, and I don’t have any problem with people eating things that I might consider “odd,” like bugs or worms, but cruelty to animals is disgusting and transcends culture. No animal ANYWHERE should have to suffer just so someone can eat. If you’re going to eat it, treat it humanely, kill it quickly so it doesn’t suffer and practice respect.

It has to start somewhere.


Mar 17th, 2008

Yes, I respect that this is part of other \”cultures\”. Just as I respect how slavery, cannibalism, Aztec and Mayan human sacrifice, honor killings, inhumane circumcisions, human trafficking, sleeping with a cousin on a Southern State double-wide, polygamy, terrorism, homophoia, and killing a child to satisfy one country\’s One Child Law can be part of other \”cultures\”. I can be proud of where I come from, but I can also be ashamed. It\’s called free-thinking. Playing the \”culture\” card to excuse such practices makes you a blind idiot with a Stepford mentality, leaving the world to continue such practices with you on your knees enjoying it with squinty, wistful fanatic eyes. Not much help in that department, is there?

You defend animals being slaughtered this way because it\’s part of other \”cultures\”, would there be a real reason as to why they should be slaughtered this way other than the \”culture\” arguement? If this article is full of it and lacks evidence to support such article, then where are the reasons as to why butchering animals like that are worth defending?

All I can see are a bunch of 15-year olds acting all tough and mighty, with their age level of defenses such as \”get a life\”, \”deal with it\”, and \”get over it\”. I would love to see how you defend other \”cultures\” practicing such inhumane and criminal acts aside from the brutal slaughtering of animals. Stepford sheep.


Mar 19th, 2008

.Actually, I dont believe any of this, its absolute rubbish, if the duck was still alive what happened to its feathers, also the rhodent looks a bit large to be newly born,still it got you a lot of attention. I must add though that if an animal wanted to eat us it wouldnt bother to kill us humanely and then cook us first, consider the crocodile and its eating habits, and the fact that rats will eat you alive if you keep still long enough.


Mar 19th, 2008


Jake marcob

Mar 21st, 2008

I find this article entertaining and informative,
very good job, and dont worry about those people who have just negative things to say about it. If they want to wast there time posting negative comments thats there own ignorance and there is no way of stopping it. anyways I found your article very well written and entertaining. and it is not a very healthy thing to eat raw monkey brains and eat turtle.


Mar 23rd, 2008


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Some Guy

Mar 28th, 2008

Badly researched sensasionalist crap that does nothing but spread ignorance and distrust of other cultures. The author should be ashamed.


Apr 5th, 2008

Animals are food.
There’s no difference between eating any of these and eating a hamburger.


Apr 6th, 2008

About post #37, you say to enjoy life, but should other animals not have the same right?


Apr 8th, 2008

Don’t be so ignorant. Too each his own, palate included. Even as a vegetarian i do not find any of these dishes offensive; however, if you do, consider donating to such areas of the world before you launch into an ethical crisis over animal rights.


Apr 21st, 2008

The 5th and 7th aren’t so bad honestly. The fact that they dip it in fresh blood implies that it has been dead for a time and people probably don’t hear the dying donkey anymore. Also in the 2d the rat only suffers shortly so it isn’t so bad as the others. You do have to understand that people do have other cultures and if raised in them you would be no different. Don’t judge others if you don’t intend to face criticisms. On the other hand the 3d 4th 6th and 8th are a little disturbing I admit. Though we cook crab and lobster the same way without feeling bad. And isn’t sushi raw and have you ever tried raw oyster? These things seem normal in our culture but are just as gross or as you say ‘cruel’.

I actually don’t eat meat but you shouldn’t judge others these foods are no different then possessed hot dogs in all honesty from the way I see.


May 18th, 2008

You know what’s good food? Babies. I like to eat them alive and raw and it makes it taste that much better listening to them cry and scream.

Drip them in their own blood. TASTY!!!


May 19th, 2008

to comentor 147

You’re crazy and ridiculous!


May 24th, 2008

you said that one would lose the desire to eat after seeing this. However, if ou just read about the atrocities commited on humans, now and in the past, you would lose your desire to live.


Jul 21st, 2008

Mondo Cane!


Jul 29th, 2008

This is awful (not the article) – the preparations for the dishes are almost unbelievable. This re-affirms my position in attempting to become a vegan.


Aug 14th, 2008

I want me some gorilla babies to grill up.


Aug 14th, 2008

To Nick,

You’re deadly sick!


Oct 18th, 2008

Voice; That was apparently a joke, no need to get your knickers in a twist.

This article was well written. Though, lenient towards your dislike for such ‘delicacies’. However, perhaps this is suitable in there culture and and not yours? But, until I understand the culture itself I wouldn’t be so quick to judge it.

What’s the difference between eating a monkey brain or a lobster from a tank?

Oh right, lobsters don’t scream when you boil them alive?

But of course, We’re merely over looking the fact that we are insignificant animals as well. Animals are tortured everyday, in every nation, by warped individuals. We gave animals rights and in return we eat them. It’s -HUMANE- to not kill something outright… Even the word is ironic. I personally don’t see nothing wrong with this, I wouldn’t do it nor would I enjoy it. But that’s my opinion.

If the roles were reversed. Would the monkey be complaining?


Nov 11th, 2008

Ok, as much as I am a “tree hugger” and “save the animals” type of person, I accept others’ eatting delicacies. The jewish don’t believe in eatting pig, just like we don’t believe in eatting any of this stuff. It’s apart of life and we just have to accept it.


Nov 18th, 2008

Seriously half the stuff you said had no validity. Where on earth did you learn about the things you said?!


Nov 28th, 2008

If anyone happens to read down this far, maybe read this. Eating animals is fine, since most normal people eat some form of animal at one time or another during their lives. But most of this seems overly cruel. Even lobster, when boiled, is traditionally thrown in head-first so that it dies almost instantly. Many of these dishes seem delicious, I’d even like to try the turtle, but not willingly knowing that the turtle was cooked alive. Although, reading back, not much of this stuff seems like it could even be real. I mean, jabbing an iron bar into a monkey’s head to eat its raw brain? It just doesn’t seem lifelike.


Dec 28th, 2008

seriously do more research and ur homework cuz most of this is completely innacurate and ppl pls get a life. and enjoy ur meal. and those critcizing shut up.


Jan 13th, 2009

I love judging other peoples cultures.


Feb 14th, 2009

I hope people don’t really believe everything they read on the Internet (sadly, I suspect some do). For example, several videos of the “monkey brain” hitting with a hammer and subsequent eating have, upon closer inspection, been proven to be false. You will not find one clear, large video or photo of this event. I suspect I will never understand why people will react to something as true just because they see it in print (and on the Internet no less!). Perhaps more brain in the diet really is what is required.


Mar 19th, 2009

oh,will you have a look at those cruel savage meat-eaters from far-away lands,us vegetarians dont do that we just dont complain the genocide of millions of insects which ravage our crops


May 5th, 2009



May 10th, 2009

I’d actually like to try #2 and #5.


Jun 25th, 2009

If you didn’t like those dishes, you better not move to south Louisiana. But than again, we have some of the finiest dishes in the world here


Jul 18th, 2009

What is wrong with these people, you’re hungry eat your won flesh instead


Aug 18th, 2009

These chinese are the scum on the planet. They will eat anything and in the most cruel way… I feel like vomiting…


Sep 26th, 2009

What the hell? This is so unbelievabley messed up. I can’t believe people can bring themselves to torture helpless animals. This makes me so angry. I want to go torture all the people that torture animals, i want to make them pay for what they do. I hate them with everything inside of me. I don’t understand how they think that this is ok. I guess i understand eating it, but they absolutely do NOT need to make the animals suffer a horrible death in order to do so. Can’t they just shoot them in the head or something or slit their throats? (I feel bad even saying that.) I hope all of these people burn in Hell forever and get tortured the way that they torture animals, the people that eat it as well. How can someone eat a defenseless animal that they know has been tortured for their tastebuds?


Oct 6th, 2009

I just want to say its not possible to season a duck until it has been killed, and the feathers have been take off….just sayin the ducks not alive and CANT jump out of the HOT PAN.


Nov 3rd, 2009

Wow. This is extremely sick. I can understand eating cows and stuff. That’s what they’re for, but you should never eat anything alive. I’m sorry, but anyone who does that is sick. Just imagine if you got strapped to a table and your brains were eaten out. Try to have some freakin’ empathy. Seriously, you people make me sick. Even if they don’t eat a monkey like that, it’s still wrong. A monkey is an intelligent creature. It is so much like us, that eating it is kind of like eating another human in a way. I cannot imagine how anyone could bring themselves to do such a cruel and disgusting thing. You people are just as bad, because you seem to think this is okay.


Dec 9th, 2009

The article may not be very well written, but the point is very clear: To prolong a creature’s suffering in the name of food is not only inhumane but blindingly cruel. The perception of humanity and cruelty is what ultimately makes us human, and not animals. To defend these practices (imagined or otherwise) in the name of culture, to me, reflects guilt on the part of the defender, a stone cold heart, and lack of basic values and education.

More shocking than the article itself (again, I do not know if any of it is true), are the comments. Truly the fungus of modern society. You all seem angry more at the author for protesting cruelty than at the alleged food practices themselves. I sincerely hope you are born again as one of those creatures slaughtered, nay, tortured for their meat. I cannot think of a suitable insult for you, as all the insults I know are for humans, not scum.

I am not a vegetarian, not a PETA member (I have nothing but disdain for them), don’t live on meat, and am grateful each time that I eat meat for the animal that was killed to provide food for me.


Dec 14th, 2009

um lambs come from sheep. baby goats are called kids.


Dec 23rd, 2009

Seriously, what\’s the fascination with eating live animals? Puck! I\’m not Jewish but I fully believe in draining the blood before eating and humane treatment of animals.

Nadya Balick

Jan 24th, 2010

I am ashamed to admit i have had 2/3/4/6/7 … umm, 8 in egypt (not sure). I would try 5 … maybe 1 for fun, just once :)



Feb 19th, 2010

These are no less cruel than what we do to get our meat. At least they work for their food and give the animals a chance. We breed our animals and give them no more space than a foot cubed, then we feed them until they are big enough to kill and eat.

Doesn’t stop me from loving chicken.

It’s not cruelty in the animal world, cruelty was invented by Humans and eating is entirely different, just because they eat things that you don’t doesn’t make it wrong.


Mar 24th, 2010

Really, We may be rational, but still some of us are animals. Yuk, thooooo…!!!


Jun 5th, 2010

I must be naive because until today I never thought that humans could do all these things to animals. I thought that if people are going to eat meat, at least they will properly kill the animal first. This is one reason why the Law of Karma exists. All of those cruel, heartless people need to experience the results of their actions, they are obviously too thick to learn any other way. Imagine what the wardens of Hell will do to some of those chefs and diners…


Aug 28th, 2010

Very opinionated and elementary article post. God made man, God made animals, man eat animals to live. We see this in many forms through the delicate dining of different cultures. What may be \\\\\\\”shocking and repulsive\\\\\\\” to you may be normal to somebody else. So before you cheeseburger eating hypocrites go about bashing other culture\\\\\\\’s fine dining, I suggest you research how your local KFC and burger joints get their meat. I can guarantee you that farm animals endure just as much suffering as any of these animals above. Don\\\\\\\’t be blinded by culture shock but use the internet and educate yourselves. For starters, youtube \\\\\\\”Meet your Meat\\\\\\\”. If you\\\\\\\’re still complaining, have a salad.


Oct 7th, 2010

your pretty ignorant of other cultures and probably wished everyone ate tofu and thought the way you did. your such a whiny bleeding heart American, it makes me sick

Minthu Oo

Dec 23rd, 2010

let them eat as they like. I hope they won’t eat human.


Jan 20th, 2011

Lord Jesus, who are these people?

s j tubrazy

Jan 25th, 2011



Feb 22nd, 2011

now I don’t feel so bad eating frog legs


May 24th, 2011

to everyone that doesnt find the facts in this article to be imoral: yes we are at the top of the food chain but at being at the top we have a responsibility to take care of nature. animals should be killed only and only when they are going to be slaughtered in a humane manner and eaten without wasting a crum! in my religion (islam) this is a strict rule.

culture or not these animals are being put through torture. is it a good culture to torture others? torture to any god god’s creature is like torturing one of ur own. it should not be done. but ofc nothing will change with this post and some people will disagree. I pity those who disagree.


May 24th, 2011

i hope that one day these diners and chefs will experience the torture that the animal has been put through and see if they still enjoy their customs. that is all i have to say…


Oct 17th, 2011

a day will come when these diners will face the heat too………..i believe GOD will punish these cruel humans who are totally unaffected by the pains and suffering of animals…….


Nov 2nd, 2011

once the chickens heart is removed it is dead. it cannot be alive when dry it just defies the laws of everything.


Jan 10th, 2012

Honestly, if you are going to have these delicacy kill them mercifully first. People need to understand Animals have feelings and lives too! I’m personally not a vegetarian but I’m TOTALLY against animal cruelty in ANYWAY shape or form what so ever!!


May 27th, 2012

Most of what I see here doesn’t seem all that bad except the monkey brain. I MIGHT try monkey brain cooked but never raw.

Other than that, I can tell you for a fact that most of what you say has a biased perspective; specifically the baby rodent one as well as the turtle soup and even the shrimp.

Unless you’re a vegan, you can’t accuse others for animal cruelty if you eat meat. Why? What’s better in your opinion? An animal that was caught in the wild and cooked FRESH? Or do you want a cow or pig or chicken that has lived in the same 10×10 fenced in “pasture” covered in their own manure since they were born to the day they die and they even eat their own (this is the meat you Americans eat btw, and it’s been scientifically proven cooking live animals have more nutrition/more healthy/and tastes better).

I ate turtle stew and turtle meat before. It tastes great. I also ate frog legs (tastes JUST like chicken). I tried snake stew and snake bile fused with liquor. I’ve never tried dog meat nor do I have the urge to but I’m sure I’ll try it one day.

And with that said, I love animals too. Stop being ignorant and assuming you’re the only humane people in this world. First of all, a lot of this food is as cultural as your fattening obese hot dogs + hamburgers at the baseball game, only they have more history in them and a REAL healthy nutrition.

I hate some people that has no problem eating a lobster that is usually cooked live but don’t consider cooking turtles, rodents, and chicken the same thing.

You’re one of those people trying to save Pandas because they are endangered, cute, and beautiful but trying to kill all the pythons/bats/spiders/etc regardless if they are endangered or not? If YOU want real animal cruelty, see a python constricting its prey in person. A person driving a car and accidentally running over a skunk or squirrel is just as guilty of animal cruelty as any other person cooking live animals. Cooking live animals SHOULD be how it’s supposed to be. What, you’re going to slaughter it first THEN cook it? There’s no “humane” part about any of this.

And if you consider animal cruelty a crime, then vegetable cruelty should be a crime too. There’s scientific proof that whenever you cut plants, they release chemicals throughout their body MUCH like ours that signals pain and act exactly like nerves.


May 29th, 2012

Is it just me or does that skewed rodent sounds lovely.


Sep 2nd, 2012

While it was depressing to see how disgusting some human appetites are, it was far more disappointing to see all of the comments supporting it. I am Vegan and don’t eat plant leaves either. We call ourselves civilized, but we are no different than other predators, and worse than most. For those stating that humans are carnivores, that’s a gross oversimplification. Humans are omnivores who once had a vegetarian diet, but climate change, ice age, or other environmental catastrophes forced surviving humans to adapt to a new food source.

The only thing I see in these comments is a lot people trying to assure each other that they are not villains and that it is perfectly ok to torture other beings for sport and pleasure. Many of you probably want to eat non-meat foods, but are too stuck in your comfort zones to actually make the change. The complete lack of empathy these comments portray make it obvious why humans will never achieve world peace. Sometimes I wish there was a god who dished out karma to everyone. Unfortunately, there is no protective heavenly being looking out for humans or the other species, so we are the only ones who can change our barbaric nature.

It’s pretty sad to see the comments that equate eating meat to masculinity, and abhorring meat to weak-minded subhumans. It’s people like me who will always offer you a ride when you are broken down on the side of the road, or pick up hitchhikers. Is that being weak, showing kindness to those in need? Is showing compassion weakness?

I wish you all the best of luck as you continue trying to convince each other that you aren’t the evil henchmen with cruel and unusual delights. It’s just a cultural thing, right? Therefore, it is sacrosanct.

The question I ask of humanity is that if you can subsist on a completely animal free diet, why continue to prey on other species? Why torture countless species around the world when you don’t need to? The only conclusion I have been able to make is that most humans have a large dose of sadism in their character that thrives on the suffering of other life.


Sep 23rd, 2012

What a bunch of self centered cruel idiots you all are. My wish would be to trow every single of you to a large pit with a very hungry pack of Hyenas.


Jan 12th, 2013

I am all for eating meat. I don’t eat crab and lobster because they don’t appeal to me, nor do shrimp. there is no reason, however, to cook or serve an animal while it’s still alive other than ignorance or sadism. Freshly prepared can simply mean “It was slaughtered humanely minutes before being cooked.” It doesn’t have to mean “Dig in while it’s still alive.”

Most of the food here has no appeal for me, but I wouldn’t hold it against those who do partake if it weren’t for the sadism involved at times.

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